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FIFA 22 Web App guide: Release date, features, & tips

The FIFA 22 Web App is players’ first chance to kick off their Ultimate Team season in the best way. Check out our guide below.



Mason Mount with FIFA 22 and Charlie INTEL logo

As fans look forward to another year of Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, EA will offer up the chance to start their squads early on the yearly Web App and Companion App. We’ve got all the details here.

FIFA 22 is just around the corner, and the community is eager to dive into another year of building squads and opening packs in Ultimate Team. With the announcements of Icons and player ratings, the hype is at an all-time high for the next installment in the series.

Luckily, every year EA allows fans to start their Ultimate Team journey early through the Web App and Companion App. But what features do they have access to, and how can you make the most of it? We’ve broken it all down right here.

Screenshot of the FIFA 21 Web App

FIFA 22 Web App release date

The Web App is part of the official FIFA website where fans can log in and start building their team, even if they don’t have access to a copy of the game. It can be accessed through any browser on a PC or mobile device.

FIFA 22’s worldwide release is slated for October 1, while others will have early access via EA Play and pre-order bonuses, so the Web App is a way of leveling the playing field for those who don’t get early copies.

EA launched the FIFA 22 Web App will drop on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, the same day as early access went live.

FIFA 21 Web App login screen

FIFA 22 Companion App release date

The Companion App is a version of the full Web App optimized for smartphones and tablets. It posses the same features as the online version and can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Stores.

The FIFA 22 Companion App was released a day after the Web App on Thursday, September 23, 2021, just over a week before the game’s full worldwide launch.

For those who had the FIFA 21 Companion App, an update is available which will replace it with the new version.

Companion App running on a tablet and a phone.

FIFA 22 Web App & Companion App features

Name your Ultimate Team

The first thing you’ll be asked to do when you dive into the Web App is pick a name for your club. Don’t worry, it can be changed at a later date if you aren’t satisfied.

Select kits and stadiums

You can also change the cosmetics of your club, including home and away kits, as well as your home stadium. Simply head into the ‘club’ tab and select the ones you want.

Open Ultimate Team packs

Using both the Web App and Companion App, players can open packs using coins or FIFA Points. However, this feature is usually disabled until the game is available for everybody. Until then, buying packs will have to be done in-game by those who have early access.

Claim Daily Rewards

EA sometimes offering a daily bonus for anyone who logs in to check on their team. These can range from small packs of players, to coin rewards. There hasn’t been word on whether this will return again, but it’s worth logging in once a day just in case.

Complete Squad Building Challenges

Before a ball is kicked, SBCs are the best way to earn rewards. These are small puzzles where fans must submit a squad meeting certain requirements to earn packs, coins, or cosmetics.

There are a handful of starter challenges to tackle right away which can help fill out your club with players.


Ultimate Team’s transfer market goes live at the same time as both apps, meaning that fans can get to buying and selling players to earn coins and build their teams.

You can search for a new signing in the transfer market tab, while existing players can be listed by selecting them from either the squad or club tab.

SBC screen from FIFA 21

FIFA 22 Web App trading tips

The first few weeks of the Ultimate Team season can be the most difficult. Starting with a squad of unknowns and a virtually empty club can be daunting at first.

That’s why making use of the Web App is a great way to get a head start so that you’re not starting from scratch when you eventually get your hands on the game.

Smart trading is the best and quickest way to make coins early on, which can then be used to create your own team.

Here are our tips for how to make the most of the FIFA 22 Web App:

  • Complete SBCs – Squad Building Challenges are a great of way of filling out your club with players early. Having plenty of disposable cards will make it far easier when more SBCs come after launch.
  • Keep an eye on the market – Especially before launch when you can’t play matches, trading is the best way to make coins. Keep checking the price of players and buy when they are cheapest, and sell when they inflate.
  • Buy average rated players – When it comes to trading, the transfer market takes some time to fully form and for prices to be set. In this period, we recommend buying cards between 80 – 83 rated that other players will want when they’ve had chance to earn some coins.
  • Look at the big leagues – Most players tend to start with teams from major leagues, such as the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. For this reason, make sure you’re trading cards from the same divisions, as these are more likely to go up in value.
  • Bid instead of buying now – When buying a new card it’s easy to get impatient and pick the ‘buy it now’ option, but you can save yourself some coins by putting in bids instead. Especilly in the early weeks, bidding for cards at 300 – 400 coins and then re-listing them for 600 coins is a great way to make a steady profit.

