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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team custom tactics: Defensive Style, Build Up Play, Chance Creation, Width & Depth slider guide

We’ve compiled a detailed guide to show you the best custom tactics to use in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team & Career mode.



fifa 22 best custom tactics

Having an amazing team in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team or Career Mode is all well and good, but you need the right custom tactics to give it cohesion. Our guide covers attacking and defending styles, as well as custom slider tips too.

One of the beautiful things about FIFA 22 is the level of customization you have for your line-ups, custom tactics, instructions, and roles in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and more.

At the same time, this creates countless dilemmas and leaves you with endless headaches regarding the best ways to fulfill your team’s potential.

We’re here to hopefully help you and put to bed some of those doubts with our FIFA 22 custom tactics in-depth guide.

What are custom tactics in FIFA 22?

customized stadium in fifa 22

When you go to your team sheet/team selection, you’ll be able to choose your team, the formation, and assign different roles such as penalty kick taker. But changing your custom tactics dictates how your team will play.

If left untouched, then the movement of your players and the way they behave will be in the hands of the default settings put in place by EA.

Custom tactics

Your decisions will affect how your team attacks and defends during 90+ minutes.

These are the settings you can tinker with to increase and decrease the speed of your play, where your team will be situated on the pitch, and alter how many players you commit to certain scenarios:


  • Defensive Style
    • Width
    • Depth


  • Build Up Play
  • Chance Creation
    • Width
    • Players in box
    • Corners
    • Free Kicks

Best FIFA 22 custom tactics for Ultimate Team & Career Mode

An example of an Ultimate Team XI

Naturally, everyone has a different way they like to play and one tactic could suit the frenetic style of play, yet contradict a more methodical way of playing FIFA 22.

For example, a player that likes to play a simple 4-3-3 might prefer a faster build-up to get the ball out wide and get the strikers surging towards the opposition box quicker.

Whereas someone who loves their possession will want the team to keep a hold of the ball as long as possible to wear their competitor down.

Here are our best custom tactics and instructions to use for FIFA 22’s different game modes: namely Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

Best FIFA 22 Defence custom tactics

chelsea players celebrating in fifa 22
  • Defensive Style: Pressure After Possession Loss
  • Width: 55
  • Depth: 70

Letting your opponent voluntarily come to you is never ideal in FIFA unless you’re down to 10 men. So the Pressure Ater Possession Lost method will make your teammates ball chase for 7 seconds after losing it, giving you ample opportunity to retrieve it.

If your defense isn’t strong or you don’t feel confident in your defending, then this is the perfect chance to try and avoid that. For more capable players, it will make turnovers less of a pain and allow for a lot of your own quick-fire counter-attacks.

Whether you have a narrow diamond formation with less width or play a formation with wingers / wing-backs to cover the sides, 55 width is a nice balanced number. Technical midfielders shouldn’t be able to ping their way through your midfield, and pacey wingers should still be able to meet some opposition in the form of your midfielders.

The thought of having a line this high may terrify some, but better intelligence in defenders and slightly slower gameplay with less of an emphasis on pace this year should allay any fear over setting it to 70.

Whether it’s the A.I or human players, as long as you have a decent bit of pace in your CB’s, 65-70 + should do the trick, then this will allow you to press the other team, give them less room to play, and get you the ball back quicker.

Best FIFA 22 Offence custom tactics

psg team walking together
  • Build Up Play: Fast Build Up
  • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
  • Width: 55
  • Players in box: 7
  • Corners: 3
  • Free Kicks: 3

From the moment the ball is at the feet of one of your players, your team will look to immediately get forward and attack quickly.

With FIFA 22 trying to cut down on pace and high-scoring games, edgy games might need that spark of inspiration or a speedy attack that catches the other team unaware.

Fast Build Up will give you many options going forward and the greater sense of urgency will increase your chances of scoring.

Given that we’re already trying to make the team move at one hundred million miles an hour, it’s best to also keep a hint of calm as well.

Forward Runs becomes counter-productive when it’s already naturally a part of Fast Build Up, whereas Direct Passing shines a spotlight more on your rampaging forwards – we play with two strikers, and it creates a whole range of different possibilities.

Again, 55 width works as we find it’s best to keep these kinds of stats quite neutral. Regardless of how many is in the middle of the park or out wide, keeping a healthy balance means you’ll see some creativity out wide, and your midfielders, or wingers, can make a beeline into the box.

david alaba heading a ball in fifa 22

Another stat that may depend on the formation you opt for, but unless you’re playing a very negative formation with only one striker and wide midfielders as opposed to wingers, then 7 is a healthy number.

