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How to fix Elden Ring controller issues: Xbox & PlayStation controller settings

Here are all of the controller keybinds for Elden Ring for both Xbox and PlayStation controllers, as well as how to fix any issues.



Elden Ring controller settings

FromSoftware’s games are often played on a controller, where joysticks allow precise movement to dodge devastating blows. Elden Ring is here and we’re detailing the Xbox and PlayStation settings as well as how to fix controller issues.

While Elden Ring is set to be slightly easier than games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, it’s still not for the faint of heart. Bosses, and even common enemies, will deal incredible damage, and dying is just part of the cycle.

It’s just you and your skills against the monsters that plague the Lands Between, so you’ll need to know every action at your fingertips. Here are all of the controller settings for Elden Ring, and how to change them to suit your own playstyle.

elden ring player fighting monster

How to fix Elden Ring controller issues

Elden Ring players have reported that Elden Ring isn’t registering their PlayStation and Xbox controllers, but there’s are a few solutions that have been confirmed to work.

Delete vJoy from your PC

Super Smash Bros. Melee pro ‘iBDWSSBM’ revealed that you should delete vJoy from Apps & features, and many confirmed that it fixed their controller issues.

vJoy is a joystick application for PCs that many use for fighting games and racing sims. It seems to conflict with Elden Ring for some reason and deleting it will allow your controller to work when exploring the Lands Between.

But this won’t be much use if you don’t have vJoy installed, so we have more solutions below.

Unplug other controller devices

Steam user ‘John $ick’ suggested that you should unplug any other device that acts as a controller, such as steering wheels for racing games or even your mouse and keyboard.

Elden Ring appears to recognize these devices over your PlayStation or Xbox controller, so you can try unplugging everything except your controller before launching the game.

Turn on Controller Configuration Support

Steam Xbox controller settings

The Steam user also suggested turning on Steam’s Controller Configuration support, but this has had mixed results so far.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Open Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings
  3. Tick either the Xbox or PlayStation Controller Support boxes, depending on which you’re playing on
  4. Right click on Elden Ring in your Steam Library
  5. Select Properties > Controller
  6. Open the drop-down menu underneath ‘Override for Elden Ring’
  7. Select ‘Enable Steam Controller’
  8. Launch Elden Ring

Elden Ring PlayStation controller settings

Elden Ring PlayStation controller settings

Elden Ring’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controller settings are what you’d expect to see from a Souls game.

With how difficult Souls-like games can be, it’s worth taking in all of the controls so you’re not fumbling to change weapons in battle.

  • L1: Skill
  • L2: Guard (LH Armament)
  • R1: Attack (RH & Two-Handed Armament)
  • R2: Strong Attack (RH & 2H Armament)
  • D-Pad Up: Switch Sorcery / Incantaion
  • D-Pad Down: Switch Item
  • D-Pad Left: Switch Left-Hand Armament
  • D-Pad Right: Switch Right-Hand Armament
  • △: Event Action (Examine, Open, etc.)
  • ✖: Jump
  • ⭘: Backstep, Dodge Roll, Dash
  • ☐: Use Item
  • Left Joystick: Movement
  • L3: Crouch / Stand Up
  • Right Joystick: Move Camera / Change Target
  • R3: Reset Camera / Lock-On / Remove Target
  • Touchpad: Map
  • Options: Menu
  • Hold Down △ + L1 or L2: Switch between One-Handed and Two-Handed Left-Hand Armaments
  • Hold Down △ + R1 or R2: Switch between One-Handed and Two-Handed Right-Hand Armaments

Elden Ring Xbox controller settings

Elden Ring Xbox controller settings

Elden Ring’s standard Xbox controls are exactly the same as PlayStation’s, and you’ll likely be able to customize them to suit your own preferences.