So there is everything you need to know about the Ultimate Team Web App and Companion App ahead of FIFA 22. If you stick to our tips, you’ll have a squad of superstars in no time.

For more on FIFA 22, check out our guides for the best strikers, midfielders, and defenders you should buy in Ultimate Team.

Image credits: EA


FIFA 22 Ones to Watch cards: Release date, confirmed players, predictions & preorder bonus

Ones to Watch cards are returning to Ultimate Team once again in FIFA 22, and we’ve got everything you need to know right here.



FIFA 22 Ones to Watch players behind logo

New Ones to Watch cards in FIFA 22 will be a big deal in Ultimate Team, so here is all the latest on the release date and confirmed players so far, as well as our own predictions of who will be included.

Ultimate Team continues to be the most popular mode in the FIFA series, and the unique promotional cards like Ones to Watch each added each year go a long way in keeping players engaged.

EA has already announced the addition of FUT Heroes in FIFA 22, and the return of Ones to Watch cards will have fans equally excited.

Now, just as the top 100 players have been unveiled, the publisher has also announced more Ones to Watch cards. We’ve got every confirmed card below, along with our predictions for the full line-up.

Table of contents

What are Ones to Watch cards?

FIFA 21 Ones to Watch team

Perhaps one of the biggest draws in Ultimate Team is how real, on-the-pitch action directly impacts the mode.

Ones to Watch cards are special items depicting players who have recently transferred to a new team. These players have dynamic ratings which get higher and higher to match their performances for club and country.

Each time that player is awarded a Team of the Week in-game, their overall rating will match it. For example, in FIFA 21, Ferran Torres was rated 81 but received an 84-rated in-form card. His Ones to Watch went up to the same rating and remained there for the rest of the year.

A new feature announced could also see these items get a special one-time upgrade. The ‘Wins to Watch’ mechanic means that if an OTW player’s team wins five out of ten competitive matches after October 1, they receive a rating boost of plus one.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team confirmed Ones to Watch

David Alaba Ones to Watch card

EA announced that Ones to Watches would be returning once again in FIFA 22, but so far, they have only officially revealed a handful of players. Real Madrid’s David Alaba, who moved from Bayern Munich over the summer, was the first to be confirmed.

PSG, who have had a busy summer, also have three players involved in the promotion, including Lionel Messi following his dramatic transfer from Barcelona.

Many who have moved to the Premier League during the latest transfer window will be also be included. Among them is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is set to be one of the valuable Ones to Watch cards when they land in-game.

A surprise Squad Building Challenge for a Ones to Watch Shaqiri has dropped early in-game for players to complete. That is available in-game right now.

These are all of the players confirmed so far. OTWs are set to drop in-game very soon, so expect more news in the coming days.

Player NameTransferRating
Lionel MessiBarcelona to PSG93
Cristiano RonaldoJuventus to Manchester United91
Romelu LukakuInter Milan to Chelsea88
Achraf HakimiInter Milan to PSG85
Jack GrealishAston Villa to Manchester City84
Georginio WijnaldumLiverpool to PSG84
David AlabaBayern Munich to Real Madrid84
Xherdan ShaqiriLiverpool to Lyon79
Ibrahima Konate RB Leipzig to Liverpool 78

FUT 22 Ones to Watch predictions

FIFA 22 PSG players

This year it’s been a stacked transfer window with some of the biggest names in football switching clubs. While it might be worrying for mid-table sides across Europe, for FIFA fans, it means we could be store for the best Ones to Watch promo in recent memory.

These are our predictions for every Ones to Watch card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Confirmed cards are highlighted in bold.