This will allow your strikers, a CAM, and maybe a wide player to be present for a cross, or be there to cause panic for the defending team, allowing you to ping some passes around and work an opening for a tap-in.

2 seems to provide you with not enough players for corners, and 4 is just a tad too much and can lead to some troublesome counter-attacks. 3 seems to be a solid number that offers enough presence in the box to ask questions.

Work on your corner routines in training and you should find that you only need the same CB or Striker on the end of a corner to pick up some easy goals.

Similar to the corner scenario, even though pace isn’t a big item on the agenda in FIFA 22, we still don’t want a 85-90 pace player running at an exposed defense with half a pitch, or more, to run into.

Unless you’re extremely confident in your set-piece-taking methods, we think it’s best to play it safe with 3.

As with all guides of a subjective nature, we recommend you take our advice and tips on board and see which of them work for you. They’re completely effective against Barca-like A.I, and can help you move up the divisions in Rivals for Ultimate Team!

Also, check out our guides on the best Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Wingers, and Strikers you can buy in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

Image Credit: EA Sports


TOTY FIFA 22 Ultimate Team release date, full squad, & SBCs

As the year comes to a close, FUT players can’t wait to get their hands on the Team of the Year promo. Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 22 TOTY.




Ultimate Team’s TOTY promo is one of the most anticipated events of FIFA 22. The top footballers of the past year are honored as players vote for their favorite TOTY nominees in FIFA 22.

Team of the Year highlights the best Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Attackers in an eleven-man squad. However, players can also expect 5-6 additional cards through the 12th Man, Objectives, and SBCs.

The competition was stiff this year as 2021’s top performers stepped up their game. Let’s take a look at the release date and the players included in the TOTY promo in addition to SBCs and Objectives FUT players will get a chance to complete.

When is the FIFA 22 TOTY release date?

FIFA 21 toty

Players should expect this highly-anticipated promo a few weeks into the new year. In FIFA 21, this particular promo was available as of January 22, 2021. Seeing as the official TOTY squad was revealed on January 20, we suspect the promo will hit FIFA 22 on Friday, January 21, 2022.

As is the norm with most promos players can expect to get their hands on these coveted cards at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET.

What is Team of the Year?

TOTY logo FIFA 22

TOTY is a compilation of footballers who performed the best throughout 2021. Unlike Team of the Season which uses a club season as the criteria, this promo uses the calendar year to judge the top performers. 

EA Sports typically chooses a squad of eleven players that fit into a 4-3-3 formation. Although, there is some flexibility when it comes to the way players fit into the formation. All players can expect a stat boost that will take their overall into the 90s.

Interestingly enough, this promo is decided by FUT players through a vote. You’ll get to decide which superstars are included in this year’s iteration of the Team of the Year. We’ll keep you posted when voting opens to FIFA 22 players.

FIFA 22 TOTY full squad


The criteria for selecting the TOTY is heavily influenced by trophy-winners. Most of the players on this list will have won a competition by the time 2021 comes to a close.

For example, Jorginho isn’t known as the flashiest footballer but his contribution to winning the Champions League with Chelsea and Euro 2020 makes him an undeniable representative. 

The Attackers are led by Robert Lewandowksi who many believed should have won the 2021 Ballon d’Or thanks to his brilliant performances in the Champions League and Bundesliga. After winning Copa America last summer, Lionel Messi is once again involved in the squad.

As previously mentioned, Jorginho’s Euro and Champions League winning year see him make the TOTY. His Chelsea teammate N’Golo Kanté is right beside him in the midfield.

Check out the full squad below.

  • 96- Donnarumma
  • 94- Cancelo
  • 95- Marquinhos
  • 97- Ruben Dias
  • 93- Hakimi
  • 96- De Bruyne
  • 97- Jorginho
  • 96- Kanté
  • 98- Messi
  • 97- Mbappe
  • 98- Lewandowski

TOTY Objectives & SBCs

TOTY vote

As of now we currently have no indication of what to expect in terms of the players up for grabs through Objectives and SBCs during TOTY.

When EA Sports announces additional information concerning the official release date and SBCs we’ll update this section so be sure to check back in!

For more FIFA 22 news check out our 10 Ultimate Team players you can sell for big coins.

Image Credits: EA

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FIFA 22 Team of the Week: TOTW 18 & featured players

EA have announced another FIFA 22 Team of the Week. We’ve got everything you need to know, as well as the full FIFA 22 TOTW 18 lineup.



