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Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare Remastered’s Supply Drop System



Modern Warfare Remastered has gone “free to play” for Playstation Plus players as one of the free games for March. This means a lot of new players, so it’s a good time to go over the game’s Supply Drop system.

Modern Warfare Remastered plays nearly identically to the original release, but the game does feature a new Supply Drop system along with CoD Points.

The game includes several different ways of obtaining items for customization as well as the 12 new weapons added to the game.


MWR includes three different currencies: CoD Points, Parts, and Depot Credits.

CoD Points – These work the same as every other Call of Duty game in recent memory. Buy them with real world money and spend them on Rare Supply Drops (200 CP per Drop).

Parts – This currency is earned from opening Supply Drops. You can get Salvage for obtaining duplicates as well as individual set amounts from the Supply Drops. Similar to Overwatch’s Coins or Infinite Warfare’s Salvage. Rare Supply Drops include “Bonus Parts.”

Depot Credits – These serve the same purpose as Black Ops 3’s Cryptokeys. You earn them by playing Multiplayer matches in MWR. The more time you spend within a match, the more Depot Credits you will earn. You can typically receive between 0-4 per match.

Supply Drops & Collections

MWR’s Supply Drop system is split into three “Operations.” Arctic Wolf, Lion Strike, and Copperhead. Each Operation’s Supply Drops include items from that Operation’s Collections.

The Days of Summer Items have been tied to the Copperhead Supply Drops and the Shamrock & Awe items have been tied to the Lion Strike Supply Drops.

You can purchase a Common Supply Drop for 10 Depot Credits, Exclusive Event Drops for 30 Depot Credits/200 CP, and a Rare Supply Drop for 30 Depot Credits/200 CP.

Rare Supply Drops and Exlcusive Event Drops guarantee 1 Rare item or better and have an increased chance of dropping Legendary or Epic items. It recommended to buy Rare Supply Drops unless you are simply trying to quickly grab a small amount of Parts from a Common Supply Drop for an item.

Collections are made up of items found within the Supply Drops, but you can go view and buy each item separately with the use of Parts. If you have enough Parts for a specific item within a collection, you can buy it directly instead of hoping for it to pop up from a Supply Drop.

The game includes a total of 208 Collections with over 1500 items in all. Better get to grinding.

The game’s Collections include items such as Calling Cards, Emblems, Reticles, Weapon Camos, Characters, and more.

Each Operation includes a set number of Collections () and each Collection has a full set bonus item. Once you’ve collected all the items in a Collection, you will unlock the set item. These are typically the most prestigious items in the game and include the added “DLC” weapons.

Each Operation also contains a “Operation Bounty” which is unlocked once you’ve obtained all items within that Operation. For example, the Operation Bounty for Copperhead is the Captain Price “Copperhead” character.


The Armory displays all of the game’s Supply Drop items by category. You can view everything you’ve unlocked here as well as buy specific items that you have not. All items can be previewed before purchase.

Many of these functions can also be done from the Collections Tab.

Call of Duty

How to play Rebirth Island in private matches

Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War has arrived in Warzone, and it has delivered the ability to play Rebirth Island in private matches.



Rebirth Island Private Matches

Season 3 has officially arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone. It has brought plenty of changes, with one of the most notable is the ability to play private matches on Rebirth Island.

The first season of Black Ops Cold War content for Warzone saw Rebirth Island become the second map that players could battle on in the popular Call of Duty battle royale. The much smaller map and lower player count resulted in players being able to have quicker and even more intense matches than Verdansk.

While the community has been able to play private matches on Verdansk for some time now, the same has not been true for Rebirth Island, until now thanks to the Season 3 update for Warzone.

Rebirth Island Private Matches

How to Play Rebirth Island in Private Matches

Players looking to customize their experience on the smaller Warzone map and host their own exclusive matches now can, thanks to the addition of private matches to the Black Ops Cold War map for Warzone.

Individuals who would like to set up these kinds of games on this particular map will need to head into Warzone and click on the tab at the very bottom of the Warzone playlist where you find all of the different game modes that you can play currently.

You will then need to select which game mode you would like to play. Once you have selected the game mode, you will be sent to the lobby screen, where you will be able to go to the bottom of the screen and switch the map from Verdansk to Rebirth Island.

