Call of Duty has been with us for many years, and is no doubt the topic of many memories for us all.

As we all transition to next generation consoles, Call of Duty is set to evolve over the next few years and change both visually and mechanically. For those of us who have been playing Call of Duty since it’s inception, you will no doubt favour the simplicity of Call of Duty – more so in the days of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
Of course, the memories experienced in previous Call of Duty’s can often distort the thoughts and opinions when it comes to the evolution of Call of Duty as we see it today.

Whilst we’re unlikely to see a remake of previous Call of Duty titles in their entirety, we will no doubt continue to see map specific remakes over the next few years.

In the following video, we discuss the potential for ‘throwback DLC’ and how it could be implemented. What are your thoughts/what maps would you like to see return?

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