There’s still no exact date on when the remaining “Non-Elite or Non-Xbox” users will get DLC but it looks like the window just got a little clearer. Acitivision released a press release this morning to announce the arival of the first DLC content drop for Elite Subscribers on Xbox 360, and finally confirmed a launch window for other platforms:

Xbox 360 NON-Elite “$15 All current DLC pack”: March

PS3 & PC: “..a later time”

Since they didn’t announce it was coming in March with Non-Elite Xbox, it’s safe to assume PS3 DLC will be arriving in April (30 days after all* Xbox Live members) OR February (30 Days after all* Xbox-Elite members).¬†Microsoft has exclusive rights for Xbox Live members. How could PS3 “Elite” receive in February before Xbox’s March drop though?

Please note, this is how we interpret the press release, read it for yourself and let us know if you reach the same conclusion. If we get clarification then we’ll let you know..


Press Release:
“The Content Drops will be available for purchase by the entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player community on Xbox LIVE in March, as part of the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection. The Content Drops will be available on additional platforms at a later time.”

SOURCE: Activision Press Release

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