Make sure you have enough players in the lobby to start a match, and then press start match.

There is no doubt that the addition of this feature to Verdansk was a hit amongst the community and will likely be used a great deal by players throughout Season 3 who prefer to get their victories and highlights on the smaller Warzone map instead of its larger predecessor.

The addition of this feature is just one of the many changes that have arrived in Warzone by way of the Season 3 update. From new weapons like the PPSH and Swiss K31 to the Hunt for Adler event, community members will have plenty to enjoy for the foreseeable future.

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Call of Duty

How to Get Your Call of Duty: Warzone Report

You now have the opportunity to get a detailed summary of your time playing in Verdansk thanks to the Call of Duty: Warzone report.



Call of Duty Warzone Report

Players looking to see detailed statistics of their time spent playing the adrenaline-fueled battle royale of Call of Duty: Warzone can currently get their own report.

It has been an exciting year for the Call of Duty community, thanks largely to the success of Warzone and its entertaining battle royale action that has captivated the world.

Millions of players have taken to the battlefield of Verdansk to be the last player or team standing, resulting in plenty of impressive statistics culminating in the highly-anticipated nuke event that took place on April 21, 2021.

Call of Duty Warzone Report

Individuals who may be interested in seeing their detailed stats can now do so by looking up their very own Call of Duty: Warzone report so you can put together some evidence the next time you are looking to brag to your friends.

How to Get Your Call of Duty: Warzone Report

The social media platform of Twitter is where you will need to make your way if you would like to get your hands on your own list of stats accumulated during your time playing the popular first-person shooter.

Once you are on your Twitter account, you will need to make a post with your Activision ID and the hashtag #WarzoneReport. This will then cause the official account for the high-profile franchise to reply to you and provide you with a customized image that shows a variety of statistics.

These statistics consist of your K/D ratio, total kills, deaths, hours played, the total number of wins you have gotten so far, and the total number of games you have played.

You can find an example in the tweet below:

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be happy to see the stats they have been able to put together so far in their career, while other players will be motivated to do better and have greatly improved stats the next time they get their report.

Players getting a summary of their career stats was just one of the highlights in the community on April 21, 2021, and there are sure to be plenty of more following the nuclear destruction of Verdansk and the official Season 3 update.

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Call of Duty

Glitch giving free Stitch Skin to Black Ops Cold War players

A glitch has been giving Black Ops Cold War players access to a new Stitch skin ahead of the Season 3 update for the first-person shooter.



Stitch Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players have been confused about having access to a new Stitch skin ahead of the Season 3 update for the first-person shooter.

Stitch is one of the many Operators that players can choose to play as in Black Ops Cold War when they are gunning down zombies or battling it out against other players in multiplayer.

Stitch Black Ops Cold War

Skins for these Operators can be acquired through various means, but it looks as though a bug is currently allowing players to have a new Stitch skin unlocked without having to do anything.

Over on Twitter, The Baron of ZLand showed off this Stitch Brute skin and how they thought they were likely not supposed to have this skin unlocked when they launched Black Ops Cold War. Other players also have reported gaining access to this cosmetic item even if they did not have Stitch unlocked.

Players were able to use this new skin in matches and quickly discovered that the character was barefoot when using it.

This lead to many believing that having access to the skin was a mistake and that this unfinished nature of the item meant that Treyarch did not intend for it to be in the hands of players yet.

The Baron of ZLand later posted a tweet saying that this free Stitch skin had been removed from their inventory, lending more support to the idea that it had been an unintentional addition to the cosmetic inventories of players ahead of the Season 3 update for Black Ops Cold War.

While players are likely going to have to wait till later on in Season 3 to get their hands on this Stitch skin officially, there is still a wide array of exciting changes that will be taking place when the Season 3 update for Black Ops Cold War officially goes live on April 21 and April 22.

From a group of brand new weapons like the PPSH and Swiss K31 to a multitude of new maps for players to battle each other on, there will be plenty for players to enjoy when they finally get to use this Stitch Brute skin at some point in the future.

For more on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, stay tuned to Charlie Intel for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch

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