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DLC Collection 2 Announced (5 New Maps and “Face-Off” Game mode) May 15th & 22nd



Trailer Screenshots:
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Official Images:
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May 22nd DLC Content Collection 2 includes: 4 “Small” Face-Off maps, 3 Regular Maps, 2 Spec-Ops Missions
($15 For ALL Xbox Live Members / Included with ELiTE)

4 New “Face-Off” Maps ( Playlist 1vs1 or 2vs2)

Aground is set on a shipwreck off the coast of Scotland.

Erosion sees you running around Roman ruins in Italy while Mount Vesuvius erupts in the background.

Getaway plays out in a beachside mansion in Brazil.

Lookout is set in a forward observation post in Afghanistan.


1 NEW Multiplayer map:
Oasis: it’s set on a beach resort in the United Arab Emirates. “It’s actually in or near one of the levels from single player – the one that takes place in UAE. You can see part of that level in the background in this level. It’s all new geo but it’s in the same area.”

2 NEW Spec-Ops Missions:

Ironclad: set immediately after the Hamburg mission from the single player campaign, with you and a comrade attempting to make it back to the landing beach after the initial assault. “It has that asynchronous combat that we’ve been focusing on, where one player does one thing and another does something completely different. One player is on the ground and has to clear obstacles and engage in basic infantry combat. Then you have another guy driving a tank and you both have to support each other and get back to the beaches.”

Killswitch: plays out in an all-new area set in a Russian dockyard. “One person is on the ground sneaking through and the other is in a sniper perch, sniping for the other player. You have to get through the level and detonate an EMP at the end.”

2 Previous Maps: Sanctuary and Foundation


***On May 15th “Face-Off” Maps: Aground and Erosion
will be FREE on Xbox Live for All.***

New game mode “FACE-OFF”: It’s a one-on-one or two-on-two deathmatch mode featuring four brand new maps custom built for more intimate combat.


Visit our DLC page more info!

PC and PlayStation 3 roll-out to follow.

SOURCE: Eurogamer

Call of Duty League

Devs respond to match cancellation issues affecting League Play in Cold War

Treyarch have disabled the match cancellation feature in Black Ops Cold War after it caused problems in League Play.



League Play in BOCW

Treyarch have listened to player feedback and decided to address some of the glaring issues affecting League Play in Black Ops Cold War, including match cancellation issues.

The Zombies invasion of Verdansk is about to come to its epic conclusion, and the highly-anticipated Season 3 of both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is set to begin. So, the devs are working full-time to make this transition smooth.

Listening to player feedback regarding technical problems within League Play has been a main priority for Treyarch, and now they’ve addressed the issue with the match cancellations feature that has been plaguing several players.

BOCW and Warzone Season 3

Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres went on Reddit to respond to the alleged glitch in Cold War that prevented ping from tracking. In this same thread, the issue with match cancellations came up as well.

This feature would take effect as soon as one of the players in a match abandoned the game, canceling the match altogether. It was disabled a short while after it was first added, much to the confusion of players.

After addressing the ping glitch, Josh wrote: “Thanks for sharing. Match Cancellations have gone live early, and we’ll be disabling them soon. We’ll have more to share at a later date.”

It’s understandable why the devs thought it would be best to add a cancellation feature. If you’re the only one left on your team in a League Play match, then victory can be near impossible to achieve.

This new feature would ensure that players that don’t have the advantage of numbers on their side wouldn’t get punished. Hopefully, we’ll see get another update regarding this situation from the devs soon.

As with the recent dev action concerning Cold War PS5 controller issues and broken Zombies attachments, we expect all other technical problems to be tended to swiftly.

Image Credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty

Cold War Season 3 adds interesting new Operator feature

Black Ops Cold War players many Operators to choose from when they go into battle and now have a new way to choose which one they use.



Black Ops Cold War Random Operator

Treyarch rolled out some notable changes for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War ahead of the official launch of Season 3 for the first-person shooter. One of these changes that has already caught the community’s eye deals with a new way you can select your Operators.

