Digital Foundry has posted their analysis of the PC version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare today, talking about the optimization Sledgehammer Games has done for PC players this year.

As Activision announced, Sledgehammer Games was fully focused on Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions only this year, which allowed for them to make improvement to the PC version, after Call of Duty: Ghosts’s lack of PC support.


Digital Foundry has stated that the PC version of Advanced Warfare deserves to be credited in how well Sledgehammer Games actually optimized the platform to run the new title. Sledgehammer Games has been able to deliver a multi-platform game that is very well optimized across the board.

We’re pleased to say that Advanced Warfare bucks the trend. We put together a budget gaming PC based on Intel’s Core i3 4130 processor, paired with Nvidia’s entry-level enthusiast graphics card, the GTX 750 Ti. We matched quality settings as closely as we could to PS4 (FXAA, low-quality texture filtering, medium shadows, depth of field and motion blur) but left everything else at max. As you can see below, the PC outputs turned out to be uncannily similar to the PS4 version of the game, and performance is mostly on par, if not better.


SOURCE Digital Foundry

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