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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Hero cards: Player ratings, chemistry & prices

FUT Heroes are a brand new special item in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, we break down their ratings, prices, and chemistry.



FUT Heroes in FIFA 22

FUT Heroes have made their debut in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and they’re some of the most desirable cards in the entire game. We’ve broken down each player’s rating, cost, and how chemistry works.

Each new season of Ultimate Team comes with a host of new special cards to improve players’ squads and give them the upper hand on their opponents.

From prestigious ICONS to the recurring Team of the Week, there’s plenty of high-value cards to hunt for.

FIFA 22 is no exception, but the release of FUT Heroes has the community particularly excited.

What are they, and how do they work? We’ve got the lowdown below.

FIFA 22 FUT Heroes

Sceenshot of FIFA 22 gameplay trailer

EA has released 19 FUT Heroes in FIFA 22, all of which are live in packs throughout the full season.

Big names from many of the world’s most significant leagues are included, from the great David Ginola to the baby-faced assassin – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Some lesser-known faces made a big splash in their respective countries, such as Jorge Campos and Sami Al-Kaber.

You can find all the FUT Heroes in FIFA 22, as well as their rating and prices, below. All prices are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change.

Player NameLeagueNationRatingAverage Price
Joe ColePremier LeagueEngland87384,000
Robbie KeanePremier LeagueRepublic of Ireland86500,000
Freddie LjungbergPremier LeagueSweden86113,000
Ole Gunnar SolskjaerPremier LeagueNorway86144,000
Jerzey DudekPremier League Poland8654,000
Tim CahillPremier LeagueAustralia8540,000
Antonio Di NataleSerie AItaly88920,000
Diego MilitoSerie AArgentina8889,000
Ivan Ramiro CordobaSerie AColumbia87470,000
Fernando MorientesLa Liga SantanderSpain89197,000
Aleksandr MostovoiLa Liga Santander Russia8696,000
David GinolaLigue 1France892.13 million
Abedi PeleLigue 1Ghana89917,000
Jurgen KohlerBundesligaGermany8970,000
Mario GomezBundesligaGermany8882,000
Lars RickenBundesligaGermany8541,000
Jorge CamposLiga BBVA MXMexico8721,000
Sami Al-KaberMBS Pro LeagueSaudi Arabia8621,500
Clint DempseyMLSUSA8523,000

What are Hero cards in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 FUT heroes

The latest special card making its way into FUT this year, Hero cards can most easily be described as cult heroes.

These players perhaps never quite reached icon status in world football but were fan favorites for their respective clubs and leagues.

Each Hero player is tied to a specific season or a moment that solidified their status as a great.

For example, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his late winner against Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final, or Clint Dempsey for being the joint-top scorer for the US national team.

FUT Heroes chemistry

Fifa 22 Mbappe dribbling

If you’re lucky enough to pack one of these special cards, they function in your team in a similar way to ICONS.

The main difference is that each Hero comes with a league they are associated with, so they only offer chemistry links to other players from that league. They also provide links to players of the same nationality, just like other cards.

For example, Fernando Morientes would give a green strong link to anyone currently playing in La Liga and an orange soft link to any Spaniards who play outside of Spain’s top league.

Heroes can be an ideal way to build a hybrid squad with multiple leagues without paying the premium of an ICON.

Future FUT Heroe predictions

Salah shooting in FIFA 22

The community has received the first batch of FUT Heroes, with the likes of Ginola and Robbie terrorizing defenses across the modes.

EA is yet to confirm if these will be the only Heroes coming to FIFA 22, but fans would be eager for more if they were released.

With this in mind, we’ve put together the players we think are deserving of a Hero card if a second batch drops:

  • Peter Crouch (Premier League)
  • Park Ji-Sung (Premier League)
  • Matt Le Tissier (Premier League)
  • Eric Abidal (La Liga)
  • David Villa (La Liga)
  • Juninho (Ligue 1)
  • Elber (Bundesliga)
  • Claudio Pizzaro (Bundesliga)
  • Daniele De Rossi (Serie A)
  • Luca Toni (Serie A)
  • Dirk Kuyt (Eredivisie)
Theo Hernandez dribbling the ball in FIFA 22

Players who pre-ordered the ultimate edition of FIFA 22 before August 11th will also receive a free FUT Hero card in December to slot straight into their teams.

For more on FIFA 22, check out the latest La Liga Player of the Month, as well as our guide on the different pack animations.

Image Credits: EA


How to complete Ultimate Team Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC in FIFA 22

A Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC has dropped in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, here’s the SBC requirements and solutions needed to make your pick.



base or mid icon player pick sbc

Ultimate Team players get another shot at securing a highly sought-after Icon player with the Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC in FIFA 22. Here’s how to complete the Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC.

Leading up to the highly-anticipated release of TOTY, Ultimate Team players are getting a ton of opportunities to improve their squads and the latest is letting players complete a Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC.

A Player Pick is rather tricky as you get the choice of picking one of three Icon players therefore a lot of luck is involved. Obviously, you’ll be hoping for a stellar Mid Icon rather than a Base Icon.

This SBC is repeatable which means FUT players can complete it as many times as they wish. Here’s how to complete the Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC.

How to complete Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC in Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 icons

Players will have to submit a total of four pricey squads to complete the SBC. Given that players get to choose between three Icon cards, this SBC is understandably expensive.

The Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC will set Ultimate Team players back a total of 782,000 coins.

