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FIFA 22 player traits: Every standard, Career Mode & CPU AI trait explained

Traits have huge effects on a player feels in FIFA 22, so here’s our guide on the four types and what each one does.



FIFA 22 traits guide

In FIFA 22, traits are small bonuses given to certain players that affect how they behave both on the pitch in Ultimate Team, or off the pitch in Career Mode. Here’s our guide on every standard, CPU AI, and Career Mode trait in FIFA 22.

Whether you’re on the Ultimate Team grind or trophy-hunting in Career Mode, there’s plenty of factors you need to consider when bringing in a new player.

There are obvious stats like their overall rating and how fast they are, but there are also subtle traits that tell you a lot about a player before they step on the pitch.

FIFA 22 has plenty of different traits that can apply to players, so here’s our guide on what each one means.

What are FIFA 22 player traits?

Traits in FIFA 22

Traits are small characteristics applied to certain players that affect how they play in-game, whether it be on Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or any of FIFA 22’s other modes.

Some impact the types of shots that an attacker specializes in, while others tell you what to expect from them off the pitch.

Players can have multiple traits or none at all, but they’re something worth considering when buying a player.

EA have included four different types of traits in FIFA 22, each applying to different areas of the game, check them all out below:

  • Standard traits: Affects how the player behaves in matches when controlled by both the user or the CPU AI
  • CPU AI traits: Only apply when the player is being controlled by the CPU AI, such as on Career Mode or Squad Battles
  • Career Mode traits: These apply during Career Mode, but have no influence during actual matches
  • VOLTA traits: Only apply in VOLTA mode for both user and CPU AI controlled players

Every FIFA 22 trait explained

Player using finesse shot in FIFA 22

Some of the traits on display in FIFA 22 are pretty self-explanatory, whereas some aren’t as obvious.

Luckily, we’ve broken down what every single trait in FIFA 22 does, as well as which of the four categories they fall into.

Finesse Shot

  • Standard: Increases the amount curl a player can get on the ball when taking a finesse shot
  • CPU AI: Players are more likely to take finesse shots

Power Header

  • Standard: Players can head the ball more power than normal and more likely to take up positions in the box from corners
  • VOLTA: Same effect but the positioning doesn’t apply

Outside Foot Shot

  • Standard: Players with this trait can strike shots with the outside of their stronger foot

Long Throw-in

  • Standard: Increases the maximum distance reached from a throw-in

Giant Throw-in

  • Standard: Increases the maximum distance reached from a throw-in even further than players with the Long Throw-in trait

Driven Free Kicks

  • Standard: Player takes a longer run-up at free kicks, allowing them to get more power on the shot.
  • CPU AI: AI players are more likely to take driven shots from free kicks

Early Crosser

  • CPU AI: Computer players look to deliver early crosses into the box


  • Standard: Reduced difficulty in taking shots with outside of the foot, and can also generate more bend when passing the ball

Fancy Passes

  • Standard: Player finds it easier to pull off passes using backheels and skill moves
  • CPU AI: Computer player can attempt flair passes


  • Standard: More likely to pull off flair moves, can take flair shots without the user’s input, can lob the ball higher during short passes
  • CPU AI: Computer player is more likely to try flair shots and passes, they are also more likely to stutter or chip during penalties
  • VOLTA: More like to perform skilled passes and shots in VOLTA

Injury Prone

  • Standard: A player with this trait has an increased chance of getting injured during a match

Solid Player

  • Standard: Player is less likely to get injured during a match

Rushes Out Of Goal

  • Standard: A goalkeeper with this trait will be more aggressive when coming out of the box for over the top passes

GK Cautious With Crosses

  • Standard: A goalkeeper with this trait will only try to intercept a cross when they think they can get to the ball well before their opponent

GK Comes For Crosses

  • Standard: More likely to try and intercept a cross even if they think they will get to the ball barely before their opponent

GK Long Thrower

  • Standard: Increases how far a goalkeeper can throw the ball
  • CPU AI: Computer goalkeeper is more likely to try a driven throw when making a long throw

