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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team custom tactics: Defensive Style, Build Up Play, Chance Creation, Width & Depth slider guide

We’ve compiled a detailed guide to show you the best custom tactics to use in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team & Career mode.



fifa 22 best custom tactics

Having an amazing team in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team or Career Mode is all well and good, but you need the right custom tactics to give it cohesion. Our guide covers attacking and defending styles, as well as custom slider tips too.

One of the beautiful things about FIFA 22 is the level of customization you have for your line-ups, custom tactics, instructions, and roles in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and more.

At the same time, this creates countless dilemmas and leaves you with endless headaches regarding the best ways to fulfill your team’s potential.

We’re here to hopefully help you and put to bed some of those doubts with our FIFA 22 custom tactics in-depth guide.

What are custom tactics in FIFA 22?

customized stadium in fifa 22

When you go to your team sheet/team selection, you’ll be able to choose your team, the formation, and assign different roles such as penalty kick taker. But changing your custom tactics dictates how your team will play.

If left untouched, then the movement of your players and the way they behave will be in the hands of the default settings put in place by EA.

Custom tactics

Your decisions will affect how your team attacks and defends during 90+ minutes.

These are the settings you can tinker with to increase and decrease the speed of your play, where your team will be situated on the pitch, and alter how many players you commit to certain scenarios:


  • Defensive Style
    • Width
    • Depth


  • Build Up Play
  • Chance Creation
    • Width
    • Players in box
    • Corners
    • Free Kicks

Best FIFA 22 custom tactics for Ultimate Team & Career Mode

An example of an Ultimate Team XI

Naturally, everyone has a different way they like to play and one tactic could suit the frenetic style of play, yet contradict a more methodical way of playing FIFA 22.

For example, a player that likes to play a simple 4-3-3 might prefer a faster build-up to get the ball out wide and get the strikers surging towards the opposition box quicker.

Whereas someone who loves their possession will want the team to keep a hold of the ball as long as possible to wear their competitor down.

Here are our best custom tactics and instructions to use for FIFA 22’s different game modes: namely Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

Best FIFA 22 Defence custom tactics

chelsea players celebrating in fifa 22
  • Defensive Style: Pressure After Possession Loss
  • Width: 55
  • Depth: 70

Letting your opponent voluntarily come to you is never ideal in FIFA unless you’re down to 10 men. So the Pressure Ater Possession Lost method will make your teammates ball chase for 7 seconds after losing it, giving you ample opportunity to retrieve it.

If your defense isn’t strong or you don’t feel confident in your defending, then this is the perfect chance to try and avoid that. For more capable players, it will make turnovers less of a pain and allow for a lot of your own quick-fire counter-attacks.

Whether you have a narrow diamond formation with less width or play a formation with wingers / wing-backs to cover the sides, 55 width is a nice balanced number. Technical midfielders shouldn’t be able to ping their way through your midfield, and pacey wingers should still be able to meet some opposition in the form of your midfielders.

The thought of having a line this high may terrify some, but better intelligence in defenders and slightly slower gameplay with less of an emphasis on pace this year should allay any fear over setting it to 70.

Whether it’s the A.I or human players, as long as you have a decent bit of pace in your CB’s, 65-70 + should do the trick, then this will allow you to press the other team, give them less room to play, and get you the ball back quicker.

Best FIFA 22 Offence custom tactics

psg team walking together
  • Build Up Play: Fast Build Up
  • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
  • Width: 55
  • Players in box: 7
  • Corners: 3
  • Free Kicks: 3

From the moment the ball is at the feet of one of your players, your team will look to immediately get forward and attack quickly.

With FIFA 22 trying to cut down on pace and high-scoring games, edgy games might need that spark of inspiration or a speedy attack that catches the other team unaware.

Fast Build Up will give you many options going forward and the greater sense of urgency will increase your chances of scoring.

Given that we’re already trying to make the team move at one hundred million miles an hour, it’s best to also keep a hint of calm as well.

Forward Runs becomes counter-productive when it’s already naturally a part of Fast Build Up, whereas Direct Passing shines a spotlight more on your rampaging forwards – we play with two strikers, and it creates a whole range of different possibilities.

Again, 55 width works as we find it’s best to keep these kinds of stats quite neutral. Regardless of how many is in the middle of the park or out wide, keeping a healthy balance means you’ll see some creativity out wide, and your midfielders, or wingers, can make a beeline into the box.

david alaba heading a ball in fifa 22

Another stat that may depend on the formation you opt for, but unless you’re playing a very negative formation with only one striker and wide midfielders as opposed to wingers, then 7 is a healthy number.

This will allow your strikers, a CAM, and maybe a wide player to be present for a cross, or be there to cause panic for the defending team, allowing you to ping some passes around and work an opening for a tap-in.

2 seems to provide you with not enough players for corners, and 4 is just a tad too much and can lead to some troublesome counter-attacks. 3 seems to be a solid number that offers enough presence in the box to ask questions.

Work on your corner routines in training and you should find that you only need the same CB or Striker on the end of a corner to pick up some easy goals.

