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FIFA 22 in-form trading guide: How to make FUT coins, TOTW investments & tips

Investing in and trading in-form cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is an easy way to make coins, here’s our guide on who and when to buy.



FIFA 22 TOTW trading guide

Trading can be an easy way for savvy players to make coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and Team of the Week cards are the perfect items to buy. Here’s our guide on how to make FUT coins and which TOTW players to invest in.

Buying special cards might be the best method of upgrading your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but it’s also a great way for traders to make an easy buck.

Team of the Week cards, in particular, are ideal cards to invest in as their price is constantly changing throughout the year.

If you’re just starting your journey to become a wolf of the Web App, it can be hard to know where to place your coins. We’ve got you covered with a full FIFA 22 in-form investment guide.

How to invest in Team of the Week cards in FIFA 22

Salah TOTW cards on the FIFA 22 market

As obvious as it may sound, being a successful trader is all about buying cards from the Transfer Market when they’re at their cheapest, and selling them on when they are at their highest.

To do this, we recommend bulk buying multiple versions of the same player and sending them to your transfer list for safe-keeping.

You’ll then want to check the market at least once a day to see if you’re players have increased in value.

FIFA 22 best in-form players to invest in

Team of the Week 6 FIFA 22

There will be hundreds of Team of the Week players in FIFA 22 come next September, but there are already some bargains on the market that are sure to go up in price.

Here are some of the best TOTW players we think you should consider buying in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • Keylor Navas – 89 – PSG
  • Thomas Muller – 88 – Bayern Munich
  • Phil Foden – 86 – Manchester City
  • Mikel Oyarzabal – 86 – Real Sociedad
  • Roberto Firminho – 86 – Liverpool
  • Mason Mount – 85 – Chelsea
  • Cesar Azpilicueta – 85 – Chelsea
  • Tanguy Ndombele – 84 – Spurs
  • Emile Smith Rowe – 84 – Arsenal
  • Vinicius Jr. – 83 – Real Madrid

FIFA 22 Team of the Week trading tips

Buy meta players

Vinicius Jr celebrating in FIFA 22

The in-forms that are most likely to rise in price are players that are effective in-game, so those with high pace stats and chemistry links to other big-name cards.

For example, someone like Gabriel Jesus is extremely popular among both casuals and professionals thanks to his blistering pace, and he’s a Brazilian who links to the likes of Neymar and Road to the Knockouts Fred.

A good rule of thumb is to go with in-forms that are rated 83 or above from Europe’s top five leagues, or are either English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, or Brazilian.

Buy at the weekend

Ederson in FIFA 22

Just as important as who you buy is when you choose to make your investment. Although it isn’t set in stone, the weekend is the best time to splash some coins on a handful of in-forms.

This is because new TOTW cards first drop on Wednesday evenings, and this is when they are at their maximum price. The price then slowly drops as more and more in-forms come out of packs.

Division Rivals rewards land every Thursday, and players can start to open FUT Champions rewards from Friday, so the market will be flooded all weekend.

The more versions of a card on the market, the cheaper it will be, so it’s from Friday to Sunday evening that the market will be kindest.

Think about future SBCs

FIFA 22 Transfer Market

The biggest feature that can cause a surge in in-form prices is the release of a popular SBC that asks for a TOTW player in the requirements.

Most notably, Player of the Month SBCs have a tendency to give the market a boost as everyone scrambles to complete the challenge before time runs out.

Keep an eye on the nominees for each league every month, and buy cards that might relate to the potential winner’s SBC.

For example, if you think Mohammed Salah will win the Premier League Player of the Month, look at relatively high-rated Liverpool in-forms, or players from the teams he’s scored against.

Look for cards at discard value

Son in FIFA 22

The minimum price of any gold in-form is 9,500 coins, roughly the same amount you receive for quick-selling them.

Picking up TOTW cards that are at or close to the minimum price is a smart low-risk investment, as it’s virtually impossible to lose coins.