Lionel MessiBarcelona to PSG 93
Cristiano RonaldoJuventus to Manchester United91
Gianluigi DonnarummaAC Milan to PSG89
Romelu LukakuInter Milan to Chelsea88
Sergio RamosReal Madrid to PSG88
Jadon SanchoBorussia Dortmund to Manchester United87
Sergio AgueroManchester City to Barcelona87
Raphael VaraneReal Madrid to Manchester United86
Memphis DepayLyon to Barcelona85
Achraf HakimiInter Milan to PSG85
Jack GrealishAston Villa to Manchester City84
Georginio WijnaldumLiverpool to PSG84
David Alaba Bayern Munich to Real Madrid84
Andre SilvaFrankfurt to RB Leipzig84
Danny IngsSouthampton to Aston Villa81
Xherdan ShaqiriLiverpool to Lyon79
Ibrahima Konate RB Leipzig to Liverpool78
Patson DakaRB Salzburg to Leicester City77
Daniel JamesManchester United to Leeds77
Joe WillockArsenal to Newcastle United75
Josh SargentWerder Bremen to Norwich City71

When do Ones to Watch start?

David Alaba sliding on knees

EA is wasting no time in getting Ones to Watch cards into the game this year. In a recent website update, they revealed that the promotion will kick off on October 1, 2021, the same day as FIFA 22’s worldwide release.

The first team of Ones to Watch players will be in packs on launch day, while the second lot will follow on October 8, 2021.

The publisher also confirmed that there will be two smaller releases away from the two main lineups. These will take place between October 3 – 8 and October 10 – 13.

How to get a free Ones to Watch card in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 editions preorder bonuses

The fact that OTW cards continue to upgrade and evolve throughout the year makes them extremely valuable in-game, especially the high-rated players. Luckily, there is a way to bag one without having to spend any coins.

Those who preorder the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition will receive a free Ones to Watch player when the game is launched worldwide on October 1, 2021. This edition is priced at around £89.99 / $99.99.

EA originally listed that the preorder bonus was a player pick, where fans would be able to choose from a random selection of cards. However, they have since clarified that they will be issued as one random card.

For more FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in the lead-up to release day, check out our guides of the best defenders, midfielders, and strikers you can buy.

Image credits: EA

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FIFA 22 chemistry: How loyalty, links & Chemistry Styles work

FIFA 22 Chemistry is a fundamental part of building a successful Ultimate Team, so here’s how all of the links, loyalty, and Chemistry Styles work.



FIFA players in a huddle

The art of building the best Ultimate Team relies heavily on having maximum chemistry among your squad of players. But how does it all work? We’ve got guides on links, loyalty, and chemistry styles in FIFA 22 right here.

There’s no doubt we all play FIFA Ultimate Team so we can take to the pitch using the very players in world football. When a Ronaldo or Mbappe walks out of a pack, the first reaction is to put them straight to work.

But to get the most out of your squad, you need to consider whether or not they fit in with your current XI’s chemistry. FIFA 22 is no different, so we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know about FIFA 22 Chemistry.

What is FIFA 22 Chemistry?

FIFA 22 starter Team showing links

Put, the FIFA 22 Chemistry rating lets you know how well a player will perform on the pitch, based on where they’re playing and who they have around them.

The maximum FIFA 22 Chemistry for any team is 100, with each player having a rating out of 10. Those on full chemistry receive the maximum buffs to their stats, while anyone with a rating will see their effectiveness fall.

There are several factors that impact a player’s chemistry. These are their league and team, nationality, and position.

Screenshot of Ultimate Team squad

Once a player is in the correct position, FIFA 22 Chemistry comes from their links to other players in the team.

Each formation has a different layout for which positions are linked, but chemistry only comes from players who are close together in the formation.

For example, a striker position will never be linked to a goalkeeper, but a full-back sometimes links to a winger on the same flank.

Perfect links are rare, but they can be the secret to cramming multiple nations and leagues into a team.

A perfect link comes from two players who play for the same team and are from the same nation. An example would be Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan Bissaka from Manchester United, who are both English.

Green links don’t grant as much chemistry as perfect links but are far easier to pull off. They come from two linked players who share any two of the following attributes:

  • Club
  • League
  • Nation
Ultimate Team screenshot showing perfect links

These only grant a small amount of FIFA 22 Chemistry but can be topped up by links from other players. To earn an orange link, the two player’s must have one of the same attributes in common out of:

  • Club
  • League
  • Nation

Red links

Players with a red link share no common factors and will offer no chemistry bonus to each other.