Similar to the corner scenario, even though pace isn’t a big item on the agenda in FIFA 22, we still don’t want a 85-90 pace player running at an exposed defense with half a pitch, or more, to run into.

Unless you’re extremely confident in your set-piece-taking methods, we think it’s best to play it safe with 3.

As with all guides of a subjective nature, we recommend you take our advice and tips on board and see which of them work for you. They’re completely effective against Barca-like A.I, and can help you move up the divisions in Rivals for Ultimate Team!

Also, check out our guides on the best Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Wingers, and Strikers you can buy in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

Image Credit: EA Sports


FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs guide: Names, value and, contents

There’s a whole of different packs to open in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, so here’s our guide on each ones value and contents.



FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is stuffed full of different packs to open in the hope of bagging a Ronaldo or Messi, but it can be hard to know which pack is which. Here’s our full guide of every FUT pack’s name, value, and contents.

FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode is all about earning packs to try and get one of the game’s top-rated superstars.

Whether you’re playing Squad Battles or FUT Champs, earning packs is the way to improve your squad and earn valuable coins.

But so many packs to be earned, it’s not always clear what’s inside the rewards you are working towards. Here’s our complete guide on every FIFA 22 pack’s name, value, and contents.

Table of contents

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs

FUT 22 bronze packs

fifa 22 ultimate team packs

The cheapest packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team are the packs containing bronze items, with players up to 64 rated.

While these may seem like they have little value, EA included them as a great way to make a small, gradual profit.

Here’s what’s inside each bronze, as well as their values:

  • Bronze Pack (400)
    • 12 items, 1 rare
  • Premium Bronze Pack (750)
    • 12 items, 3 rares

FUT 22 silver packs

Joao Felix in FIFA 22

Next up are packs featuring silver items. Players found in these packs can be rated anywhere up to 74.

If you have some coins to spare, opening these might offer up an obscure player who becomes important for an SBC later in the year.

Find every silver pack and its value below:

  • Silver Pack (2,500)
    • 12 items, 1 rare
  • Premium Silver Pack (3,750)
    • 12 items, 3 rares

FUT 22 gold packs

fifa 22 ultimate team packs player

These are the standard FUT packs containing items that will be invaluable in the early stages of Ultimate Team but still have the chance to produce walkouts.

Although they become less appealing as the year goes on, they’re a cheap way of securing rare Chemistry Styles and Manager Leagues.

Here’s every standard gold pack you can find on the FUT store:

  • Gold pack (5,000)
    • 12 items, 1 rare
  • Premium Gold Pack (7,500)
    • 12 items, 3 rare

FUT 22 promo packs

Theo Hernandez dribbling the ball in FIFA 22

Some more valuable FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs land on the store regularly during promotional events or serve as rewards to SBCs.

These often contain far more rare gold players than the standard lineup and have higher probabilities of pricing walkouts or special cards.

Here’s every promo pack that could show up on the FUT store:

  • Gold 13 Pack (5,000)
    • 13 items, 1 rare
  • Jumbo Gold Pack (12,500)
    • 24 items, 3 rare
  • Gold Player Pack (12,500)
    • 12 players, 1 rare
  • Premium Electrum Players Pack (12,500)
    • 6 gold players, 6 silver players, 3 rares
  • Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15,000)
    • 24 items, 7 rares
  • Prime Electrum Players Pack (20,000)
    • 6 gold players, 6 silver players, 6 rares
  • Premium Gold Players Pack (25,000)
    • 12 gold players, 3 rares
  • Rare Gold Pack (25,000)
    • 12 items, 12 rares
  • Gold Upgrade Pack (30,000)
    • 12 gold players, no rares
  • Rare Electrum Players Pack (30,000)
    • 6 gold players, 6 silver, 12 rares
  • Mega Pack (35,000)
    • 30 items, 18 rares
  • Prime Gold Players Pack (45,000)
    • 12 players, 6 rares
  • Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (50,000)
    • 24 players, 7 rares
  • Rare Players Pack (50,000)
    • 12 gold players, 12 rares
  • Rare Mega Pack (55,000)
    • 30 gold items, 30 rares
  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack (100,000)
    • 24 gold players, 24 rares
  • Ultimate Pack (125,000)
    • 30 gold players, 30 rares

FUT 22 reward packs

Chelsea players in FIFA 22

Certain FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs never make their way onto the FUT store and can only be earned by completing SBCs or objectives.

These range in terms of quality, but they have no assigned coin value because they cannot be bought.

Here is every other valuable pack that can be earned on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • Small Mixed Player Pack
    • 2 gold players, 2 silver players, 2 bronze players, 1 rare
  • Small Electrum Players Pack
    • 3 gold players, 3 silver players, 1 rares
  • Mixed Players Pack
    • 4 gold players, silver players, 4 bronze players, 1 rare
  • Small Gold Players Pack
    • 6 players, 1 rare
  • Small Prime Mixed Players Pack
    • 2 gold players, 2 silver players, 2 bronze players, 3 rares
  • Small Prime Electrum Players Pack
    • 3 gold players, 3 silver players, 3 rares
  • Small Rare Mixed Players Pack
    • 2 gold players, 2 silver players, 2 bronze players, 6 rares
  • Rare Mixed Players Pack
    • 4 gold players, 4 silver players, 4 bronze players, 12 rares
  • Small Rare Electrum Players Pack
    • 3 gold players, 3 silver players, 6 rares
  • Small Rare Gold Players Pack
    • 6 players, 6 rares
  • Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack
    • 26 players, 7 rares
  • Electrum Players Pack
    • 6 gold players, 6 silver players, 1 rare
  • Prime Mixed Players Pack
    • 4 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze players, 6 rares
fifa 22 ultimate team packs player

That was our guide on all of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs. EA will likely add more FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs throughout the year, so be sure to check back here for the latest updates.

