A few weeks ago we posted a story stating that many CoD Casters were worried about Infinity Ward’s support for the eSports community in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Well known caster Fwiz tweeted multiple times saying that no one in the eSports community has been contacted by IW thus far.

However, it appears that may have changed. According to a tweet from Chris Durate (ImpactParasite), whose team won the Call of Duty Championship, he’s visiting Infinity Ward tomorrow.

Just last week, Fwiz tweeted out saying any CoD Pro players in LA should talk to him cause it’ll be “worth your time.” Now, one week later, it seems that both Fwiz’s tweet and the visit to IW could be connected.

After Fwiz tweeted that, MLG CEO responded with a quick “yes it will.”

If all these tweets are connected, it may be a big reassurance that the eSports community has been wanting that IW is planning on supporting the eSports with Ghosts.

We’re expecting official Multiplayer info to come in August according to Mark Rubin.

SOURCE: @ImpactParaiste, @Fwiz, and @MLGSundance

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