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Every Far Cry game ranked from worst to best

Far Cry is one of the kings of the modern-day open-world, and we have ranked all of the entries from worst to best.



Far Cry helped to define open-world games and is now one of the elite franchises in the world for the genre. So here are the main games in the franchise ranked from worst to best.

After Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry is probably Ubisoft’s leading AAA franchise, with the open-world phenomenon spanning 15 years and multiple award-winning entries. Far Cry has set the standard in sprawling, exotic stretches of land for players to explore and fight in.

Each game has tried to leave its mark of originality whether it was a different setting or an instantly memorable villain. We’ve broken down the main games in the storied franchise and ranked the Far Cry games from worst to best.

7. Far Cry New Dawn

After the rip-roaring ending to Far Cry 5, Ubisoft decided we needed to go one more round with Hope County, albeit a much brighter one. The problem with Far Cry New Dawn is that it highlights much of the franchise’s later problems, feeling too samey.

Given that there’s only one year between the release of Far Cry 5 and New Dawn, and it’s basically the same map, you can’t help but feel this is glorified DLC. If you missed out on Far Cry 5, then it might be worth a blast.

far cry new dawn

6. Far Cry Primal

The obvious outlier in the series, Primal was an almost shallow attempt to appear much different, without actually doing it. The time period was wound back several thousand years, yet the game still somehow managed to feel like the standard Far Cry game we’d become accustomed to.

Given that it’s 10,000 BC, your character has to use sticks and stones to break bones, and it certainly gets points for at least trying to feel like a fresh concept.

far cry primal

5. Far Cry

If you get a chance to play Far Cry Classic – an upscaling of the 2004 original – then you get a game that can match up to the graphical quality of many present-day games – it looks that good.

Taking you to a tropical island, the first game in the franchise was probably a bit too linear and held your hand a bit too much to be in the running for best game. As the starting point of a new franchise, it’s certainly a great game.

far cry 1

4. Far Cry 2

This felt like a step up in almost every department from the first game, and its tropical island was another gorgeous setting for an epic RPG.

The only problem is that its attempts to be realistic proved to be a bit excessive in the end. Gun jamming was infuriating and far too frequent, repairing vehicles was a chore, and whilst Malaria was a nice touch, it would interfere with what you were doing much too regularly.

far cry 2

3. Far Cry 5

We didn’t find there to be too much wrong with Far Cry 5, it’s just that it does little to make itself stand out as a unique entry. It does manage to carry on the trend of having a recognizable, hated main villain with psychopathic tendencies at least.

It does get rid of viewpoint climbing and other repetitive trends, but it’s overshadowed by the alleged freedom to how you can approach the story. This is evidenced by the forced abductions that make you do main missions, even if you’re already preoccupied with something else.

far cry 5

2. Far Cry 4

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That’s the formula and ideology that Ubisoft slapped on Far Cry 4 to ensure the series’ renaissance continued. The fictional country of Kyrat and its civil war made for an appealing host, and Pagan Min was captivating, albeit brief.

Overall it still carried that aura of trying to placate its audience by retaining pretty much the same formula of Far Cry 3 and mostly reskinning it.

far cry 4

1. Far Cry 3

The impact that Far Cry 3 had on the open-world genre feels tantamount to the seismic shift that Grand Theft Auto III caused. It stripped back the overbearing realism of Far Cry 2 and created something wholesome and endlessly fun.

The game’s sub-villain Vaas Montenegro is regarded as an all-time great, the game looks incredible, the gameplay feels amazing, and hunting is a joy. It could perhaps have finished off its story a bit better, but that can be forgiven for its superb mission design, particularly burning drugs in a huge field to thumping dubstep.

far cry 3

That concludes our ranking of the Far Cry games. Each game will have something different for everyone, and your thoughts may differ from ours.

Be sure to let us know what your favorite Far Cry game was.

Image credits: Ubisoft


How to get Fortnite’s new Pizza Party: Locations & what it does

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s Pizza Party item, including where to find it and what it does.



Fortnite character eating Pizza

You can use Fortnite’s new Pizza Party item to share pizza slices with your teammates. Here’s where you can find Pizza Party and how you can use it in Fortnite Chapter 3.

There is a ton of fun to be had in Fortnite Chapter 3, whether by finding Klombo dinosaurs around the island or unlocking skins like the Hawkeye outfits. Now, you can also collect pizza in the game.

The Pizza Party item is another new addition that greatly benefits your entire squad. You’ll also need to know where to find it for a Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 Quest that requires you to ‘take pizza slices.’

Here’s everything you need to know about Pizza Party in Fortnite.

Where to find a Pizza Party in Fortnite

Tomatohead location on Fortnite map

You can purchase the new Pizza Party item from the NPC Tomatohead at the Pizza Pit restaurant. You can find this location at the Tilted Towers POI which has returned to Fortnite Island.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head to the Pizza Pit restaurant
  2. Interact with Tomatohead to speak with him
  3. Select the Pizza Party item and purchase it
  4. Pizza Party will be added to your inventory
Fortnite character looking at a Pizza Party

Purchasing the Pizza Party item will cost you 50 Gold Bars. If you don’t have this amount saved up already then you can check out our detailed guide on how to earn Gold Bars in Fortnite.

Alternatively, you can also collect a Pizza Party from Chests and Supply Drops or by destroying Loot Llamas. While this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find the item right away, it’s certainly the cheaper option.