For more on FIFA 22, check out our guides on the best tactics you should use, as well as the latest patch notes.

Image credits: EA

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team pack animations: How to tell if it’s boards or a walkout

Packs are the lifeblood of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and there’s an easy way to tell if you’re about to get boards or a walkout.



FIFA 22 walkout player animation

Opening packs is one of the many things that makes FIFA 22 Ultimate Team so addictive, as we desperately hunt for that next star player. Luckily, there is a way to tell if you’re getting a boards or walkout player before you see their face.

FIFA 22 has landed, and eager fans are jumping back into the Ultimate Team grind for another season. A dizzying amount of packs have already been opened, as fans seek to pull the game’s highest-rated players.

Even though EA has made the pack animations far less drawn out this year, there is still a period of suspense while you’re waiting for the player to reveal himself.

However, those with a keen eye will notice a way of knowing how good the pack is ahead of time.

FIFA 22 PSG players in a line

FIFA 22 boards pack animation

Every card can be useful in some way, whether it be as a starter in your Ultimate Team, an impact sub, or SBC fodder. That being said, everyone opens a pack with the hope of getting someone who’s at least boards.

These cards have a rating of 83 or above, and in some cases can still have very high values depending on their stats, league, and nation.

The giveaway from EA that you have packed a boards player is that the stage that shows off the best card in the pack will have orange flames on both sides.

Once you spot it, you know you’re guaranteed at least an 83-rated card or higher.

FIFA 22 boards animation

FIFA 22 walkout pack animation

While packing a boards player is by no means a bad result – what fans really want to see is a walkout.

As the name suggests, these cards are rated 86 or higher and are accompanied by an animation of the player walking onto the screen and doing some sort of celebration.

Much like boards, these packs are also met with fireworks that light up the screen. This time you’ll see six different flames from all around the stage to hammer home that you’ve been awarded something particularly special.

After a few suspenseful moments, the nation will appear on the boards at either side of the card, and the player you have packed will come out – usually performing a hilarious animation.

FIFA 22 walkout pack animation

Fans had originally complained that the animation for walkout players was too fast and didn’t build up enough tension compared to previous years, but this was changed in the latest update.

That was how you can tell how good a pack is before the best player inside is revealed so you get hyped in advance.

EA may tweak the pack animations further throughout the year, we’ll update this page with any new tells that are added or discovered by fans.

For more on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, check out the best starter team you can build, and the ICONS joining the roster this year.

Image credits: EA

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How to recover quick sold FUT players in FIFA 22

If you’ve quick sold a player by mistake in FIFA 22, here’s an easy way you can recover them before they’re lost forever.



FIFA 22 Quick Sell Recovery

Quick-selling players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is an easy way to make quick coins on unwanted cards. But how do you recover them back if you quick sell by accident? We’ve got a guide, right here.

When it comes to Ultimate Team, as much as we’d love to constantly pack the game’s top-rated superstars, we all know that isn’t always the case.

If you pack an unwanted FIFA 22 player who doesn’t have much market value, you can quick sell to make a quick buck.

But if your fingers slip and you accidentally discard a high-value TOTW or an SBC player, don’t panic – there is an easy way to get them back.

How to recover quick sold players in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 menu

For whatever reason, EA hasn’t included a way of retrieving lost players within the main FIFA 22 Ultimate Team menus.

Luckily, all is not lost, because you can easily get them back using the FIFA 22 Web App.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Login to the FIFA 22 Web App or the mobile Companion App
  2. Head into the Club menu
  3. Click on ‘Quick Sell Recovery’
  4. Press on the calender icon and select the date you discarded the player
  5. Scroll to the player you want to retreive
  6. Click ‘Recover’
  7. The player will now move into the ‘Unassigned’ section of the main FUT menu
  8. Send them back to your club
Quick sell recovery in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

This is an extremely useful feature if you’ve mistakenly lost an item, but it does come with a handful of caveats that fans should be aware of.

Quick sell recovery requires players to pay back the coins they received for originally discarding them.

This isn’t an issue with untradeable cards, but worth bearing in mind with special cards that have big quick sell values.

You can also only rescue players you have quick sold in the last seven days, after that they are lost forever. There’s also a limit of five recoveries every 30 days.

Unassigned section of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

That was our easy guide on how to recover quick sold items in this year’s Ultimate Team, so keep it in mind the next time you discard your best player.

For more on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, check out the new FUT Hero cards, as well as our guide on the best starter team you can build.

Image credits: EA

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