Here are Elden Ring’s Xbox controller settings:

  • LB: Skill
  • LT: Guard (LH Armament)
  • RB: Attack (RH & Two-Handed Armament)
  • RT: Strong Attack (RH & 2H Armament)
  • D-Pad Up: Switch Sorcery / Incantaion
  • D-Pad Down: Switch Item
  • D-Pad Left: Switch Left-Hand Armament
  • D-Pad Right: Switch Right-Hand Armament
  • Y: Event Action (Examine, Open, etc.)
  • A: Jump
  • B: Backstep, Dodge Roll, Dash
  • X: Use Item
  • Left Joystick: Movement
  • L: Crouch / Stand Up
  • Right Joystick: Move Camera / Change Target
  • R: Reset Camera / Lock-On / Remove Target
  • Change View: Map
  • Options: Menu
  • Hold Down Y + LB or LT: Switch between One-Handed and Two-Handed Left-Hand Armaments
  • Hold Down Y + RB or RT: Switch between One-Handed and Two-Handed Right-Hand Armaments

How to change controller settings in Elden Ring

Castle in Elden Ring

Bandai Namco revealed that players will be able to change their Elden Ring controller settings by going to Menu > System > Controller Settings.

Previous FromSoftware games such as Sekiro have allowed players to completely rebind their controls, putting actions on whatever button they choose.

Elden Ring offers the same level of customization, so we’ll be sure to update this piece if there are any settings worth changing to help you survive the Lands Between.

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Image Credit: FromSoftware

Apex Legends

Who is the most popular Apex Legends character? Season 13 pick rates

Apex Legends Season 13 is well underway, but who has dominated the pick rates for Season 13 of Respawn’s battle royale so far?



apex legends season 13 pick rates

Season 13 of Apex Legends has tons of characters to choose from to enjoy its several maps. But who has the top Season 13 pick rates in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter?

Apex Legends hit the ground running when it launched with eight different characters to choose from in its battle royale offering. The game suffered a notable lull when Call of Duty: Warzone launched, but with many popular streamers such as NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect continuing to support the game, Apex is continuing to grow expeditiously.

There are now a whopping 21 different Legends to choose from, giving players a headache before each game. With Season 13 now underway, Newcastle is the latest to join the roster.

Let’s take a look at how the new Legend has shaken up the roster by looking at the current Legend pick rates in Season 13, which provides an idea of who the most popular Legends are.

Apex Legends Season 13 pick rate ranked list

apex legends saviors season 13 battle pass newcastle spitfire skin

This is our complete list of every character pick in Apex Legends, and we’ve ranked them in order to let you know which are favored.

Here is every Apex Legends pick rate in Season 13 ranked, as of May 27, 2022, according to Apex Legends Status:

  1. Wraith – 10.8%
  2. Octane – 10.5%
  3. Valkyrie – 9.6%
  4. Bloodhound – 9.1%
  5. Pathfinder – 8.1%
  6. Horizon – 6.2%
  7. Newcastle – 4.9%
  8. Bangalore – 4.6%
  9. Ash – 4.1%
  10. Lifeline – 4.1%
  11. Loba – 3.5%
  12. Fuse – 3.3%
  13. Gibraltar – 3.1%
  14. Rampart – 3%
  15. Mirage – 2.8%
  16. Caustic – 2.7%
  17. Revenant – 2.2%
  18. Seer – 2.1%
  19. Wattson – 2.1%
  20. Mad Maggie – 1.7%
  21. Crypto – 1.7%

Most picked Legends in Apex Legends Season 13

5. Pathfinder – 8.1%

pathfinder giving a thumbs up in apex legends

Pathfinder has consistently been one of Apex Legends’ top five picks at 8.1%, and counting, for quite some time now.

As a Recon class, Pathfinder simply excels in movements and traversing the game’s various maps. His Grappling Hook and Zipline Gun are simply invaluable assets that will help any team in a pinch – either because of the circle or a third-party situation. He consistently manages to stay in the top 5 as a result.

