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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision patch notes, Battle Pass, Apocalypse map, & more

Here’s everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 5, including the patch notes, new weapons, Battle Pass, and more.



CoD Mobile Operators

CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision has finally arrived, and here’s everything that you need to know about it, including the new Battle Pass, map, weapons, and more.

Seasonal updates bring fun new content for CoD Mobile players to enjoy, and Season 4, titled Wild Dogs, added new maps, game modes, as well as a brand-new Battle Pass to progress through.

Now, CoD Mobile Season 5 is here, and players have a plethora of changes to explore, including the arrival of a brand-new map. We’ll go over everything that we know about CoD Mobile Season 5.


CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision release date

CoD Mobile Season 5 is titled ‘Tropical Vision’ and it went live on June 1 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM BST.

This happened right after the Season 4 Battle Pass expired, and players can now access new content in the Tropical Vision update, including a new map, as well as a brand-new Battle Pass.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Apocalypse map

CoD Mobile Season 5 features the Apocalypse map, and this jungle-themed location first appeared in Black Ops Cold War Season 2, consisting of various tight corners as well as rooms with multiple entrances.

Apocalypse is available in all standard game types in CoD Mobile Season 5, and you can choose to battle other players head-on in the center lane of the map. Alternatively, you can also flank enemies from the village or temple on either side of the map.

CoD Mobile Season 5 weapons: Oden Assault Rifle

CoD Mobile Season 5 has brought the Oden Assault Rifle for you to unlock after progressing through the Battle Pass to Tier 21. This weapon may be slow-firing but it’s still capable of dishing out a ton of damage.

You can also unlock the new RPD signature attachment known as the Cooling Compressor Barrel by completing seasonal challenges. This will replace reloading with an overheating system, allowing you to fire continuously.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Perk changes

CoD Mobile Season 5 features a major change to Persistence which is a red Perk that lets you continue your Scorestreaks even when you’ve been killed. Now, the Perk’s color has been changed to blue.

While Persistence is equipped, your Scorestreaks will be divided into low, middle, and high ranks, reducing the speed at which you obtain them. You’ll only be able to equip one scorestreak of each rank at the same time.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Guns Blazing Encore mode

CoD Mobile Season 5 also features a new multiplayer mode known as Guns Blazing Encore, and this turns you into a super-soldier so that you can destroy your enemies with a custom loadout.

Your goal in this game mode is to eliminate enemy Operators in order to score points. You’ll get 1 point from killing normal Operators and 3 points from taking down super-soldiers. You’ll need to be the first player to earn 30 points in order to win.

You can transform into a super-soldier by filling your Fury gauge as you secure kills, and this will grant you dual-wield Death Machines along with a health boost.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Flood Team Bravo event

The tropical storm in Season 5 has caused mass flooding, so Soap and Team Bravo are tasked with extracting the water around the area by strengthening water pumps.

You can participate in this event by completing general and special tasks across CoD Mobile Season 5 multiplayer and Battle Royale. Earning event points will let you unlock the Soap Vacay Ready Operator skin.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass rewards

Each new seasonal update brings a brand-new Battle Pass filled with content for players to unlock by progressing through the Battle Pass tiers, including new weapons, equipment, characters, and cosmetics

The Season 5 Battle Pass is unique for featuring a female-led cast. The free version of the Battle Pass will get you the Echo Tactical Grenade, Tiki Troops Shotgun, Oden Assault Rifle, and other rewards.

If you’re willing to purchase the premium Battle Pass then you can get your hands on new skins for Park, Rivas, and Rosa. You’ll also unlock the new female Operator called Rampage along with weapon blueprints for guns like the AK-47 and PKM.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision patch notes

CoD Mobile Season 5 has brought a ton of balance adjustments and other changes that have been listed in detail in the Tropical Vision update patch notes.

Here are the CoD Mobile Season 5 patch notes:


New Map

  • Apocalypse

Trails of clues lead the team to the wild jungles of Laos. Here we raid a jungle cartel stronghold. Soldiers in the enemy stronghold must beware, danger awaits in this rainforest.

Come try out the new map Apocalypse!

New Mode

  • Guns Blazing Mode returns

A new mode with two super warriors fighting each other with accumulating rage! Players gain rage whenever they get a kill streak bonus score or die. When the rage bar is full, super warrior status is obtained! In the super warrior state, players will get higher health bars and dual-wield death machines.

Guns Blazing Mode returns, enjoy becoming the super warrior in epic fights!

