Today Elite Premium Members on Xbox LIVE got to download the newest content drops: “Black Ice” “Black Box” & “Negotiator”. What about PSN Elite?

During the latest episode of ROLL CALL on Elite TV (a premium feature) it had a caption on the bottom (seen in the picture above) stating, “Content Drop 4, 5, 6 will be available to Elite Premium Xbox members March 13th and Elite Premium PSN members on or around 4/12″

UPDATE:┬áDan Amrich, ATIV Social Medal Person, posted this story as well, but he got a confirmation from Acitivision that the release date for Elite Drop 4, 5, 6 for PS3 is “TBD”. So this video’s details is FALSE. Stay tuned for the official date.

This is the first time they have announced or hinted a PS3 release date this early.

Elite Premium Members on PSN can still expect Overwatch MP Map on 3/29.


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