4. Bloodhound – 9.1%

apex legends bloodhound character

Again, with the influx of new Apex Legends players, Bloodhound is a great character to use for new players in Season 13.

Bloodhound nearly always stays in and around the 8-11% mark as a season goes on, and they currently stand at 9.1%. They are easily the top Recon class to use in Apex Legends, thanks to their tracking tools and incredible skills, plus, their Beast of the Hunt Ultimate is priceless.

3. Valkyrie – 9.6%

valkyrie apex legends

Despite getting some nerfs, Valkyrie is in the top 5 Legend pick rates for Season 13 with 9.6%, as she is the movement Queen. Her Jetpack Passive allows players to escape any kind of situation, which is crucial for survivability.

As well as her Passive, her Skyward Dive Ultimate is also great for mobility. This ability is the best rotational tool in all of Apex Legends, as it allows her and the team to relocate from a bad position or situation, into a good one.

Lastly, Valkyrie’s Tactical is also extremely useful for being aggressive and getting enemies out of camping spots, so long as you have enough room above you to launch the Missile Swarm.

2. Octane – 10.5%

apex legends octane character

With a 10.5% pick rate, the speed demon takes the number two spot, continuing his reign as one of the most popular Legends in Season 13, fluctuating between the top two places.

Aside from his amusing quips, he is the perfect balance of offense and defense. Despite being regarded as an offensive Legend, Octane can greatly increase his sprint speed which is useful for both attack and running away.

But most Octane users thrive on his Launch Pad Ultimate which can send him, and friendly players, high up into the air.

1. Wraith – 10.8% – Most picked Legend in Apex Legends Season 13

apex legends wraith character

Another starting Legend, Wraith has been a consistent pick throughout Apex Legends’ lifetime, and she has taken the number one spot with a 10.8% pick rate in Season 13.

Wraith’s stand-out features are her ability to get out of trouble very quickly – teammates included. Her abilities allow her to sense danger, become temporarily invulnerable, and create portals to escape predicaments. It’s easy to see why Wraith continues to be an absolute fan favorite in Apex Legends Season 13.

That covers all the picks in Apex Legends Season 13. As always, buffs and nerfs will come and go throughout the season, altering the game’s meta, and subsequently, Legend pick rates.

We’ll be sure to keep this updated regularly so you can stay on top of the in picks and don’t forget to check out our guide on the best Legends to choose in Season 13.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS: Release date & Team of the Season squad

FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS is one of the biggest releases of the year, here’s everything you need to know about the event including the full quad.



FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS

The Ligue 1 TOTS has arrived in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, celebrating the very best players that the French league has to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Ligue TOTS, from the release date to the official squad.

FIFA 22 TOTS is in full swing, and EA is showering its players constantly with new and exciting content. The Premier League, Bundesliga, and LaLiga squads have made quite an impact on many FUT teams, and the Ligue 1 squad is set to follow suit.

In recent years, Ligue 1 has emerged as one of the most popular leagues in Ultimate Team, with many of the game’s biggest names plying their trade over in France for PSG, Lille, and other clubs. Unsurprisingly, this means the Ligue 1 is always one of the most-anticipated releases of the year.

We’ve got everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS right here, including the release date and official squad.

FIFA 22 Team of the Season card design

FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS release date

According to the official schedule announced by EA Sports, Ligue 1 TOTS hit Ultimate Team on Friday, May 27, 2022. It replaced the LaLiga squad in packs from 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

The French league will take center stage for an entire week before being replaced by Serie A on the following Friday.

Don’t worry, though, if you miss out on the player you wanted, the best Ligue 1 players will likely return for Ultimate TOTS on June 10.

Mbappe in FIFA 22

Ligue 1 TOTS voting in FIFA 22

Unfortunately, the Ligue 1 TOTS did not take fan votes into account. While the likes of the Premier League and Bundesliga always allow players to vote, other leagues are hand-picked by EA themselves.