Ranked Match

  • Updated the rewards related to the new season theme.
  • Optimized the balance strategy for Legendary players to merge and match with Grand Master players when playing solo.
  • Reduced the probability of matching a lower rank 5-player premade team into a higher rank 5-player premade team.
  • Improved the compensation for the ranking points of solo players who are matched into a Squad. This compensation prompts at the beginning of the game.
  • Re-enabled Squads in higher ranked matches.

New Feature

Minimap Customization

New feature: long press the minimap to expand the full size map, release to close. Players can set this in the minimap customization settings.

HUD Customization

The previous version of the Lite HUD only supported core mode. In the current version, this function has been updated and optimized to support all MP modes.

Hardpoint In-Game Point Prediction

When the current point countdown is 10 seconds, the next location point will be notified to the player on the player’s interface HUD and minimap.

Function Updates

FFA Mode Spawn Point Optimization

Optimized the spawn locations where the player used to spawn too close when starting in FFA mode on some maps.

Jump Key Optimization:

Clicking the jump button while ADS no longer triggers the function of jumping over obstacles.

Hardpoint Loading Point Information Optimization:

Now players can see all the points and the information of the order during the loading of the Hardpoint mode.

Voice Optimizations:

  • The press-and-hold to turn on the microphone has been changed to click-to-enable the microphone for 10 seconds.
  • The friend channel button is blocked when entering the game without a team, and the UI is simplified.

OB Optimizations in MP Mode:

  • Now displays scorestreaks rewards of all players for observers.
  • Optimized the fire synchronization performance in the first-person OB state, closer to the real fire and hit direction.
  • Changed the red camp to the yellow camp for observers.
  • When observing, there will be a red mark on the health bar of the enemy faction of the current observing target to clearly identify it as the enemy.
  • Added display of modes and map information to replay files.

Initial Orientation Optimization

Optimized the problem that the initial orientation was reset, now the orientation of the player at the start will remain after the countdown

Performance Updates

Bullet Trajectory Optimization:

Now the bullet trajectory of teammates and enemies is clearer, and information can be easily obtained.

Reload Prompt Optimization:

  • Added a progress indicator at the weapon bar position when reloading.
  • Added a bullet volume indicator at the crosshair in third-person mode.

Firearms Performance Optimization:

  • Optimized the sound of switching weapons, and now has a clearer stage prompt.
  • Optimized the reload action of AK117, ASM10, Peacekeeper MK2.
  • Added the performance of Bolt Hold Open for DR-H and Renetti.

Voice Broadcast Optimization:

  • Optimized the problem of repeatedly reporting points in a short period of time when a sniper was found.
  • Optimized the voice trigger logic.

Other Optimization:

  • Optimized the simulation performance by minimizing enemies teleportation when moving too fast.

Battle Royale

New Mode

BR Prop Hunt

  • Come experience an exciting BR Prop Hunt in legendary towns in Frontier where players are divided into camps of Hunters and Props!
  • Move fast as there is only a certain number of players who can become Hunters.
  • Hunters, use your powerful skill of Scan to reveal the locations of Props!
  • Props, activate your skill of Charged Leap to escape dangerous situations!
  • Consumable skill cards of Invisible, Invincible, Shape Shift, and Flash will spawn randomly for Props to collect.
  • Random points will respawn on the map for Props to obtain.
  • Towards the last few minutes of the match, points to collect increases for the Props, and Scan Skill evolves into Deadly Focus for the Hunters. Deadly Focus increases Hunter’s movement speed and enhances the ability to search for Props.
  • At the end of the game, ranking will be settled in accordance to the score between Props camp and Hunters camp.

Function Updates

  • Added feedback icon for reduced damage taken after being knocked down.
  • Zoomed in on the icon of teammates falling to the ground and prioritized the UI.
  • Improved UI accuracy for compass.
  • Optimized the response speed of long-pressing the medicine bar and throwing object bar
  • Optimized Alcatraz scene performance to reduce lag.

New Weapon

Assault Rifle Oden

  • A 12.7mm large-caliber automatic rifle with slow fire rate and great power, it can fire a variety of special ammunition.

Tactical Equipment Echo Grenade

  • A grenade that uses sound waves to detect enemy locations.

