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Call of Duty

Drift0r leaks details on the next Call of Duty… again



It’s that time of the year. The hype train for the next Call of Duty is picking up steam. Rumors are starting to pop up on forums and YouTube channels claiming to hear about details of the next Call of Duty from a friend of a friend or from someone who knows a guy.

Drif0r is the latest YouTube personality who claims to have actually seen it in action. It seems an anonymous tipter sent Drift0r some media files which showed alpha gameplay footage of the next Call of Duty running.

What lends some credibility is that it is widley known that Drift0r was the one that not only leaked the name of ‘Ghosts” but was also 99% accurate in the details about the game before anyone else last year. So he’s got our attention…

Drif0r describes the next Call of Duty:

-Looks like “Modern Warfare 4”
-Somewhat futuristic.
-Futuristic gun shown, couldnt tell if it looked like an assault rifle or shotgun.
-Lighting, reflection, physics looked good.
-First person.
-one map shown, looked like a power plant.