The schedule never mentioned a voting window for the French league and EA selected the elite players involved.

FIFA 22 PSG players in a line

FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS predictions

There have been plenty of stellar performances in Ligue 1 this season. PSG were an unstoppable force as they reclaimed their title, but stars from up and down the table are also worthy of a mention.

With this in mind, here is our predicted FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS. We’ll keep these predictions here following the squad reveal to track which players made the cut.


  • Alban Lafont (FC Nantes)


  • Achraf Hakimi (PSG)
  • Marquinhos (PSG)
  • Duje Caleta-Car (Marseille)
  • Johnathan Clauss (RC Lens)


  • Aurelien Tchouameni (AS Monaco)
  • Benjamin Bourigeaud (Rennes)
  • Dimitri Payet (Marseille)


  • Jonathan David (Lille)
  • Kylian Mbappe (PSG)
  • Wissam Ben Yedder (AS Monaco)

FIFA 22 Ligue 1 Team of the Season squad


  • Alban Lafont – FC Nantes – GK


  • Nuno Mendes – PSG – LB
  • Marquinhos – PSG – CB
  • William Saliba – Marseille – CB
  • Jonathan Clauss – Lens – RWB


  • Aurélien Tchouaméni – AS Monaco – CDM
  • Seko Fofana – Lens – CM
  • Mattéo Guendouzi – Marseille – CM
  • Lucas Paqueta – Lyon – CAM


  • Martin Terrier – Rennes – LW
  • Neymar – PSG – LW
  • Dimitri Payet – Marseille – CF
  • Wissam Ben Yedder – AS Monaco – ST
  • Kylian Mbappé – PSG – ST
  • Lionel Messi – PSG – RW

The biggest names in world football have made the cut in FIFA 22. PSG is a powerhouse in the world of football and the club is well represented in the Ligue 1 TOTS with Neymar, Messi, Mbappe, Mendes, and Marquinhos included in the official squad.

Aside from PSG’s trio of attackers, Fofana, Tchouameni, and Ben Yedder are expected to be the most sought-after players in the Ligue 1 TOTS squad.

There you have it! That’s everything you need to know about FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS. For more, be sure to check out our guide to the Serie A TOTS for Italy’s best.

Image credits: EA Sports

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is now the most-streamed game on Twitch

Apex Legends has been increasingly in popularity and has now become the most streamed game on Twitch after releasing Season 13,



apex legends newcastle twitch logo

Apex Legends Season 13 has surpassed its competitors and become the most streamed game on Twitch, which is a testament to the game’s increasing popularity.

2022 marked the third year anniversary of Apex Legends, and while some games may enter a decline after being around for this period of time, Respawn’s battle royale continues to grow.

With the game now in its thirteenth season, Apex Legends offers an abundance of content and a massive community to get involved in, especially now that the game has been brought to the mobile community.

One of the best ways the community can engage and entertain is through Twitch, as Apex Legends has become the platform’s most-streamed game.

apex legends twitch prime

Despite some server issues for console players that have now been fixed, Apex Legends Season 13 has been Respawn’s most popular season so far.

This isn’t just thanks to more popular content creators and streamers such as NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect being interested in the game, but also because of the great content and gameplay that the free-to-play shooter offers.

Since Apex Legends Season 13 launched, the battle royale game has become the most-streamed game on Twitch, edging it over competitors like Valorant, Fortnite, and Warzone.

Apex Legends has been streamed a total of 1,781,223 hours, taking the number one spot since the launch of Season 13 back on May 10.

With more content to come for the game this season, including an anime-themed event and summer store takeover, we expect Apex Legends to continue growing in popularity.

We’ll have to wait and see how long Respawn can keep this up for, especially with all the hype around Warzone 2.

For those unaware, Apex Legends actually has some free Twitch Prime rewards up for grabs, check out our guide on the Prime Gaming rewards for this month to receive exclusive skins and more.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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