Balance Adjustment

Multiplayer & Battle Royale

AR/SMG/LMG Bullet Spread Adjustment

In the current versions of the battle rhythm, we have made a unified evaluation and adjustment to the distribution value of AR/SMG/LMG firearms. Overall, the average distribution of each gun system has been lowered:

  • ADS bullet spread: Significantly reduced (>20%)

Swordfish, M16, Pharo, LK24, FR .556, ICR-1, AK-47, HVK-30, Man-O-War, HBRa3

  • ADS bullet spread: Reduced (10%~20%)

M4, M4LMG, DR-H, UL736

  • ADS bullet spread: Slightly reduced (less than 10%)

Kilo 141, KN-44, M13, ASM10, AK117, BK57, CR-56 AMAX, RPD, AS VAL, Type 25, Holger 26, GKS, Chopper, Hades, QQ9, QXR

  • ADS bullet spread: Significantly increased

In the previous version, ADS bullet spread was too accurate, even more than some marksman rifles. We have increased the spread to balance.


  • All the above changes are applicable to Battle Royale. In Battle Royale, the ADS bullet spread of all firearms is 60% of that in Multiplayer mode.

AR/SMG/SG/SR Movement Speed Adjustment

  • We have sorted out the mobility of weapons between different types and within the same type, so that the mobility of firearms is more in line with its positioning.
  • Movement speed: Slightly increased

DR-H, HVK-30, CR-56 AMAX, HBRa3, AK117, M13, KRM-262, R9-0

  • ADS Movement speed: Slightly increased


  • Movement speed bonus of attachments: Reduced
  • PPSh-41 Fast Reload +8% → +5%
  • QQ9 Tactical Barrel +5% → +4%
  • No Stock +5% → +4%
  • ADS Movement speed bonus of attachments: Reduced
  • MAC-10 Combat Stock & Steel Stock +20% → +16%
  • Fennec Light Stock +15% → +12%
  • Light Mag +5% → +4%
  • MX9 Agile Stock +40% → +37%


  • Overall enhanced mid-range positioning firearms to suit rhythm.
  • Range: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Increased
  • RPD new attachment: Cooling Compressor Barrel
  • When equipped, the fire mode switches to the overheating mechanism. Controlling the heat can achieve stable and continuous firepower output.
  • Range: Increased
  • Vertical Recoil: Reduced
  • Hit Flinch: Reduced
  • Movement Speed: Reduced
  • ADS Bullet Spread: Increased


The current use of Mac-10 is very high. Mac-10 can deal relatively stable damage even at a slightly longer distance. Therefore, we appropriately adjusted the damage of the second range to reduce its advantage in mid-range.

  • Damage: Reduced

Assault Rifle Reload Speed Adjustment


  • Slightly increased the reload speed, and optimized the reload action.
  • Tactical Reload speed: Increased
  • Empty Reload speed: Increased


  • Slightly increased the reload speed.
  • Tactical Reload speed: Increased
  • Empty Reload speed: Increased
  • Mid-range positioning firearms Enhanced


  • Range: Increased
  • New attribute for attachment: Thunderbolt Sling
  • Hipfire Bullet Spread: Reduced

FR .556

  • Range: Increased


  • Range: Increased


  • Make it hit the head three times within 29 meters to kill the enemy.
  • Range: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Increased


  • Range: Increased

Peacekeeper MK2

  • Base Mag Capacity: Increased
  • Base Range: Increased (Does not work on Rapid Fire Barrel)
  • Reload Speed of Double Stack Mag: Increased


  • Range: Increased


  • Range: Increased


  • Range: Increased

New attribute for attachment Crossbar

  • Hipfire Bullet Spread: Reduced


As one of the first high-rate rifles to be launched, the AK117 is favored by many fighters, but its relatively uncontrollable recoil and weakness at medium distances make it slightly inferior to other high-rate rifles. Therefore, we have slightly increased its range and damage at the second range, and increased the damage multiplier to the upper chest and arms to ensure that it can eliminate the enemy with 4 shots on the upper chest and arms within the second range. So that its combat capability at medium distances can keep up with the mainstream level of the current version.

  • Range: Increased
  • Damage: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Chest and Lower Arms: Increased

At the same time, we have updated the resources for its reloading action, and made corresponding fine-tuning of the reloading time according to the performance of the action.

  • Reload Speed: Reduced


In the initial design of LK24, we wanted it to be an assault rifle that can be used for mid-to-long-range camping. However, since the current version of the bullet spread is uniformly adjusted, the characteristics of the LK24 are not prominent enough. Therefore, we want to re-adjust it to match its positioning.

We have adjusted the bullet spread algorithm so that the first few bullets have higher accuracy under the condition that the maximum spread remains unchanged during continuous firing; and the bullet spread in the moving state is increased.