However, maximum chemistry can still be achieved if strong or perfect links are achieved elsewhere.

What is Loyality in FIFA 22

Full Ultimate Team showing chemistry links

Players with loyalty receive an additional +1 bonus to their chemistry rating and make achieving the max chem slightly easier.

Loyalty is awarded to any player in your club who has played over 10 matches, either in the starting XI or off the bench.

Alternatively, every player earned through opening a pack automatically comes with the loyalty bonus, as they have never been used by another club.

Pep Guardiola in FIFA

Another way to earn some valuable bonus FIFA 22 Chemistry is through your choice of manager. Their links work the same as a player’s kink, only they don’t have an associated club – and it applies to every member of the starting XI.

It’s worth noting that consumables are available on the Transfer Market, which can change the league your manager grants FIFA 22 Chemistry to. For example, you could make Jurgen Klopp a Ligue 1 manager so that all German or Ligue 1 players receive a boost.

FIFA 22 Chemistry Styles

FIFA Chemistry Styles in Ultimate Team
FIFA 21 FUT Hub (In Menus)

The higher a player’s FIFA 22 Chemistry, the more significant the boost they receive to their in-game stats. This boost applies relatively even to all attributes, whether it be shooting or defending.

With FIFA 22 Chemistry Styles, you can focus the bonus on the stats you think are most vital to each player.

This could be to take players with poor pace and make them faster or make a player with already clinical finishing almost unplayable.

Check out the lists below to see every FIFA 22 Chemistry Style and which buffs they offer. It’s worth noting that while they are broken up by position, they can be applied to the player of your choice.

Goalkeeper Chemistry Styles

NameAbbreviationStats boostedIncrease
WallWALDiving, Handling, KickingDIV: 2, HAN: 2, KIC: 2
ShieldSLDKicking, Reflexes, SpeedKIC: 2, REF: 2, SPD: 2
CatCATReflexes, Speed, PositioningREF: 2, SPD: 2, POS: 2
GloveGLODiving, Handling, PositioningDIV: 2, HAN: 2, POS: 2

Defender Chemistry Styles

NameAbbreviationStats BoostedIncrease
SentinelSENDefending, PhysicalDEF: 3, PHY: 3
GuardianGRDDribbling, DefendingDRI: 3, DEF: 3
GladiatorGLAShooting, DefendingSHO: 3, DEF: 3
BackboneBACPassing, Defending, PhysicalPAS: 2, DEF: 2, PHY: 2
AnchorANCPace, Defending, PhysicalPAC: 2, DEF: 2, PHY: 2
ShadowSHAPace, DefendingPAC: 3, DEF: 3

Midfielder Chemistry Styles

NameAbbreviationStats Boosted Increase
ArtistARTPassing, DribblingPAS: 3, DRI: 3
ArchitectARCPassing, PhysicalPAS: 3, PHY: 3
PowerhousePWRPassing, DefendingPAS: 3, DEF: 3
MaestroMAEShooting, Passing, DribblingSHO: 2, PAS: 2, DRI: 2
EngineENGPace, Passing, DribblingPAC: 2, PAS: 2, DRI: 2
CatalystCTAPace, PassingPAC: 3, PAS: 3

Attacker Chemistry Styles

NameAbbreviationStats BoostedIncrease
SniperSNIShooting, DribblingSHO: 3, DRI: 3
DeadeyeEYEShooting, PassingSHO: 3, PAS: 3
HawkHWKPace, Shooting, PhysicalPAC: 2, SHO: 2, PHY: 2
MarksmanMRKShooting, Dribbling, PhysicalSHO: 2, DRI: 2, PHY: 2
FinisherFINShooting, PhysicalSHO: 3, PHY: 3
HunterHUNPace, ShootingPAC: 3, SHO: 3

That was our guide on everything you need to know about FIFA 22 Chemistry

For more on FIFA 22, check out our skills guide, as well as how to make the most out of the Web App.

Image credits: EA / FUTBIN

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FIFA 22 skill moves list: New skills and best 5-star players

Skills are a crucial part of FIFA 22, and can make a big difference against the best players. Here’s how to perform every single trick.



