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FIFA 22 in-form trading guide: How to make FUT coins, TOTW investments & tips

Investing in and trading in-form cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is an easy way to make coins, here’s our guide on who and when to buy.



FIFA 22 TOTW trading guide

Trading can be an easy way for savvy players to make coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and Team of the Week cards are the perfect items to buy. Here’s our guide on how to make FUT coins and which TOTW players to invest in.

Buying special cards might be the best method of upgrading your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but it’s also a great way for traders to make an easy buck.

Team of the Week cards, in particular, are ideal cards to invest in as their price is constantly changing throughout the year.

If you’re just starting your journey to become a wolf of the Web App, it can be hard to know where to place your coins. We’ve got you covered with a full FIFA 22 in-form investment guide.

How to invest in Team of the Week cards in FIFA 22

Salah TOTW cards on the FIFA 22 market

As obvious as it may sound, being a successful trader is all about buying cards from the Transfer Market when they’re at their cheapest, and selling them on when they are at their highest.

To do this, we recommend bulk buying multiple versions of the same player and sending them to your transfer list for safe-keeping.

You’ll then want to check the market at least once a day to see if you’re players have increased in value.

FIFA 22 best in-form players to invest in

Team of the Week 6 FIFA 22

There will be hundreds of Team of the Week players in FIFA 22 come next September, but there are already some bargains on the market that are sure to go up in price.

Here are some of the best TOTW players we think you should consider buying in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • Keylor Navas – 89 – PSG
  • Thomas Muller – 88 – Bayern Munich
  • Phil Foden – 86 – Manchester City
  • Mikel Oyarzabal – 86 – Real Sociedad
  • Roberto Firminho – 86 – Liverpool
  • Mason Mount – 85 – Chelsea
  • Cesar Azpilicueta – 85 – Chelsea
  • Tanguy Ndombele – 84 – Spurs
  • Emile Smith Rowe – 84 – Arsenal
  • Vinicius Jr. – 83 – Real Madrid

FIFA 22 Team of the Week trading tips

Buy meta players

Vinicius Jr celebrating in FIFA 22

The in-forms that are most likely to rise in price are players that are effective in-game, so those with high pace stats and chemistry links to other big-name cards.

For example, someone like Gabriel Jesus is extremely popular among both casuals and professionals thanks to his blistering pace, and he’s a Brazilian who links to the likes of Neymar and Road to the Knockouts Fred.

A good rule of thumb is to go with in-forms that are rated 83 or above from Europe’s top five leagues, or are either English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, or Brazilian.

Buy at the weekend

Ederson in FIFA 22

Just as important as who you buy is when you choose to make your investment. Although it isn’t set in stone, the weekend is the best time to splash some coins on a handful of in-forms.

This is because new TOTW cards first drop on Wednesday evenings, and this is when they are at their maximum price. The price then slowly drops as more and more in-forms come out of packs.

Division Rivals rewards land every Thursday, and players can start to open FUT Champions rewards from Friday, so the market will be flooded all weekend.

The more versions of a card on the market, the cheaper it will be, so it’s from Friday to Sunday evening that the market will be kindest.

Think about future SBCs

FIFA 22 Transfer Market

The biggest feature that can cause a surge in in-form prices is the release of a popular SBC that asks for a TOTW player in the requirements.

Most notably, Player of the Month SBCs have a tendency to give the market a boost as everyone scrambles to complete the challenge before time runs out.

Keep an eye on the nominees for each league every month, and buy cards that might relate to the potential winner’s SBC.

For example, if you think Mohammed Salah will win the Premier League Player of the Month, look at relatively high-rated Liverpool in-forms, or players from the teams he’s scored against.

Look for cards at discard value

Son in FIFA 22

The minimum price of any gold in-form is 9,500 coins, roughly the same amount you receive for quick-selling them.

Picking up TOTW cards that are at or close to the minimum price is a smart low-risk investment, as it’s virtually impossible to lose coins.

If you follow our other tip of looking at players with good chemistry links, then these bargains might just net you a tidy profit when a good SBC drops.

Don’t forget about EA tax

Kimmich in FIFA 22 with hands on head

In every single transfer that takes place in FIFA 22, EA deducts 5% of the final fee.

It’s worth bearing this in mind, as it may impact your final profit if you’re dealing in high-value players.