If you follow our other tip of looking at players with good chemistry links, then these bargains might just net you a tidy profit when a good SBC drops.

Don’t forget about EA tax

Kimmich in FIFA 22 with hands on head

In every single transfer that takes place in FIFA 22, EA deducts 5% of the final fee.

It’s worth bearing this in mind, as it may impact your final profit if you’re dealing in high-value players.

Buying a player for 90,000 coins and selling them for 100,000 might look like a nice 10,000 coins increase, but you will only see 95,000 from the sale.

This is as much of an issue if you’re trading 10,000-20,000 coin players, but it can make a huge dent once cross the 100,000 coin mark.

Patience is key

Chelsea players in FIFA 22

Last but not least, the real secret to trading with in-forms is to be patient, and not to overstretch yourself.

We only recommend getting into the trading game if you have plenty of coins to spare and are happy with your own team.

This way, you won’t miss the coins that are tied up in Team of the Week player who you might have to wait a month or two to see a profit on.

Some cards can sit at a similar price for months on end until the right POTM or ICON SBC drops to send their value skyrocketing, so sit tight if you don’t need the coins ASAP.

That was our guide on how to successfully trade Team of the Week players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

For more on FIFA 22, check out how to claim free Twitch Prime Gaming packs, as well as our guide to pack animations in this year’s game.

Image credits: EA


How to complete FIFA 22 Player Moments Vardy SBC

A Moments Vardy SBC is up for grabs during the FIFA 22 Shapeshifters promo and here’s the cheapest solution for Ultimate Team players.



FIFA 22 Vardy SBC player moments

FIFA 22 players will have a chance to secure a 96-rated Premier League winger via SBC during the Shapeshifters promo. Here’s how to complete the Player Moments Vardy SBC, along with the cheapest solutions.

EA’s follow-up to Team of the Season has been an incredible success with players enjoying everything Shapeshifters has to offer. Players currently have their hands full collecting Summer Swaps Tokens, but you won’t want to miss this Vardy SBC.

EA have listed this SBC as a Shapeshifters Player Moments item which combines the promo’s position change with the celebration of an iconic moment. This Vardy SBC is set to celebrate his performance against Manchester United in the 2014/2015 season.

Here’s how to complete the Player Moments Vardy SBC, along with the cheapest solutions.

FIFA 22 Player Moments Vardy stats

Vardy FIFA 22 SBC stats

For starters, Jamie Vardy has never felt like the most dynamic player in FIFA 22, but the 4* skill moves and 5* weak foot upgrade should add to his unpredictability.

Thanks to his LW position change, Vardy is an excellent option for Premier League squads. For most, Shapeshifters Ronaldo, Fantasy FUT Rashford, and TOTS Mane will be out of reach which makes Vardy a great alternative.

Of course, Vardy is known for his pace and prowess in front of goal which explains the 99 Finishing, 99 Positioning, 99 Shot Power, 98 Acceleration, and 97 Sprint Speed.

How to complete FIFA 22 Moments Vardy SBC

Premier League logo FIFA 22

To complete this SBC, players will need to give up three squads: England, Premier League, and 86-Rated Squad. With a value of around 335,000 coins, Vardy is not as overpriced as previous Premier League SBCs in FIFA 22.

You can check out the cheapest solution below.

England requirements

  • # of players from England: Min 1
  • # of TOTW or TOTS players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70

England solution – Cost: 83,500 coins

Vardy SBC England solution FIFA 22

Premier League requirements

  • # of players from the Premier League: Min 1
  • # of TOTW or TOTS players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65

Premier League solution – Cost: 121,000 coins

Premier League SBC solution FIFA 22 Vardy

86-Rated Squad requirements

  • Squad Rating: Min 86
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60

86-Rated Squad solution – Cost: 135,000 coins

Vardy SBC FIFA 22 solution 86-rated squad

The Player Moments Vardy SBC will be available for one week as it expires on July 5. The three squads shouldn’t set you back too much but you’ll need to expend two TOTS or TOTW players in total.