FIFA 22 player dribbling past defender

In FIFA 22, it’s sometimes tough to break down those stubborn defenses. Throwing in some skills can be the perfect way to open up space and look impressive while doing it. Here’s a full guide on all the skill moves in FIFA 22 and the ones you need to learn.

Defending in FIFA 22 has seen a bit of a revamp, and players are much keener to stay in formation and make life difficult for the attacking team. This means it can be difficult to create chances for your strikers.

Skills are a vital weapon in your FIFA arsenal and can be the secret to unlocking those tightly packed defenses. There’s plenty of flicks and tricks to choose from in FIFA 22, so here’s every single one – as well the ones you should learn first.

It’s worth noting that the directions in each input relate to which way the player is facing.

Table of contents

FIFA 22 new skills

Mbappe performing roulette in FIFA

Every year, EA throws some new fancy skills into the mix to keep cocky full-backs on their toes. For FIFA 22, four more have been added and they’re all on the more advanced side of the scale.

You can expect to see these show up in plenty of FUT Champions games throughout the course of the season.

  • Skilled Bridge (4-star): Hold L2/LT + Double Tap R1/RB
  • Four Touch Turn (4-star): Hold L2/LT + Flick RS Back + Flick RS Back
  • Scoop Turn Fake (4-star): Hold LS the opposite way after doing a forward Scoop Turn (see 4-star skills)
  • First Time Spin (5-star): Hold L1/LB + R1/RB as the ball comes towards the player

FIFA 22 1-star skill moves

Mbappe controlling a ball in FIFA 22

These are the basic selection of skills that can be pulled off by any player on the pitch all the way down to the goalkeepers.

While none of these are revolutionary, the Bridge, in particular, is still a great way to quickly get around an unsuspecting defender.

Skill MovePlayStationXbox
BridgeTap R1 twiceTap RB twice
Directional NutmegHold L1 + R1 + Flick RSHold LB + R1 + Flick RS
Flick UpHold L1 + Click R3Hold LT + Click RS
Open Up Fake ShotHold L1 + Tap shoot then tap pass and move LS up then left or rightHold LB + Tap shoot then tap pass and move LS up then left or right
Standing Ball JuggleHold L2 + Tap R1Hold LT + Tap RB

FIFA 22 2-star skill moves

Son dribbling in FIFA 22

The tricks in the next rank-up are still relatively easy to perform and can be used by nearly every player in the game with the exception of keepers.

Skills like Stepovers might not be the most glamorous, but they’re still handy to keep in mind. In fact, as the game’s meta progresses, occasionally using simpler inputs could catch your opponent off guard.

Skill MovePlayStationXbox
Ball RollHold RS left or rightHold RS left or right
Body FeintFlick RS left or rightFlick RS left or right
Drag BackHold L1 + R1 + Flick LS downHold LB + RB + Flick LS down
Feint Forward and TurnFlick RS down twiceFlick RS down twice
Reverse StepoverRoll RS from left or right to forwardRoll RS from left or right to forward
StepoverRoll RS from forward to left or rightRoll RS from forward to left or right

FIFA 22 3-star skill moves

Theo Hernandez dribbling the ball in FIFA 22

Now we’re getting to the much more useful commands. The Roulette is particularly useful in the middle park for quickly breaking through the lines and bypassing the opponent’s midfielders.

The Heel Chop helps work space in the penalty area and confuses any defenders hoping to put in a block.

Skill MovePlayStationXbox
Fake Left and Go RightRoll RS down from left to rightRoll RS down from left to right
Fake Right and Go LeftRoll RS down from right to leftRoll RS down from right to left
Heel ChopHold L2 + shoot, then Tap pass and roll left stick from right to leftHold LT + shoot, then Tap pass and roll left stick from right to left
Heel FlickFlick RS up then downFlick RS up then down
Roulette LeftRoll RS clockwise from bottom to leftRoll RS clockwise from bottom to left
Roulette RightRoll RS clockwise from bottom to rightRoll RS clockwise from bottom to right

FIFA 22 4-star skill moves

Mbappe dribbling in FIFA 22

With 4-star skills, you’re starting to hit the more advanced moves that only the more gifted players can pull off.

These can usually be used by wide players or attacking midfielders who are known to be good on the ball.