86-Rated Squad Requirements

  • TOTW players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 86
  • Team Chemistry: Min 45

86-Rated Squad Solution – Cost 137,000 coins

86 rated squad sbc solution

87-Rated Squad Requirements

  • Squad Rating: Min 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min 40

87-Rated Squad Solution – Cost 186,000 coins

87 rated squad sbc solution

87-Rated Squad Requirements

  • TOTW players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min 35

87-Rated Squad Solution – Cost 196,000 coins

87 rated squad sbc solution

88-Rated Squad Requirements

  • TOTW players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 88
  • Team Chemistry: Min 30

88-Rated Squad Solution – Cost 265,000 coins

88 rated squad sbc solution

This SBC is the epitome of calculated risk and some players will not be able to avoid the temptation of a top-tier Mid Icon. It certainly isn’t an affordable SBC so think carefully before completing it.

The Base or Mid Icon Player Pick SBC will be available until January 31 which gives players a ton of time to submit the four required squads.

For more FIFA 22 news check out how to complete the Alexandre Pato FIFA 22 Flashback SBC and the best midfielders in Ultimate Team.

Image Credits: EA / FUTBIN

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How to complete FIFA 22 Player Moments Ilkay Gundogan SBC

Ilkay Gundogan is looking like a great option in the midfield, and FUT players are going to want to complete his FIFA 22 Player Moments SBC.



Player Moments Gundogan SBC

Manchester City’s Ilkay Gundogan is the latest player to receive a Player Moments SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Here’s everything you need to know including stats and how to complete Gundogan’s Player Moments SBC.

Player Moments cards have been somewhat of a disappointment in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team but this Ilkay Gundogan SBC can potentially break that trend.

Luckily, Gundogan is easy to link to squads thanks to his Manchester City allegiance and German nationality. Although this SBC is a touch overpriced, players looking for a quick dribbling central midfielder will want to give him a try.

Players will be required to submit four squads to get their hands on this German maestro, and we’ve got the cheapest solution to give you a hand.

FIFA 22 Player Moments Gundogan stats

Player Moments Gundogan Stats FUT

Gundogan’s two biggest assets are without a doubt his passing and dribbling which will allow you to breeze past defenders if used correctly. Gundogan is for the player that prefers a slow and methodic approach to Ultimate Team gameplay.

Unfortunately, his pace is a glaring weakness in the current Ultimate Team meta. Even central midfielders are now expected to boast a ton of pace and Gundogan simply does not have that quality.

Cheapest way to complete Player Moments Gundogan SBC

Ilkay Gundogan FIFA 22

To complete this SBC players will need to give up four squads: Tactical Emulation, Germany, Premier League, and 88-Rated Squad. With a value of around 600,000 coins, Gundogan is certainly overpriced but those desperate for a new midfielder should not find it hard to invest fodder into this FIFA 22 SBC.

You can check out the cheapest solutions below.

Tactical Emulation requirements

  • # of players from Manchester City: minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: minimum 84
  • Team Chemistry: minimum 80

Tactical Emulation solution – Cost: 40,000

Tactical emulation sbc solution

Germany requirements

  • # of players from Germany: minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: minimum 60

Germany solution – Cost: 120,000 coins

Germany SBC solution

Premier League requirements

  • # of players from the Premier League: minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: minimum 87
  • Team Chemistry: minimum 55

Premier League solution – Cost: 165,000 coins

Premier League sbc solution

88-Rated Squad requirements

  • Squad Rating: minimum 88
  • Team Chemistry: minimum 50

88-Rated Squad solution – Cost: 245,000 coins

88-rated squad sbc solution

The Gundogan Player Moments SBC is available until January 21, so make sure to get working on this challenge as soon as possible. Market value is expected to rise in the coming days as anticipation for TOTY builds but Gundogan is still a solid choice for players who have an abundance of fodder.

For more FIFA 22, check out our guide to Team of the Year Warmup Series, or check out our list of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team best wingers.

Image Credits: EA Sports / FUTBIN

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FIFA FUT 22 Team of the Year Warmup Series: Start date, TOTY leaks, more

Before FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team TOTY event, EA Sports are dropping a special Warmup Series promo to build hype.



FIFA 22 TOTY Warm Up Series logo

Team of the Year is here, but before the full squad arrives, EA Sports are dropping the TOTY Warmup Series promo.

For the first time ever, EA Sports have decided to host a pre-TOTY event, with the Warmup preempting the release of the upcoming superpowered squad.

Because this is the first time it’s ever happened, there wasn’t a lot of information about this promo available to players. We can confirm that it’s linked to Team of the Year, and it will give players a chance to stock up on valuable packs.

Players can expect some SBCs, a handful of new packs, and maybe even a few player cards following its initial release. For now, here’s everything we know about FUT 22’s Team of the Year Warmup Series event.

FIFA Team of the Year logo

FIFA 22 Team of the Year Warmup Series release date

The good news is that players won’t have long to wait for this promo to start. According to a loading screen in FIFA 22, TOTY Warmup Series will kick off on Friday, January 14.

As with all Ultimate Team promos, the promo will start at 6 PM GMT, adding new content to the game at that time.

TOTY Warmup Series leaks

Interestingly enough, FIFA leakers weren’t able to discover anything about this promo prior to its release.

As it turns out, EA have decided to throw players a curveball with the TOTY Warmup. Instead of receiving a collection of new promo cards, players have received new SBCs, Upgrade SBCs, and new Objectives.

Players will get a chance to earn some incredible new cards through these various means from now until the release of TOTY. EA has also granted players a free 83+ x3 pack that can be found in the FUT Store.

TOTY warmup series announcement

As of now, players can complete a Player Moments Ilkay Gundogan SBC, League Player Malang Sarr Objective, 83+ 3x defender, midfielder, and attacker upgrade SBC as well as two TOTY-themed SBCs.

We’ll be sure to keep updating this article as more information becomes available, while the TOTY Warmup Series continues.

In the meantime, make sure you’re using the best players possible with our guide to Ultimate Team’s best goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and strikers.

Image Credits: EA Sports

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