Buying a player for 90,000 coins and selling them for 100,000 might look like a nice 10,000 coins increase, but you will only see 95,000 from the sale.

This is as much of an issue if you’re trading 10,000-20,000 coin players, but it can make a huge dent once cross the 100,000 coin mark.

Patience is key

Chelsea players in FIFA 22

Last but not least, the real secret to trading with in-forms is to be patient, and not to overstretch yourself.

We only recommend getting into the trading game if you have plenty of coins to spare and are happy with your own team.

This way, you won’t miss the coins that are tied up in Team of the Week player who you might have to wait a month or two to see a profit on.

Some cards can sit at a similar price for months on end until the right POTM or ICON SBC drops to send their value skyrocketing, so sit tight if you don’t need the coins ASAP.

That was our guide on how to successfully trade Team of the Week players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

For more on FIFA 22, check out how to claim free Twitch Prime Gaming packs, as well as our guide to pack animations in this year’s game.

Image credits: EA


FIFA 22 Team of the Group Stage: Release date & predictions

Ultimate Team players will get their hands on the new Team of the Group Stage promo shortly. Here’s the release date and some names to expect.



TOTGS FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The group stage of Europe’s three major club competitions is coming to a close. Ultimate Team fans can expect a Team of the Group Stage promo to hit FIFA 22 very soon. Here’s when you can expect to test these new items as well as who we think could be included in Team 1.

This year, football fans have had the pleasure of watching three European club competitions as opposed to two. The newly created Conference League joined the likes of the UEFA Champions League, and Europa League. Each year, EA Sports celebrates the most dominant players amongst these European competitions through the Team of the Group Stage promotion

The top performers across these three competitions are set to be honored in FIFA 22. With massive clubs involved, players can expect to get their hands on some excellent cards. Here’s when FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players can expect Team of the Group Stage as well as predictions on the figures to expect. 

Team of the Group Stage Ultimate Team release date

FIFA 22 TOTGS release date

After receiving some incredibly useful cards through the Signature Signings promo, Ultimate Team players are eager to see what’s next. The last matchday of European club competitions is set to take place next week between December 6-8. 

It turns out EA has decided to release the promo before the last matches are complete. They are wasting no time in getting new content to players across Ultimate Team. 

December 3 is the date to mark on your calendar. On Friday, December 3 at 0 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CEST, keep an eye out for the new promo. 

For players with poor pack luck, rest assured you’ll have a chance to snap up one or two of these players through SBCs and objectives

FIFA 22 Team of the Group Stage card design

As with past TOTGS promos we’ve seen, the card design isn’t going to display significant differences from the RTTK promo. So far, we’ve seen the TOTGS through leaks. The one major difference is the direction of the line designs in the background. 

The RTTK cards all looked fantastic therefore EA probably won’t be changing much. The lime green of the Conference League certainly pops on screen. 

Team of the Group Stage Team predictions

FIFA 22 Lewandowski

The fact that there are three competitions to choose from this year and the same number of spots available means that some top performers are sure to miss out. Competition is fierce this year and only the best of the best will be showcased. 

Here are our predictions for who could be included in Team of the Group Stage:

  • Sébastien Haller (Ajax)
  • Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
  • Pedro Gonçalves (Sporting Lisbon)
  • Antonio Rudiger (Chelsea)
  • Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Wenderson Galeno (Braga)
  • Aaron Cresswell (West Ham)
  • Cody Gakpo (PSV)
  • Pep Biel (FC København)
  • Sehrou Guirassy (Stade Rennais)
  • Luis Sinisterra (Feyenoord)

That just about covers everything we know about TOGS in Ultimate Team. Make sure to get a look at the team on December 3 and see how it compares to RTTK. Don’t forget, Ultimate Team players who log into the game between December 15 and January 14 will receive a free Next Generation card.

For more FIFA 22 news, stay tuned to CharlieINTEL.

Image Credits: EA Sports

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Ranking FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Signature Signings from worst to best

The Black Friday promo brought Signature Signings player items to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Here’s a look at how each of the 16 items ranks. 



Signature Signings FUT

Ultimate Team players were spoiled throughout the Black Friday event, receiving several excellent Signature Signings player items. Here are a few of the new faces set to dominate FIFA 22. 

