Digital Foundry has posted an extensive analysis on Advanced Warfare’s E3 2014 ‘Induction’ mission demo, which was running on Xbox One. According to Digital Foundry, Advanced Warfare is ‘COD’s biggest technology leap since Call of Duty 2.’

Digital Foundry’s first impressions were that Advanced Warfare’s graphical changes were much improved over Call of Duty: Ghosts. Ghosts ran at 720p on Xbox One; it did reach 1080p on PS4, but is plagued with frame-rate issues and more.

Doing tests on Advanced Warfare’s demo video, they have been able to once again state that Advanced Warfare is running at 900p on Xbox One, improved over Ghosts’s 720p. However, there appears to be a trade off while doing this. Advanced Warfare’s demo appears to have major frame rate issues, where the game drops to 40s and 30s FPS at certain points. The game, in it’s current (probably alpha build) state, can’t seem to hold up to the silky-smooth 60FPS that Ghosts runs at.

Sledgehammer Games’s full focus has been on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and they have stated that some of the technologies they have used in Advanced Warfare wouldn’t be possible on Xbox 360 & PS3.

While there is some concern on how the frame rate will turn out, the build shown at E3 was done before Microsoft’s June XDK, which now gives developers access to 10% more RAM, which could lead to a stable FPS for the title. We still haven’t, and probably won’t till launch, see any PS4 footage, so it’s not possible to determine how the game will run on that platform as of now.

SOURCE: Digital Foundry

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