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Apex Legends

Every Apex Legends Ultimate cooldown and ready time

To help you decide which legend to choose and give you the upper hand in a fight, here’s a list of every Ultimate cooldown and ready time.



An Apex Legends player has compiled a handy chart detailing the cooldown and ready time for every legend’s Ultimate ability.

Each legend has three abilities: one Passive, one Tactical, and one Ultimate. The Ultimate ability is usually the most powerful, and its uses are limited due to a charge time and cooldown. For example, Revenant can save teammates from death by placing a Totem down where instead of getting downed or eliminated, they will teleport to the Totem.

A legend’s Ultimate ability is often the deciding factor in who to drop in as. Another factor players must consider when choosing their legend is when and how often the ability can be used.

To help make your decision, Reddit user ‘leftlungless‘ has compiled a list of the times for each legend’s Ultimate ability.

ULT Timings Chart

The ApexUniversity subreddit was built to help players improve at Apex Legends. The chart was posted to this subreddit to help players further understand each legend’s ULT.

The data was taken from the Apex Legends Wiki, and then additional timings were worked out by u/leftlungess. The chart displays the cooldown time, when it’s ready, and the recharge rate in percent per second.

Lifeline, one of the original legends, is often picked for her Passive and Tactical abilities. Her drone can passively revive and heal teammates, leaving her to fight. Lifeline’s Ultimate ability drops in a Care Package with ‘high quality defensive gear.’

From the chart’s findings, this Care Package can only be called in every six minutes. This is the slowest cooldown of any Ultimate, and players believe the wait time isn’t worth the reward.

Octane jumping in Apex Legends.

Mirage and Octane receive their ULTs first and recharge the fastest, being only a minute in-between uses. These abilities aren’t as devastating as others, so can be used more often.

The chart can also be used to know the enemy you’re fighting. If you see Horizon deploy her Black Hole device, from the chart’s data you will know that you have two minutes before she can deploy it again. By keeping an eye on the timer in the early game, you can know if she’s likely to have the Black Hole yet. This can influence your decision on how to take specific fights.

There are a couple of disclaimers under the chart: some approximations were made and Wattson is a special case due to her ULT charging the fastest with Ultimate Accelerant.

This data is subject to change with future updates.