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Rank up through all 100 tiers efficiently as possible with this one tip.

On February 19, Treyarch launched the new Operation Grand Heist content for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 owners. With that came a revamped tier system and Black Market.

The most notable change comes in the way of an added tier skip for Zombies players after completing the Daily Calling. Prior to this, Tier Skips were awarded to players after winning a match in Multiplayer, earning a Merit in Blackout, or completing 15 rounds in Zombies.

At first, this seemed like a minor change to placate Zombies fans that don’t earn Tier Progression for normal playtime, but over the past week it has become apparent that this is actually the quickest way to rank up tiers. Daily Callings in Zombies are singular challenges that are available for 24 hours. Examples of Callings are “Buy 20 Weapons off the Wall”, “Kill 150 Zombies with Special Weapons”, “Use 20 Elixirs”.

The Daily Calling’s appear in the top left when looking at the menu in Zombies mode.

Even for more casual Zombies players, these should take you no longer than 30 minutes. Bundle this with the Daily Tier Skip for getting to 15 rounds, and that adds up to Two Tiers every day in less than 30 minutes of game time.

Comparing this to Multiplayer which takes 60 minutes to earn two Tiers (assuming that within those 60 minutes you win at least one game for the Daily Skip), and Blackout which takes the same amount of time for Two Skips (assuming you can earn at least one merit in 60 minutes), starting your play session with Zombies is the way to go.

However, there is a downside to this. Playing Zombies after completing the Daily Calling and 15 round will not contribute any progress towards the Tiers. After you earn these two tiers, the fastest way to continue ranking up is to switch over to Blackout or Multiplayer. Hopefully Treyarch makes further adjustments to this system, allowing the Zombies community more avenues to earn Contraband Tiers and Reserves.

So if you’re ever short on time and can’t trust your teammates to help win a Multiplayer match or are getting unlucky in Blackout, just hop into Zombies, check out the Calling and within 30 minutes you should be two Tiers closer to the coveted Switchblade X9.

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