  • Range: Increased
  • Damage: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Hands: Increased


As a medium-rate submachine gun, GKS has been struggling to adapt to the current meta. In order to bring it back to the battlefield, we hope to give a spotlight to its ADS ballistic advantages by slightly increasing its basic movement speed, canceling the penalty of bullet spread in the moving state, and strengthening its flexible Sprint-to-Fire characteristics. We have also adjusted the damage algorithm so that GKS can eliminate the enemy with three shots in the upper body at close range. We hope this will help regain its advantage in the battlefield.

  • Range: Adjusted
  • Damage: Adjusted
  • Damage Multiplier to the Head, Upper Chest and Arms: Increased


Renetti’s three bursts have higher requirements for accuracy, however, the range of 6m-15m is too short in comparison to all secondary weapons. Therefore, we have increased the range to help it adapt into the current meta.

  • Range: Increased


Perk: Persistence

The initial intention of Persistence’s design is to allow more players to experience the fun of the unique scorestreaks of the COD series. However, due to the overpowering mechanism, the technical threshold for players to obtain advanced scorestreaks is too low. This affected the overall combat experience. Therefore, we are looking to make the following adjustments:

  • Persistence is changed to blue perk and will be incompatible with Hardline.
  • The speed at which players can obtain scorestreaks is reduced.
  • When equipped with Persistence, all scorestreaks are divided into 3 segments in accordance to the score; players can only choose one from each segment to equip.
  • In order to control the impact of scorestreaks on the battle while ensuring players’ experience of scorestreaks, players will no longer be able to choose 3 advanced scorestreaks when Persistence is equipped.

For more Call of Duty content, check out our hub on everything we know about Warzone Mobile as well as how to delete your Call of Duty Mobile account.

Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile

Best guns in CoD Mobile: Every Season 6 weapon ranked

CoD: Mobile has a ton of weapons to choose from and we’ve ranked them all from best to worst and counted the top 5.



Since launching in 2019, CoD Mobile has taken handheld gaming by storm and 2022’s Season 6 has only given players more content to enjoy. The game boasts many fearsome weapons, so we’ve ranked the guns from best to worst.

Since its reboot, Call of Duty: Mobile has come a long way, with the game now absolutely full of content. The Season 6: To the Skies update has added Modern Warfare 2’s beloved Favela map and of course, even more guns.

CoD Mobile has over 70 guns to use from previous CoD games, and we’ve gone through them all to try and decide which are perhaps not as proficient in the art of killing, and which simply rule the game.

Best guns in CoD Mobile ranked list

We’re going to take a moment to assign each of CoD Mobile’s guns an official ranked place before we place them in order. There’s a lot to get through, let’s see where we ranked them all.

Here is every primary CoD Mobile Season 6 gun ranked:

  1. CBR4
  2. Kilo 141
  3. MAC-10
  4. DR-H
  5. SKS
  6. M13
  7. GKS
  8. AK117
  9. SVD
  10. Holger 26
  11. Koshka
  12. DL Q33
  13. Oden
  14. Type 25
  15. PPSH-41
  16. R9-0
  17. KSP 45
  18. ASM10
  19. AS VAL
  20. QQ9
  21. Fennec
  22. PP19 Bizon
  23. JAK-12
  24. RUS-79U
  25. QXR
  26. MX-9
  27. LK24
  28. KN-44
  29. HS0405
  30. HVK-30
  31. HBRa3
  32. Locus
  33. MK2 Carbine
  34. MSMC
  35. CR-56 AMAX
  36. Man-O-War
  37. AK-47
  38. Chopper
  39. KRM-262
  40. Peacekeeper MK2
  41. Rytec AMR
  42. Outlaw
  43. Cordite
  44. Hades
  45. Arctic-50
  46. SP-R 208
  47. Razorback
  48. Echo
  49. Crossbow
  50. AGR 556
  51. NA-45
  52. BK-57
  53. Swordfish
  54. Kilo Bolt-Action
  55. XPR-50
  56. FR.556
  57. Chichom
  58. PDW-57
  59. S36
  60. ICR-1
  61. RPD
  62. M4LMG
  63. BY15
  64. HG 40
  65. M4
  66. M16
  67. M21 EBR
  68. Chicom
  69. Pharo
  70. UL736
  71. Striker
  72. HS2126

5 best guns in CoD Mobile

5. SKS – Best Marksman Rifle in CoD Mobile

Somewhat of a ‘skill cannon,’ what makes the SKS so powerful is its ability to two-shot to the chest and one-shot to the head.