Ultimate Team’s Signature Signings player items are designed to celebrate some of the most successful transfers in recent times. Some key players have made their mark at their clubs and have earned drastic upgrades. Furthermore, these upgrades are of a permanent variety. 

The following payers enjoyed extraordinary debut seasons at their current club. Here’s a list of the best FUT Signature Signings from worst to best. 

Best FUT Signature Signings: ranked list

EA sports black friday FUT promo

If you were lucky enough to get one of the 14 Signature Signings player items available in packs, chances are you’ve got an above-average player on your hands.

Even if you’ve packed one of the early names on this list, many of the current SBCs available require a Signature Signings item. Therefore, even a Signature Signings player you don’t intend on using has a lot of value.

  1. Raul Jiménez
  2. Jesper Karlsson
  3. Ridle Baku
  4. Andrej Kramaric
  5. Marcus Edwards
  6. Gelson Martins
  7. Axel Witsel
  8. Edouard Mendy
  9. Diego Carlos
  10. Milan Škriniar
  11. Youcef Atal
  12. Rúben Dias
  13. Marcos Llorente
  14. Renato Sanches
  15. Kevin De Bruyne
  16. Wissam Ben Yedder

The five best Signature Signings in Ultimate Team

5. Rúben Dias

Signature Signings Dias

The 2020/2021 Premier League defender of the year is the first of two Manchester City players to earn a Signature Signings item. This 89 overall Dias is a monstrous defender. The Portuguese international is available at around 310,000 coins.

Players may have concerns with his 76 pace but the defender truly doesn’t feel that heavy or clunky. His defending and physical stats are out of this world. There are a ton of great options at right-back to pair with Dias. His Manchester City teammates João Cancelo and Kyle Walker are fantastic choices.

The center-back boasts a high defensive work rate and is easy to link thanks to his Premier League association. Also, an underrated short passing stat of 87 makes him feel like a confident option on the ball. 

4. Marcos Llorente

Signature Signings Llorente

Marcos Llorente’s base card was one of the best midfield options at launch. This special item expands on much of what made him a stellar choice. This card works best at CM thanks to the high attacking work rate.

His pace is excellent for a central midfielder. Llorente is the ideal all-rounder at his position. He does most things really well without truly being exceptional in one given category. He can recover lost balls, dribble past the opponent, and set up goals for your forwards.

The one glaring issue is the fact that this card’s price is currently inflated. Players can scoop up Llorente for around 490,000 coins. This is a steep price for a card that boasts minor upgrades. 

3. Renato Sanches

Signature Signings Sanches

Although Renato Sanches’ overall is not as high as most of the players on this list, his current valuation of around 750,000 should tell you a little bit about how excellent this item is. For starters, the high/high work rate is exceptional for a midfielder that can be utilized on both sides of the pitch.

The ability to excel on offense or defense depending on your play style and squad is incredibly valuable. The midfielder’s pace, dribbling, and physicality are top tier while above-average passing stats are also a welcome sight.

Sanches is no slouch in front of goal either – 93 shot power and 84 long shots mean he can strike from distance. With Ligue 1 items running rampant this year, Sanches is an incredibly popular choice as a CDM, CM, or CAM. 

2. Kevin De Bruyne

Signature Signings De Bruyne

After much deliberation, De Bruyne slots in at the number 2 spot. His influence on the current state of FUT is going to be powerful. Without a doubt, Signature Signings De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the game.

Firstly, he’s quite easy to link with his ties to Manchester City. 5* weak foot is a wonderful trait for high-level players to have. This makes De Bruyne a dual-threat driving up the middle of the pitch. Just because De Bruyne’s passing is absurdly excellent, don’t think you won’t be taking your chances in front of goal. The midfielder is more than capable of netting his own goals thanks to amazing shooting stats.

De Bruyne is best utilized as a CAM or CM. Make sure to boost his pace with a chemistry style given that it is the only area that needs an increase. The Belgian is one of the smoothest midfielders in FUT at the moment. 

1. Wissam Ben Yedder

Signature Signings Ben Yedder

Given how amazing De Bruyne’s item is, this may seem like a controversial decision. However, Ben Yedder has all of the qualities to effortlessly torment opposing defenders. One look at the card and it’s clear that Ben Yedder is going to be a nightmare in the Weekend League.

