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Modern Warfare Remastered has gone “free to play” for Playstation Plus players as one of the free games for March. This means a lot of new players, so it’s a good time to go over the game’s Supply Drop system.

Modern Warfare Remastered plays nearly identically to the original release, but the game does feature a new Supply Drop system along with CoD Points.

The game includes several different ways of obtaining items for customization as well as the 12 new weapons added to the game.


MWR includes three different currencies: CoD Points, Parts, and Depot Credits.

CoD Points – These work the same as every other Call of Duty game in recent memory. Buy them with real world money and spend them on Rare Supply Drops (200 CP per Drop).

Parts – This currency is earned from opening Supply Drops. You can get Salvage for obtaining duplicates as well as individual set amounts from the Supply Drops. Similar to Overwatch’s Coins or Infinite Warfare’s Salvage. Rare Supply Drops include “Bonus Parts.”

Depot Credits – These serve the same purpose as Black Ops 3’s Cryptokeys. You earn them by playing Multiplayer matches in MWR. The more time you spend within a match, the more Depot Credits you will earn. You can typically receive between 0-4 per match.

Supply Drops & Collections

MWR’s Supply Drop system is split into three “Operations.” Arctic Wolf, Lion Strike, and Copperhead. Each Operation’s Supply Drops include items from that Operation’s Collections.

The Days of Summer Items have been tied to the Copperhead Supply Drops and the Shamrock & Awe items have been tied to the Lion Strike Supply Drops.

You can purchase a Common Supply Drop for 10 Depot Credits, Exclusive Event Drops for 30 Depot Credits/200 CP, and a Rare Supply Drop for 30 Depot Credits/200 CP.

Rare Supply Drops and Exlcusive Event Drops guarantee 1 Rare item or better and have an increased chance of dropping Legendary or Epic items. It recommended to buy Rare Supply Drops unless you are simply trying to quickly grab a small amount of Parts from a Common Supply Drop for an item.

Collections are made up of items found within the Supply Drops, but you can go view and buy each item separately with the use of Parts. If you have enough Parts for a specific item within a collection, you can buy it directly instead of hoping for it to pop up from a Supply Drop.

The game includes a total of 208 Collections with over 1500 items in all. Better get to grinding.

The game’s Collections include items such as Calling Cards, Emblems, Reticles, Weapon Camos, Characters, and more.

Each Operation includes a set number of Collections () and each Collection has a full set bonus item. Once you’ve collected all the items in a Collection, you will unlock the set item. These are typically the most prestigious items in the game and include the added “DLC” weapons.

Each Operation also contains a “Operation Bounty” which is unlocked once you’ve obtained all items within that Operation. For example, the Operation Bounty for Copperhead is the Captain Price “Copperhead” character.


The Armory displays all of the game’s Supply Drop items by category. You can view everything you’ve unlocked here as well as buy specific items that you have not. All items can be previewed before purchase.

Many of these functions can also be done from the Collections Tab.

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