If you’re accurate enough, the SKS can be absolutely devastating. You’ll be able to fly around the map taking down enemies in only 200ms, and there aren’t many weapons can that can challenge that TTK.

4. DR-H 4

The DR-H was always a powerful weapon but received major buffs in CoD Mobile Season 6.

With its new and improved damage profile, the DR-H is now capable of consistently killing enemies in only three shots. This gives it a fantastic TTK, allowing it to challenge the game’s best Assault Rifles. 

The only thing holding it back against the Kilo 141 is its recoil, but if you land your shots, you’ll find it’s even better. 

3. MAC-10

Black Ops Cold War’s MAC-10 is a fan favorite in Warzone, and quickly rose to the top of CoD Mobile when it arrived in Season 3 2022

The MAC-10 has almost everything you need in a CoD Mobile SMG where it absolutely melts at close-range with a great strafe speed to boot. It doesn’t have the same range potential as the CBR4, but there are few weapons that can challenge it at close-range. Bring the MAC-10 to any small map and you’ll be an unstoppable force.

2. Kilo 141 – Best Assault Rifle in CoD Mobile

The Kilo 141 is one of the most accurate weapons in Warzone and Modern Warfare, and it’s even more effective in CoD Mobile Season 6.

The Kilo’s power comes from its accuracy, where you can take on targets at any range with ease. It’s not the fastest killing weapon in CoD Mobile, but players of any skill level can be incredibly accurate with it, no matter the map or mode.

1. CBR4 – Best SMG in CoD: Mobile

If you’re looking for the best gun possible in CoD Mobile Season 6, you can’t go wrong with Season 11’s CBR4. This fast-firing SMG will tear through any enemy you come across, and it’s a favorite in competitive play.

It can be built almost any way you choose, but it’s best suited for smaller range maps such as Shoot House and Hijacked. It may see a nerf soon, so make sure to use it as much as possible in Season 6.

That completes our list. These are the best weapons tiered and ranked in Call of Duty: Mobile. Be sure to check out the best guns in Vanguard and the best guns in Warzone too!

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Best L-CAR 9 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 6

Black Ops 3’s L-CAR 9 pistol has arrived in CoD Mobile Season 6, so here’s everything you need to create the best L-CAR 9 loadout.



CoD Mobile Season 6: To the Skies is here, bringing the fan-favorite Favela map and new weapons to unlock and master. Black Ops 3’s powerful L-CAR 9 pistol is one of these new weapons, so here’s the best L-CAR 9 loadout and how to unlock it.

Call of Duty: Mobile has an absolutely massive arsenal of weapons, most of them coming from previous CoD games. More are added with each seasonal update, such as Modern Warfare’s Oden and Cold War’s MAC-10.

Even more have arrived in Season 6: To the Skies, with Cold War’s KSP 45 and Black Ops 3’s L-CAR 9. This fully-automatic pistol is already shaping up to be one of the best secondaries in the game, so here’s everything you need to create the best L-CAR 9 loadout in CoD Mobile, and how to unlock it in Season 6.

Best CoD Mobile L-CAR 9 loadout attachments

  • Barrel: OWC Ranger
  • Stock: Agile Stock
  • Laser: 5mW Combat Laser
  • Ammunition: Fast Extended Mag A
  • Rear Grip: Rustle Grip Tape

The L-CAR 9 isn’t a primary weapon you’ll be running around with constantly, but this CoD Mobile pocket SMG will simply melt enemies at close-range. We’ve built our L-CAR 9 loadout to perfectly complement your primary weapon.

First, we’re kicking off this L-CAR 9 loadout with the OWC Ranger barrel which improves its accuracy, recoil control, and range, making it much more versatile. Next, because you’ll be switching to the L-CAR in a pinch, the 5mW Combat Laser gives it excellent hip-fire accuracy, allowing you to get that quickdraw kill almost instantly.

While the Agile Stock will hurt your hip-fire accuracy slightly, it’s worth using for its incredible sprint-to-fire delay reduction, meaning you’re free to sprint around while carrying the L-CAR 9.

Because this pistol is fully automatic, you’ll want the Fast Extended Mag A to stop it from burning through ammo too quickly. And finally, just in case you need to aim down sight, it’s worth adding the Rustle Grip Tape for faster ADS speed.

Best CoD Mobile L-CAR 9 Perks

  • Red Perk: Fast Recover
  • Green Perk: Amped
  • Blue Perk: Hardline

Fast Recover is a fantastic Perk to use with any CoD Mobile class because you’ll start regenerating health immediately after getting a kill or capturing an objective.