Bicycle Kicks

  • VOLTA: The player will try attempt more bicycle kicks and has more animations for the shot


  • Standard: Helps decide who will be captain if the usual captain is sent off or substituted

One Club Player

  • Standard: Helps decide who will be captain if the usual captain is sent off or substituted
  • Career Mode: Awarded to players who are known for their loyalty to one club, leading to player-specific storylines

Team Player

  • Standard: Helps decide who will be captain if the usual captain is sent off or substituted
  • Career Mode: Player is less likely to complain about lack of game time or contract issues

Dives Into Tackles

  • CPU AI: Computer player is more likely to try and slide tackle the oppenent

Chip Shot

  • CPU AI: Computer player will try and chip the ball over a goalkeeper where possible

Technical Dribbler

  • CPU AI: AI player has more chance of trying to go on a long run from the back or beat multiple players

Speed Dribbler

  • CPU AI: AI player has more chance of trying to go on a long run from the back or beat multiple players

Long Passer

  • CPU AI: AI player is more likely to attempt long passes

Long Shot Taker

  • CPU AI: Computer player will try long-range shots or volleys from outside the box more often


  • CPU AI: Computer teams will look to pass the ball to a player with this trait more often, and the player makes quicker decision once they receive it
FIFA 22 Career mode traits

That was our guide on every single trait found in FIFA 22, so be sure to bear these characteristics in mind when picking your team.

For more on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, check out the latest Team of the Week, and La Liga Player of the Month.

Image credits: EA


FIFA 22 Shapeshifters: Team 2 release date, promo explained, player leaks

The Shapeshifters promo followed TOTS as the next Ultimate Team promo in FIFA 22. Here’s a look at the Team 1 squad and Team 2 leaks.



Shapeshifters FIFA 22 promo

The Shapeshifters promo last seen in FIFA 20 has made its way to FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode following the Team of the Season.

Team of the Season is certainly one of the most popular promos of the year, but it surely isn’t the final promo for FIFA 22 players to enjoy. Luckily, there are still a few Ultimate Team promos to look forward to and Shapeshifters is one of them.

The Shapeshifters promo was a fan-favorite promo in FIFA 20, and after not featuring in FIFA 21, it has made a return to Ultimate Team in FIFA 22.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Shapeshifters promo including the release date, Team 1 players, and Team 2 leaks.

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters release date

EA message Shapeshifters FIFA 22

Following confirmation from EA, Team 1 of the Shapeshifters promo arrived on Friday, June 17 after the conclusion of TOTS. Team 2 is expected to hit Ultimate Team one week later on Friday, June 24.

With exciting new content to enjoy, you’ll want to log into FIFA when the new cards make their way to Ultimate Team at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM UK.

Ultimate Team Shapeshifters explained

Shapeshifters cards FIFA 22

The Shapeshifters promo is a fan favorite due to its unique tendency to have top players in unconventional positions. This promo takes players out of their standard position and allows you to build a squad with more options at your disposal.

For example, in FIFA 20, Trent Alexander-Arnold went from playing RB to CM. This drastic change opens the door to new squad-building possibilities.

Some of the Shapeshifters cards boast skill moves and weak foot upgrades. These special cards received rating boosts, SM/WF upgrades, and position changes, which makes Shapeshifters a top-tier promo.

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 1

TOTS was always going to be a difficult act to follow, but EA have certainly delivered an incredible promo with some stellar players on offer. Lionel Messi, Heung Min Son, and Youcef Atal will be highly sought-after players.

  • Alphonso Davies – LB ST
  • Lionel Messi – RW CF
  • Youcef Atal – RB CM
  • Heung Min Son – LM ST
  • Eden Hazard – LW CAM
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – ST LW
  • Leonardo Spinazzola – LWB CDM
  • Pierre Kalulu – RB CB
  • Jeremiah St. Juste – CB RW
  • Héctor Bellerín – RB LB
  • Nordi Mukiele – RWB CB
  • Jack Grealish – LW CAM
  • Andrew Robertson – LB CDM
  • Everton – LM ST

Anderson and Carrasco are both available via SBC, while Thuram is expected to join them as an SBC reward throughout the promo.

