Digital Foundry has today posted an analysis on the Gamescom and EGX builds of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. At these events, the MP build was running on Xbox One hardware, and Digital Foundry has revealed some new details.

First off, they’ve been able to show that the game was running at 1600×900 on the Xbox One; this is an increase from 882p that the E3 campaign builds were running on. A big issue that Digital Foundry found in the E3 build of the campaign mode was that the frame rate kept falling and result in screen tearing. The MP portion at both EGX and Gamescom was able to hold a steady 60FPS, with only 3 torn frames out of 23,000 analyzed.

After analysing over 23,000 frames of footage we record only three actual torn frames – essentially invisible during the run of play. The use of alpha appears to be a weakness here, with v-sync breaking when stood at the centre of a grenade’s splash range with shader effects on the go. It’s a tricky one to catch by eye, but as a worst-case scenario it allows the engine to uphold controller response on the rare occasions rendering spills over budget.

The exact final resolution has not been confirmed officially for any platform. SHGames has stated that the game runs 60FPS across all platforms.

Here’s Digital Foundry’s Frame Rate Test:

SOURCE: Digital Foundry

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