Since you’ll want to get the most out of your L-CAR 9, Amped will allow you to quickly swap between weapons. And finally, Hardline is a great all-rounder because you’ll be earning Scorestreaks much faster.

How to unlock L-CAR 9 in CoD Mobile

While the KSP 45 is unlocked through the Season 6 Battle Pass, the L-CAR 9 is unlocked through the Too Close For Comfort challenges.

Here’s everything you need to do to unlock the L-CAR 9 in CoD Mobile:

  1. Play 5 MP Matches
  2. Fire 300 Rounds in MP Matches
  3. Use Operator Skills 10 times in MP Matches
  4. Use the Purifier Operator Skill 5 times in MP Matches
  5. Kill 5 Enemies with any Pistol in MP Matches

There are a couple more challenges to compete after unlocking the L-CAR 9, but you only need to do these first five to permanently unlock the weapon.

Best L-CAR 9 alternatives in CoD Mobile

There are plenty of powerful secondary weapons you could use instead of the L-CAR 9 in CoD Mobile, with the Renetti capable of one-bursting enemies. Or, you can use the .50 GS to one-shot headshot your foes.

Warzone Mobile is on the way as well, so you can check out the leaked gameplay that shows off new Modern Warfare 2 mechanics.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Best KSP 45 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 6

CoD Mobile Season 6 sees the KSP 45 from Black Ops Cold War arrive in the game, here’s our best loadout for the burst SMG.



Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 arrived and it’s bringing the KSP 45 from Black Ops Cold War into the mix. Here’s how to make the most of the powerful burst SMG with our best KSP 45 loadout for CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile loves to take classic weapons and maps from the mainline titles and allow players to enjoy them on the go, and the trend seems to be continuing once again.

As well as the beloved Favela map from Modern Warfare 2 coming to the mobile title, the KSP 45 SMG introduced in Black Ops Cold War has joined the growing roster of weapons in Season 6: To The Skies.

Before you head out there and try out the new toy, you’re going to need to know the optimal build. Here’s our best KSP 45 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 6.

Best COD Mobile KSP 45 attachments

  • Barrel: 10.5″ Task Force Barrel
  • Stock: Light Weight Stock
  • Underbarrel: Striker Foregrip
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A
  • Rear Grip: Rustle Grip Tape

Due to the fact that the KSP 45 is a burst fire SMG, the weapon has surprisingly little recoil, meaning we can focus our loadout on other areas like movement. We kick things off with the 10.5″ Task Force Barrel for a sizeable boost in both range and bullet speed, helping the KSP hold its own at longer distances.

Next, we’ve gone for the Light Weight Stock, Striker Foregrip, and Rustle Grip Tape. These offer buffs to movement speed, both while running and aiming, and ADS speed, allowing for a more aggressive style of play where you really get into enemies’ faces.

Finally, we chose Extended Mag A for an increase in ammo, so you don’t have to worry about running dry and reloading in a crucial gunfight.

Best Perks for CoD Mobile KSP 45 loadout

  • Red Perk: Lightweight
  • Green Perk: Vulture
  • Blue Perk: Dead Silence

Our KSP 45 loadout has revolved around movement, and we think it’s best to double down once again with Lightweight, letting you tear across the map and push the opposing team.

Even with its three-round burst, it’s easy to burn through ammo quickly which can lead to a quick death. By using Vulture, you can pick up more bullets after each kill, so you can rack up a lengthy killstreak without constantly checking your reserves.

Lastly, since this weapon thrives in close-quarters combat, we recommend Dead Silence to allow you to sneak up on enemies with silent movement.

How to unlock KSP 45 in CoD Mobile

The KSP 45 is unlocked by reaching Tier 21 of the CoD Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass, which also happens to be one of the free tiers. This means you can try out the Cold War SMG without having to splash any cash if you don’t want to.

If you haven’t reached Tier 21 by the time Season 6 draws to a close, don’t worry. When Season 7 kicks off you’ll still be to unlock the KSP 45 through an in-game challenge.

Best alternative to KSP 45 in CoD Mobile

The biggest drawback of the KSP 45 is the burst fire rate, which won’t suit everyone’s playstyle. If this is the case for you, then try the MAC-10 introduced back in Season 3.

While it’s far less accurate than the KSP 45, its ridiculous speed of fire makes it a beast at close-range.

For more Call of Duty on mobile, check out everything we know so far about the upcoming release of Warzone Mobile.

Image credits: Activision

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