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In a new Reddit post, Michael Condrey has given a brief preview of what to expect in Call of Duty: WWII in January.

Condrey says they have more news to share in the days ahead about what’s coming, but here’s what they are currently working on:

  • Domination XL Test Playlist, which has 100 points per kill
  • Weapon Tuning Updates coming next week
  • CWL New Orleans — they are working to enable live streaming of this event inside of the theater in HQ on PS4
  • Full game update with fixes coming this month
  • Plans to fix the Spectator bug issue in the next update for PS4 and Xbox One, PC experience improved with updates over holiday

The Resistance is packed with all kinds of new content- MP maps and a new War experience, a new Zombies chapter, events, rewards, and more. CWL New Orleans is about to kick off this weekend. (Fingers crossed – we’re working to see if we can live-stream the event straight to the HQ theater for PS4, so you can watch it directly in game while still practicing in the 1v1 pit or on the firing range). We’ve got new weapon tuning updates to address community feedback that we’d like to roll those out next week. In addition, we’re looking at a Domination XL (100 points per kill) test playlist to re-examine player enjoyment (vs Dom 50). There’s a game update coming with some key fixes too. Plus a host of additional news that we look forward to sharing in the days ahead.

SOURCE: Reddit

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