What does a Pizza Party do in Fortnite

Pizza Party in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Pizza Party item recovers your Health and Shield. You simply need to approach it and press the ‘consume’ button to use it. You can also save it in your inventory by pressing ‘take’ instead.

While pizza slices can restore 100 Health, they will only recover up to 50 Shield. So, if you’ve already recovered your Shield, you may want to leave some slices behind for your teammates to use.

One Chapter 3 Quest tasks you with taking a pizza slice from a Pizza Party. You can get this done by simply aiming and throwing a Pizza Party down to the ground similar to how you would toss a grenade.

Klombo dinosaur in Fortnite

You can also feed pizza slices to a Klombos dinosaur by throwing a Pizza Party near one of them. While Klomberries are their favorite food, they won’t mind eating the slices and leaving behind loot for you to collect.

That covers everything you need to know about Fortnite’s new Pizza Party item. It can greatly help your entire squad when your Health and Shields are low, so it’s worth going out to find the item.

For more Fortnite content, check out the Fortnite 3.44 update patch notes as well as how to play Fortnite on iPhone & iOS devices with NVIDIA GeForce Now.

Image credits: Epic Games

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends ad teases Season 12 Olympus map update & care package changes

Apex Legends Season 12 will bring a fresh update to the Olympus battle royale map, which players have been given a sneak peak to in a new ad.



Fans have discovered a new ad for Apex Legends which teases changes to the Olympus map and care package updates coming in Season 12.

Apex Legends Season 12 is almost upon us, along with the new Legend Mad Maggie, which also means a new addition to the Apex Legends Voice Actors roster.

The new season promises brand new content and changes, including a map update to the Olympus map. The recent Season 12 reveal blog didn’t give too much away about the Olympus map update, but a new Instagram ad has given players a sneak peek.

apex legends mad maggie olympus

After not being able to play on the map for the duration of Season 11, the return of Olympus is pretty exciting for players. On top of this, it’s even more exciting to hear that the map will be getting an update.

It’s time for Olympus to get a make over, and despite not giving much away in the Season 12 reveal blog, a new Instagram ad has given players a sneak peek.

The Instagram ad is a sponsored story by Respawn, promoting the third anniversary of Apex Legends. If you’re interested in the rewards for Apex’s anniversary, definitely check out our piece on the event.

In the ad, gameplay shots are taken on the Season 12 version of Olympus, and in certain parts of the video, you can actually make out some of the new changes.

As Alpha Intel pointed out, the ad gives players a look at the new skybox and surroundings on Olympus, as you can see flying cars and the city that Olympus floats above.

In some other portions of the video, you can also make out a new structure that isn’t familiar. GarretLeaks pointed out this new structure in a recent video and even suggested that it may be placed “outside Bonsai Plaza.”

Further, towards the end of the ad, Wattson can be seen firing an Alternator that doesn’t have a barrel on it. Players believe this is a hint towards it coming out of the care package, as the care package version has a barrel on it.

We’ll have to wait and see if the speculation is correct about Season 12. For now, check out the news about a brand new Star Wars FPS games by Respawn Entertainment.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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How to complete Player Moments Dest SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Sergino Dest is looking like the best right back in La Liga, and FUT players won’t want to miss his FIFA 22 Player Moments SBC.



Dest player moments SBC FUT

Barcelona’s speedy fullback Sergino Dest has received a Player Moments SBC during the TOTY promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Here’s everything you need to know including stats and how to complete the Dest Player Moments SBC.

Player Moments cards have been a mixed bag in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team but this Sergino Dest SBC looks like fantastic value for a meta card.

Unfortunately, Dest is difficult to link to squads due to his American nationality but players who completed the Winter Wildcards Coutinho SBC will love the sight of Dest’s strong link to the attacking midfielder.

Players will be required to submit two squads to get their hands on this electric defender, and we’ve got the cheapest solution to give you a hand.

FIFA 22 Player Moments Dest stats

Sergino Dest moments stats

Dest’s stats are truly spectacular and many are already deeming him the best right back in La Liga. His incredible pace is an obvious asset but his defending and physicality stats also received a massive boost with 88 def. awareness and 87 interceptions.

There’s so much to love here from Dest’s ability to dribble down the sides of the pitch to his ability to get crosses into the box. The defender also boasts 4* skills and weak foot to go along with his excellent bag of tricks.

Cheapest way to complete Player Moments Dest SBC

Barcelona jerseys

To complete this SBC players will need to give up two squads: Tactical Emulation and La Liga. With a value of around 113,000 coins, Dest is an incredibly affordable SBC that most players should take the time to complete or they may come to regret it down the line. Given the price of fodder in FIFA 22 this SBC is a no-brainer.

You can check out the cheapest solutions below.

Tactical Emulation requirements

  • # of players from Barcelona: Minimum 1
  • TOTW players: Minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 82
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 60

Tactical Emulation solution – Cost: 23,000

Tactical Emulation SBC solution

La Liga requirements

  • # of players from La Liga: Minimum 1
  • TOTW players: Minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 85
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 55

Premier League solution – Cost: 90,000 coins

La Liga SBC solution

The Dest Player Moments SBC is available until February 2, so make sure to get working on this challenge as soon as possible.

TOTW players may be slightly overpriced at the moment due to the abundance of ongoing content but you may be able to snipe some for cheap.

For more FIFA 22, check out how to complete Ultimate Team Hero player pick SBC in FIFA 22, or check out our list of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team best wingers.

Image Credits: EA Sports / FUTBIN

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