The latest ELITE build notes pushed this past weekend (1/13/2012) are available below. Changes in this build include:



· Reordered badges in ELITE Summary to display most recent winnings.
· Several fixes to the accuracy stat in Weapon Performance.
· Fixed a bug where users with only Black Ops data were informed that they needed to complete an MW3 match.
· Improvements to the Tracked Players / Rivals section.
· Several Custom Class editor fixes, including support for Winter Camo.
· Improved timeline data, objective tracking, and kill tracking in Recent Matches section.
· Fixed a bug that would cause some users badges to not display after an operation was completed.
· Updated Challenge information for several weapons in the Challenges menu.
· Corrected an issue when copying custom games from another player.



· Fixed a bug that would prevent comments from loading on some Groups (such as the Roll Call group).
· Fixed an issue that was preventing Facebook friends from appearing as friends on the Clan Invites page.
· Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Clan leaders to be repeatedly prompted to Save Changes when managing their clan.
· Scroll bar now properly appears on the Clan Invites page for Clan Leaders with long friends lists.
· Several text fixes to the comment system.
· Improved IE8 support.
· Added privacy setting for clans. Clan leaders can now hide their roster and leaderboards on the Clan Detail page.
· Improved Clan Invites to reduce delay in the invite appearing and to better sync up sent invites.



· Fixed an issue where Premium/Founder icons overlap text on the Program Guide.
· Fixed a bug which affected video submission for a Video Event.
· Fixed a bug that would cause some users to see an empty program guide.



· Numerous localizations fixes to address translations and formatting



· Reordered Improve items to appear in unlock order.
· Added more weapon guide thumbnail links to ELITETV
· Numerous stats fixes and formatting fixes for the Improve section
· A number of additions to the maps in Improve for the Headquarters and Demolition game modes.

SOURCE: Official CoD Forums

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