Vardy is not a meta-defining player at this stage of the game, but he can certainly improve Premier League squads that aren’t utilizing one of the top players in the game like Ronaldo or Mane.

For more FIFA news, check out our guide to the leaked FIFA 22 Summer Swaps Tokens.

Image Credits: EA Sports / FUTBIN

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: New features & expected changes

Here’s a breakdown of all the new features and changes players can expect in FIFA 23’s popular Ultimate Team mode.



FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 is fast approaching and with the Ultimate Team mode set to attract football fans around the world once more, here’s a look at the new features that could make their way to FUT.

Ultimate Team will likely continue to be the main attraction of the FIFA franchise as players look forward to the release of FIFA 23. Expectations for FIFA 23 are high as the final game before the long-standing partnership between EA and FIFA comes to a close.

The Ultimate Team mode will once again deliver a ton of content for players to discover including Icons and FUT Heroes. However, early indications suggest that there’s plenty of innovation on the way that is set to shake up the Ultimate Team game mode.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Ultimate Team features in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team expected chemistry changes

FIFA 22 Chemistry explained

Building the ideal Ultimate Team squad has always revolved around linking players through the mode’s chemistry system. For years, players who share the same Nationality, Club, and or League always produced the best chemistry results.

This added chemistry would give players a performance boost in-game. According to FIFA leakers, the chemistry system will no longer rely on Club, Nationality, or League to determine the strength of links.

EA has yet to confirm the existence of this new system, but it’s safe to say that Ultimate Team players would have more opportunities than ever to build their dream squad.

If every Nation and League can create chemistry links, more player combinations will be accessible in Ultimate Team when squad building. For example, this system would allow Liverpool’s Salah to support Mbappe as a winger without being penalized for lack of chemistry.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team leaked position overhaul

Messi PSG fifa 23

If the reported changes to chemistry weren’t enough to get you excited, additional leaks claim that EA are also preparing to overhaul how positioning works in Ultimate Team.

In FIFA 22, players could change position by following a linear path. For example, RWs could swap to RMs to better suit your desired formation. However, players have long been asking for a change to positioning that would rely on an authentic system.

According to FutSheriff, position changes in FIFA 23 will be based on real-life player positions. If a player has experience playing in multiple positions, a position modifier card will allow them to show their versatility.

Two great examples of this new feature happen to be Manchester City defenders Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker. Cancelo’s secondary position would be at RB while Walker’s would be at CB. Previously, switching a LB to RB and a RB to CB were two position changes that were impossible to execute in Ultimate Team.

World Cup Ultimate Team content in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 World Cup mode

While there could be a World Cup mode in FIFA 23 that is entirely separate from Ultimate Team, EA usually also deliver World Cup content to FUT. In 2018, a special World Cup Ultimate Team add-on made its way to the game where players could build new squads from scratch using World Cup cards.

We’ll have to wait and see what EA have planned for the Qatar World Cup in 2022, but given that this tournament will take place in the winter, players won’t have to wait long after release to check out this new content.

For more FIFA 23 news, check out all of the new leagues, teams, & stadiums coming to FIFA 23.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team best strikers: Cheap and meta players

Picking the right striker is vital to your squad’s success. So here are the best, meta, and cheapest strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.



Best Ultimate Team Strikers

Strikers are a vital part of any Ultimate Team, and FIFA 22 is no different. Here are the best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team strikers you can buy, as well as some cheap and meta options.

We’re nearing the endgame of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team season, but the endless search for the perfect squad is far from over.

Finding the ideal striker is arguably the most important part of any team, and there’s plenty to choose from this year. After fans got to grips with the launch players, EA has also added dozens of special cards into the mix to shake up the meta.