Black Ops Cold War continued the trend started by Modern Warfare of having unique characters players can choose to play as that do not possess special weapons or abilities like Black Ops III or Infinite Warfare.

Players have the option to choose from an array of characters for when they play Zombies or Multiplayer, but sometimes it isn’t easy to pick which character you want to play when there are plenty of solid choices.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Random Operator

This potential indecisive looks to be why Treyarch added an interesting new feature for the Operator select screen in Black Ops Cold War.

From now on, Black Ops Cold War players have the ability to select a random Operator and not have to worry about deciding which character they want to play as. Or, players who may not care which Operator they go into battle with can bypass some time. You can see what this looks like in-game thanks to chrpskwk on Reddit.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Random Operator

Warzone players will recognize this feature, as the random Operator select feature has been in the battle royale for some time now and has finally made its way into Treyarch’s latest title.

The addition of this feature is just one of the many things that will be new for players in the first-person shooter when it comes to Season 3 content. This new period of content for the game will see the addition of multiple new weapons like the PPSH and Swiss K31. New Operators will also be joining the fold, such as Price ’84 and Wraith.

While the addition of the random Operator feature has been seen as a positive in the community, the slide canceling nerf that Treyarch implemented has seen mixed reviews within the community, with some players welcoming the change and others sad to see the fast-paced mechanic not be as strong as it was before the game’s most recent update.

There is no doubt that Black Ops Cold War will be very different than before following the next couple of days filled with injections of Season 3 content for players to enjoy.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch / Reddit

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: How to activate the Season 9 Arena teaser

Apex Legends data miners have found out how players can activate a new Season 9 teaser. Here’s how to see it for yourself.



Apex Legends Season 9 Teaser Arena

The Apex Legends Season 9 teaser is now live, revealing the mystery behind the mysterious platform in the Firing Range.

After the halfway split for Season 8, players noticed a stranged platform implemented on the left side of the Firing Range map.

For weeks players were unaware of its purpose, but finally, the mystery has been uncovered and is associated with the new upcoming Arena mode.

Season 9 Teaser Arena

Data miner @GarretLeaks was among the few who leaked how players can activate the button found on the Firing Range platform.

GarretLeaks has even created a step by step guide of how players can experience the Season 9 Arena teaser, which is available now:

  • Step 1: Collect keycard from care packages
  • Step 2: Find Holosprays scattered around Kings Canyon
  • Step 3: Find Holosprays scattered around Olympus
  • Step 4: Press the phone in the lobby and listen to the audio
  • Step 5: Press the button on the Firing Range platform and wait for the ship

The Corrupted Keycards are now live and available to pick up from Care Packages in-game for both Kings Canyon and Olympus. Players will then be able to scan the Holosprays and activate the teaser in the Firing Range.

Dataminer @Shrugtal released images of where players will be able to find these Holosprays, which are located in various locations across the two maps.

You can scan multiple Holosprays in one match and even scan all three over multiple matches. It seems the Holosprays will spawn in all the locations highlighted in Shrugtal’s image.

Along with this, fellow data miner @Biast12 has also released a video showing what happens after activating the button in the Firing Range.

The video shows Biast boarding a ship after activating the button. Biast arrives at a new location where another button awaits, which activates an elevator. This then takes you into a small arena where a massive hollo of future Legend Ash is shown along with a voice line that states, “The Arena awaits.”

This is clearly a teaser for the upcoming 3v3 mode ‘Arena,’ which will be arriving in Season 9. However, this is also a teaser for the future legend, Ash. Although Ash will likely be arriving at a later Season – more like Season 10 – it does confirm that she will be arriving sooner than later.

In fact, it’s not the first time an announcer for a game mode has eventually become a playable Legend. Back in Season 3, the Shadow Fall game mode saw Revenant as the announcer, who later became a playable Legend in Season 4.

Read more: All Unreleased Apex Legends Characters

If this stays true to the format, Ash could be the new Legend for Season 10, after being an announcer for the previous season much like the introduction of Revenant. Players will be able to activate this teaser towards the end of Season 8.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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