Chelsea players celebrating in FIFA 22

It’s time for another FIFA 22 Team of the Week. In FIFA 22 TOTW 18, there are some huge names for people to add to their teams and we’ve got all the details listed for you.

Ultimate Team remains the most popular mode in the FIFA series. One of the many reasons for this is incorporating real-world football into its addictive gameplay loop through special cards, such as Icons or the new FUT Heroes.

One of the mode’s oldest promotions is ‘Team of the Week’, which offers players a weekly batch of upgraded cards, based on real-life player performances the previous week, to help build out their squads.

We’ll be updating this hub with the latest FIFA 22 TOTW news, so be sure to check back here every week.

Here are the full updates for FIFA 22’s Team of the Week 18.


FIFA 22 striker Erling Haaland

The FIFA 22 TOTW 18 is here, and it’s full of big names from across the world. For those who like to try out new cards and have the funds to do so, FIFA’s TOTW is great.

Check out the full squad for the FIFA 22 TOTW 18 here.

What are TOTW cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Team of the Week items are special cards that boost stats based on that player’s performance in the previous week of real-world games. Any player awarded an in-form will see both their ratings and in-game stats get a permanent increase.

Every week, EA unveils a 23-man squad of the stars who had the best games in the previous domestic or international fixtures round. They could be awarded for a last-minute winner in a big game or a heroic performance from a goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet.

Each TOTW is available in packs for an entire week until it is replaced by the next squad on the following Wednesday. Player’s can not receive an in-form two weeks in a row.

While an in-form card is in packs, it replaces the base version of that player. The normal card will return to packs when that TOTW is over.

AC Milan player dribbling the ball in FIFA 22

In FIFA 22, EA has addressed fans’ complaints that TOTW items are often quickly rendered useless by the other promotional cards added to the game throughout the year.

Every week, one player will receive a special Featured TOTW card. These players will receive a larger boost than the rest of the squad in an attempt to make them more desirable to those building their teams.

To qualify for this additional stat-boost, the player must have a base card that is under 80-rated and not have any other performance-based card in packs – such as a Ones to Watch.

Screenshot of Jude Bellingham card

When is the TOTW released?

Historically, EA announces the latest TOTW every Wednesday so that any Monday night games can be considered.

Each new team is normally Tweeted out around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT with a full look at every upgrade.

For more on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, check out the 10 best Ultimate Team cards in FIFA 22 and our guide on which strikers you should buy.

Image Credits: EA Sports

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How to vote for 12th man in FIFA 22 TOTY

Following the reveal of the TOTY squad, Ultimate Team players will get a chance to vote for the TOTY 12th man in FIFA 22.



TOTY 12th Man FIFA 22

Voting for the TOTY main squad is now closed but Ultimate Team players will soon be able to cast their vote for the illustrious 12th Man in FIFA 22.

After the TOTY nominees were revealed by EA Sports, FUT players could vote for the main squad of eleven from January 10 to January 18. With voting now closed, players are already speculating at which of the best footballers of 2021 made the cut.

Leaks have already hinted at some of the world’s best being involved but there will no doubt be a ton of debate on who unjustly missed the cut. Luckily, players will get a chance to vote a 12th player into the TOTY squad, known as the 12th Man.

When is the TOTY 12th Man release date?

TOTY FIFA 22 card design

12th Man voting gives players a great opportunity to vote one last player into the TOTY promo. After the announcement of the initial 11 man squad that is expected to occur on January 21, EA will put forth three more nominees that just missed the cut.

Once the three footballers are revealed, FUT players will get their chance to cast a vote for the members of this special ballot. This will likely occur after the full TOTY squad is revealed.

How to vote for the TOTY FIFA 22 12th Man

FIFA Team of the Year logo

Contrary to the TOTY main squad vote that took place on EA’s FIFA webpage, the 12th Man voting takes place in-game or on the companion app.

Follow these steps, once the nominees have been selected:

  1. Log into FIFA 22.
  2. Start Ultimate Team up on your platform of choice or via the Companion app.
  3. Choose the nominee you wish to cast a vote for in the proceeding screen.
  4. Cast your vote.
  5. Collect your loan player as a reward.

Players will receive a loan card matching the nominee they selected as a reward.

With leaks indicating that Ronaldo and Salah both missed out on the TOTY, competition will be incredibly fierce for the 12th and final spot.

For more FIFA 22 news check out our guide to the best FIFA 22 camera settings for Ultimate Team and the best wingers available in Ultimate Team.

Image credits: EA

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