Here are the best strikers you should buy in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, whether you’re looking for one of the top-rated, someone who fits the meta, or a more budget option.


Best strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Mbappe controlling a ball in FIFA 22

There are plenty of top-rated strikers to pick from in FIFA 22. The most important thing is finding the goalscorer who fits your style of play.

Whether you’re looking for someone small and pacey to make those runs in behind, or a target man to whip early crosses into, there’s a big name to suit.

One of the safest options is turning to one of the best-rated poachers, as they already have the stats to make them a menace in front of goal.

These are the non-Icon strikers in FIFA 22 that EA has awarded the best ratings.

RankingPlayer NameClubRatingAverage Price
#1Lionel Messi (SS)PSG997.9 million
#2Karim Benzema (TOTS)Real Madrid983 million
#3Robert Lewandowski (TOTY)Bayern Munich98310,000
#4Kylian Mbappe (TOTS)PSG975 million
#5Cristiano Ronaldo (TOTS)Manchester United974.7 million
#6Marcelo (SS)Real Madrid973.98 million
#7Heung Min Son (SS)Spurs973.12 million
#8Christopher Nkunku (TOTS)RB Leipzig961.3 million
#9Luis Suarez (TOTS)Atletico Madrid961.2 million
#10Ciro Immobile (TOTS)Lazio96285,000

Best meta strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 striker Erling Haaland

Aside from the top 10 rated strikers, there are certain players that just seem to fit the game’s meta perfectly. Especially when you throw special cards into the mix, there are some overpowered cards that will completely change your FUT fortunes.

These may not always be the highest-rated players, but they’re certainly the most effective. You’ll often see these cards turn up in the Weekend League throughout the season, as high-skill players make the most of their insane stats.

In order to highlight as many strikers as possible, players included in the list above will not show up below. Although, you could assume that the likes of Mbappe and Ronaldo are two of the best striker options in the game at the moment.

Player NameClubRatingAverage Price
Ousmane Dembele (Fantasy)Barcelona953 million
Allan Saint-Maximin (Fantasy)Newcastle942.8 million
Antonio Di Natale (Captain)N/A931.8 million
Sergio Ramos (SS)PSG961.69 million
Paulo Dybala (TOTS)Juventus961.54 million
Neymar Jr (Winter Wildcard)PSG931.1 million
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Winter Wildcard)A.C. Milan91970,000
Wissam Ben YedderMonaco96682,000
Robbie Keane (Captain)N/A92358,000
Roberto Firmino (Birthday)Liverpool92270,000
Darwin Nunez (TOTS)Benfica94249,000

Best cheap strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Joao Felix in FIFA 22

While the players listed above will likely set you back a fair amount of coins, there are always some slightly lower-rated poachers that can help teams get off to a great start if you’re just starting your FUT journey.

Players with a low overall rating but with a handful of good stats, particularly pace, tend to be used a lot around this time, and can still be effective against any defense.

The market has been notoriously slow in FIFA 22 compared to previous years, so there are plenty of great cards that are selling for a fraction of what they would normally be worth.

These are the cheap strikers we recommend you use while you’re building up the coins to start splashing out. It’s worth noting that the market is ever-changing and varies across different platforms.

Player NameClubRatingAverage Price
Wissam Ben YedderMonaco849,900
Dries MertensNapoli843,700
Joao FelixAtletico Madrid831,900
Angel CorreaAtletico Madrid833,200
Gabriel JesusManchester City832,000
Luis MurielAtalanta821,200
Joaquin CorreaInter Milan811,100
Anthony MartialSevilla812,000
Dominic Calvert LewinEverton811,300
Inkai WilliamsAtletico Bilbao811,400
Victor OsimhenNapoli801,200
Donyell MalenBorussia Dortmund80700

For more on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, check out our list of the best goalkeepers, defenders, full-backs, midfielders, and wingers.

Image Credits: EA

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