Meanwhile, Wolfsburg’s Gerhardt and Arsenal’s Pepe are available via Objective.

  • Yannick Carrasco – LM CAM or LM RW (SBC)
  • Felipe Anderson – LM RW (SBC)
  • Marcus Thuram – LM ST (SBC)
  • Samuel Grandsir – LM ST (OBJ)
  • Yannick Gerhardt – CM LWB (OBJ)
  • Nicolas Pepe – RM ST (OBJ)

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 2 player leaks

FutSheriff has shared leaks concerning Team 2 players and there is plenty of reason to be excited with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo included. It seems Ferland Mendy eludes Ultimate Team fans once again, but there’s always the next FIFA 22 promo to look forward to.

Take a look at the players they claim will be involved in Shapeshifters Team 2:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – ST LW
  • Marcelo – LB ST
  • Sergio Ramos – CB ST
  • Timo Werner – ST RF
  • Adama Traore – RW CF
  • Stephan El Shaarawy – LW CAM
  • Silas – RM CF
  • Jesus Corona – RM CM
  • Kieran Tierney – LB CB
  • Emre Can – CM CB
  • Roberto Pereyra – CM LWB
  • Thiago Mendes – CDM RB
  • Marko Arnautovic – ST CB
  • Daley Blind – CB CDM

Shapeshifters Team 2 is looking equally as strong as Team 1. Ultimate Team fans should be excited to receive a promo that includes Ronaldo and Messi so soon after TOTS. Marcelo and Ronaldo should be the two most sought-after cards, but Ramos shouldn’t be too far behind.

For more FIFA news, check out our guide to FIFA 23 including everything you need to know about the upcoming game.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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How to complete FIFA 22 Richarlison Flashback SBC

Ultimate Team players can add a fantastic Brazilian midfielder to their squad by completing the FIFA 22 Richarlison Flashback SBC.



Richarlison Flashback SBC FIFA 22

Everton forward Richarlison is available via Flashback SBC during the Shapeshifters promo. Here’s how to complete the FIFA 22 Richarlison Flashback SBC with the cheapest solution.

We’ve seen some excellent Flashback SBCs in FIFA 22 including Flashback Isco and Flashback Verratti during the TOTS promo. With the Shapeshifters promo now active, EA have decided to honor Richarlison for his inclusion in the FIFA 20 Shapeshifters promo.

Richarlison’s Flashback SBC is a CAM card, but this doesn’t change much as the Brazilian was always a central force. Although Flashback Richarlison will be out of reach for some, there’s no denying that he’s an incredible untradeable card in FIFA 22.

Here’s what you need to know about the FIFA 22 Richarlison Flashback SBC, including the cheapest solution.

FIFA 22 Flashback Richarlison SBC stats

Richarlison Flashback SBC stats FIFA 22

Elite is the proper word to describe Flashback Richarlison’s stats. His range of passing isn’t the greatest but you should get by fine with his 93 Short Passing. You’ll have a fun time putting Richarlison’s 5* weak foot and 4* skill moves to use.

Thanks to his 99 Acceleration stat, you’ll blow by defenders in quick bursts. 98 Shot Power is another impressive stat, meanwhile all but one of his Dribbling stats are 95 rated or above. There’s nothing Flashback Richarlison can’t do in FIFA 22, which explains his steep price tag.

How to complete FIFA 22 Flashback Richarlison SBC

Richarlison FIFA 22 face

To complete this SBC, players will need to give up four squads: Brazil, Premier League, Top Form, and 87-Rated Squad. With a value of around 460,000 coins, Richarlison is a luxury option for those chasing the best cards in FIFA 22.

You can check out the cheapest solution below.

