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FIFA 22 OTW packs are giving FUT players the wrong cards

FIFA 22 OTW packs have dropped early in Ultimate Team, only for fans to discover they don’t contain exactly what they were expecting.



FIFA 22 Ones to Watch players

FIFA 22 Ones to Watch packs have dropped early into Ultimate Team for those who preordered the Ultimate Edition of the game. However, fans have been shocked to discover that they don’t contain OTW cards.

The Ones to Watch promotion is one of the most hotly anticipated on the FIFA calendar, as it’s usually the first big batch of special cards to drop. FIFA 22 is no exception, and fans who preordered the Ultimate Edition were excited to see their OTW pack land on the Ultimate Team store.

Unfortunately, instead of the shiny purple cards they were expecting, players were met by normal gold players.

David Alaba sliding on knees

Anyone who purchased their copy of FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition was due to receive a free untradeable OTW player at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST, the same time as the first squad was set to be revealed.

But players noticed that they had a OTW Player Pack sat in the store ahead of time. When they opened it, the pack contained a normal gold player, instead of the Ones to Watch that was promised.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their anger and message EA in the hope of getting the problem fixed.

EA have since confirmed that the packs were unintentionally sent out too early, as the items they were supposed to contain were not live in the game.

They have temporarily disabled the ability for players to open their OTW packs while they look into the issue and find a solution.

In-game, a description can be seen on the pack advising that it shouldn’t be opened before the originally announced time.

Anyone who has already used up the pack will receive a fresh one in the coming days. Unfortunately, this means they will have to wait longer than other players to receive their OTW item.

While the devs were quick to address the issue, many fans have been left frustrated that the first major promotion of FIFA 22 has had a troubled launch.

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Image credits: EA