Signature Signings Ben Yedder has received one of the most significant upgrades in comparison to his base card. It’s always nice when a hefty price tag of around 860,000 is justified by a massive upgrade. Still, this item remains an unattainable luxury for most players. Those lucky enough to get their hands on him have a top-class striker at their disposal.

His links to Ligue 1 and his French nationality make him supremely easy to build a team around. The high/low work rate and 5* weak foot is the best possible combination for a striker. A striker’s three most important categories are dribbling, pace, and shooting. Suffice to say, Ben Yedder excels at all three.

Increasing pace and shooting with a hunter chemistry style is going to result in goal after goal for your team. Ben Yedder is an extremely meta option for high-level players and is the best card of the Signature Signings promo. 

The positive reception of Ultimate Team’s Black Friday content has FIFA 22 players excited at what’s to come next. Hopefully, EA continues to deliver quality player items that are accessible through various means. 

For all of the latest FIFA 22 news keep an eye on Charlie INTEL. 

Image Credits: EA

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How to complete FIFA 22 Flashback Chiellini: FUT SBC requirements

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players have the chance to earn a Flashback Chiellini alongside the well-received Black Friday promo.



Chiellini Flashback SBC FUT 22

The most recent Flashback SBCs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team are giving players a chance to earn some spectacular high-quality additions. Here’s how to meet the Flashback Chiellini SBC requirements. 

Expectations were understandably high before the Ultimate Team Black Friday promotion. As it comes to a close, it’s safe to say most players are satisfied with the items on offer. 

Some of the promo cards released during the FUT Black Friday promo are amongst the best in FIFA 22. If you thought Adidas Numbers Up or FUT Heroes were some of the best promos, you’ll be pleased with EA’s latest offer. 

With Chiellini, players will receive a centre-back that excels at forcing interceptions thanks to his quick reactions and defensive awareness. 

What are FIFA 22 Flashback SBC cards?

Real Madrid FIFA 22

Much as the name suggests, Flashbacks are a throwback to a player’s previous cards in past FIFA games.

Sometimes this may be a carbon copy of an old Team of the Season or a card with stats inspired by a past season.

In the case of Giorgio Chiellini, his Flashback is an ode to his debut season with current club and Italian giants Piemonte Calcio (Juventus) in 2005/2006.

This is Chellini’s first special item to appear in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Flashback Chiellini SBC requirements

Fifa 22 Trent Alexander-Arnold

Players have until 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM GMT on Friday, December 5, 2021, to complete the three SBCs required for Flashback Chiellini.

At the time of writing, according to FUTBIN, the full group of SBCs is clocking in at around 115,000 depending on which platform you play on.

Of course, this is only if you have to buy every single player and don’t have fodder to apply to the SBCs.

Check out the full list of SBC requirements and each one’s value below.

  • Piemonte Calcio (45,000)
    • # of players from Piemonte Calcio: Min 1
    • SIGNATURE SIGNINGS Players: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 82
    • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • Serie A TIM (22,000)
    • # of players from Serie A TIM: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 83
    • Team Chemistry: Min 60
  • Italy (51,000)
    • # of players from Italy: Min 1
    • IF Players: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 84
    • Team Chemistry: Min 60

Is Flashback Chiellini worth it?

FUT Flashback Chiellini Statistics

Despite a drop in overall rating, Flashback Chiellini is far better than his base card in FIFA 22. A massive upgrade in the pace department makes Chiellini more of a meta choice. 

Chellini’s pace can hit 90 when equipped with a Shadow Chemistry Style. The increase in mobility paired with incredible defending and physical stats makes Chiellini a formidable defender. 

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Flashback cards

Unfortunately, an Italian nationality isn’t the easiest to link in squads. There are very few Italian players who play outside of the Serie A, making this card valuable exclusively to those who use Serie A squads. 

Furthermore, the price is somewhat steep for the quality of the card. Considering Milan Skriniar’s Signature Signings card costs 123,000 coins, completing Chellini’s SBC makes little sense. Skriniar is the superior card between the two. 

Some may even claim that Kalidou Koulibaly’s base card is superior to Chiellini’s Flashback card. Although this is a bit of a stretch, Chiellini isn’t worth the cost unless you’re looking to upgrade your base Serie A centre-backs. 

That was everything you need to know about how to complete the Flashback Chiellini SBC in FIFA 22. For more on FIFA 22, be sure to check out the latest on the Next Generation promo.

Image Credits: EA

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