Brazil requirements

  • # of players from Brazil: Min 1
  • # of TOTW or TOTS players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70

Brazil solution – Cost: 68,000 coins

Brazil SBC solution Richarlison FIFA 22

Premier League requirements

  • # of players from the Premier League: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65

Premier League solution – Cost: 89,500 coins

Premier League SBC solution Richarlison FIFA 22

Top Form requirements

  • # of TOTW or TOTS players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 86
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60

Top Form solution – Cost: 138,000 coins

Top Form SBC solution Richarlison FIFA 22

87-Rated Squad requirements

  • Squad Rating: Min 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min 45

87-Rated Squad solution – Cost: 163,500 coins

87-rated squad sbc solution richarlison FIFA 22

The Flashback Richarlison SBC will be available for two weeks as it expires on July 7. The two weeks should allow you to gather the necessary funds to secure the midfielder.

Richarlison is without a doubt a top meta option, but some might struggle to meet the asking price. If you’re the type of player to complete SBCs like the Icon Moments and 93+ TOTS player picks then this Richarlison is a great alternative.

Richarlison is a known entity, while the aforementioned SBCs are risky as you could end up with an awful player for around the same price.

For more FIFA news, check out our guide to the leaked FIFA 22 Summer Swaps Tokens.

Image Credits: EA Sports / FUTBIN

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FIFA 22 leaked Summer Swaps Tokens explained

According to a FIFA 22 leaker, Summer Swaps Tokens will be making their way to Ultimate Team during the Shapeshifters promo.



Summer Swaps Tokens FIFA 22

Another Swaps program is set to hit FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with valuable rewards available, so here’s everything you need to know about the leaked Summer Swaps Tokens.

FIFA 22 has delivered plenty of Swaps programs since the game launched. Ultimate Team players have been spoiled this year with Winter Wildcards, Future Stars, and TOTS Swaps just to name a few.

It seems like the fun is set to continue as leaks suggest Summer Swaps Tokens will make their way to FIFA 22. Hopefully, this will give Ultimate Team players one last chance at achieving their dream squads before FIFA 23.

Here’s what to expect from FIFA 22’s Summer Swaps Tokens including a potential release date and leaked rewards.

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps Tokens expected release date

According to renowned FIFA leaker FutSheriff, Summer Swaps Tokens will begin on Friday, June 24. Sheriff detailed the news of a new Swaps program and on Thursday, June 23, the leaker suggested players could expect the content on the following day.

While this information has not been confirmed by EA as of yet, you’ll want to check into Ultimate Team on the 24 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST for new content. According to the leaker, the program will last for an entire month before coming to a close on July 25.

What are FIFA 22 Summer Swaps Tokens?

Mbappe in FIFA 22

The Swaps system will task players with earning Tokens through the completion of in-game objectives and SBCs. Later, you’ll be able to submit your Summer Swaps Tokens to earn valuable rewards.

Players usually spread their Tokens to redeem multiple small rewards or save them all up for the biggest reward available. Keep in mind that this will take some considerable grinding to achieve.

Summer Swaps Tokens are expected to span multiple promos so it’ll be interesting to discover what the rewards will consist of. The Shapeshifters promo is currently active, but who knows what promo will be next.

FutSheriff has called this the biggest Swaps program ever in FIFA. According to the leaker, there will be a total of 50 Tokens to collect.

FIFA 22 Sumer Swaps Tokens leaked rewards

While we don’t have a grasp of the entire reward list, Sheriff did state that both a 1 of 5 TOTS EFIGS 96+ player pick and 1 of 4 Icon Moments 94+ player pick will be available.

Given how late into the FIFA 22 cycle we’re in, the rewards will likely entail the best of the best.

It’s interesting to note that TOTS rewards will be available considering the promo has already come to a close. Players will no doubt also have their sights set on the Icon Moments rewards as player picks can prove to be a massive success in Ultimate Team.

For more FIFA news, check out all of the new leagues, teams, and stadiums coming to FIFA 23.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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