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Find out how to stop enemies from hearing you with this helpful guide.

One of the best ways to stay on top of your Blackout game is to be aware of your surroundings. Footsteps play a key role in Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode because they can either give away your position entirely or allow you to get some stealthy kills like a modern-day ninja.

Analytical Call of Duty Youtuber, TheXclusiveAce, has done the testing and has found some useful stats regarding armor, perks, and noises.

Starting off with some base stats, he figured out the distance where footsteps can by someone wearing no armor, level 1, level 2, and level 3 armor. He found that the distance in which you can first start hearing footsteps is identical for all three armors, while no armor gives you a small amount of time before being heard.

While the distance in which they can be heard may be the same, the sounds themselves are slightly different. Level 1 and 2 armor has more bass in the steps than no armor, while Level 3 has the most distinct and bass filled noises. This makes the higher level armor easier to hear when walking around.

Since those tests were conducted with no perks active, Ace decided to toss Awareness and Dead Silence in the mix. With Dead Silence, it doesn’t matter which armor you have on, they all sound the same to enemies. The perk also reduces the range in which you can be heard by 80%.

Whereas Awareness boosts the volume of the footsteps which makes enemies at mid range sound like they’re right besides you. The perk also increases the range that you can hear enemies by 20-25%.

Yellow is what you can hear with no perks. Red is the added range with Awareness. Green is when an enemy using Dead Silence can be heard. (via TheXclusiveAce)

One of the more interesting finds is that a player with Awareness active cancels out the effect of an enemies’ Dead Silence, making it sound like neither player has perks active.

In the end, this information may not be earth-shattering but it is good to know that rocking heavier armor does have its consequences and that Dead Silence does drastically improve your abilities to stay undetected.

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