Skill MovePlayStationXbox
Ball HopHold L1 + Click R3 (while stood still)Hold LB + Click RS (while stood still)
Ball Roll Cut LeftHold RS right + Hold LS leftHold RS right + Hold LS left
Ball Roll Cut RightHold RS left + Hold LS rightHold RS left + Hold LS right
Drag Back SpinFlick RS down then left or rightFlick RS down then left or right
Drag to HeelHold L1 + flick RS down then left or rightHold LB + flick RS down then left or right
Fake PassHold R2 + Tap shoot then pass (while stood still)Hold RT + Tap shoot then pass (while stood still)
Fake Pass ExitHold R2 + Tap shoot then pass + Hold LS left or right (while stood still)Hold RT + Tap shoot then pass + Hold LS left or right (while stood still)
Four Touch TurnHold L2 + Flick RS Back twiceHold LT + Flick RS Back twice
Heel to Heel FlickFlick RS down then upFlick RS down then up
Lane ChangeHold L1 + RS right or leftHold LB + RS right or left
Quick Ball RollsClick + Hold R3Click + Hold RS
Scoop Turn FakeTap shoot then pass and hold LS up diagonally, then flick to other sideTap shoot then pass and hold LS up diagonally, then flick to other side
Simple RainbowFlick RS down then up twiceFlick RS down then up twice
Skilled BridgeHold L2 + Tap R1 twiceHold L2 + Tap R1 twice
Spin LeftHold R1 + Roll RS from bottom to leftHold RB + Roll RS from bottom to left
Spin RightHold R1 + Roll RS from bottom to rightHold RB + Roll RS from bottom to right
Stop and TurnFlick RS up then left or right (while running)Flick RS up then left or right (while running)
Three Touch RouletteHold L2 + Flick RS down then right or leftHold LT + Flick RS down then right or left

FIFA 22 5-star skill moves

Neymar performing a rabona in FIFA 22

These are the most complex skills that can only be carried out by the most notoriously tricky players in world football, like Neymar Jr or Jadon Sancho.

If you’re hoping to hunt for the top rewards in FUT Champs or play Career Mode on the hardest difficulty, then you’ll need to have a mastery of most of these skills.

Skill MovePlayStationXbox
Advanced RainbowFlick RS down then hold RS up then flick RS upFlick RS down then hold RS up then flick RS up
Ball Roll and FlickHold RS right or left then flick up (while running)Hold RS right or left then flick up (while running)
Ball Roll FakeHold RS left or right then flick in opposite direction (while stood still)Hold RS left or right then flick in opposite direction (while stood still)
Ball Roll Fake TurnHold L2 + Roll RS up then left or rightHold LT + Roll RS up then left or right
ElasticoRoll RS on bottom from right to leftRoll RS on bottom from right to left
Elastico Chop RightHold R1 + Roll RS across bottom from left to rightHold RB + Roll RS across bottom from left to right
First Time TurnHold L1 + R1 (when taking first touch)Hold LB + RB (when taking first touch)
Flick OverHold L1 + RS upHold LB + RS up
Heel Flick TurnHold R1 + Flick RS up then downHold RB + Flick RS up then down
Hocus PocusRoll RS from bottom to left then rightRoll RS from bottom to left then right
Rabona FakeHold L2 + shoot then Tap pass and Flick LS down (while jogging)Hold LT + shoot then Tap pass and Flick LS down (while jogging)
Reverse ElasticoRoll RS on bottom from left to rightRoll RS on bottom from left to right
Sombrero FlickFlick RS up, up, then down (while stood still)Flick RS up, up, then down (while stood still)
Spin FlickHold R1 + Roll RS up then left or rightHold RB + Roll RS up then left or right
Tornado SpinHold L1 + Flick RS up then left or rightHold LB + Flick RS up then left or right
Triple ElasticoRoll RS from bottom to right then leftRoll RS from bottom to right then left
Turn and SpinFlick RS up then right or leftFlick RS up then right or left

FIFA 22 5-star juggling skills

Vinvius Jr juggling in FIFA

In FIFA 22 skills do have plenty of practical uses, but sometimes we just want to show off, right?

That’s where juggling tricks come in. They’re not the most efficient way of going past a defender, but they’re definitely the most satisfying.

Standard kick-ups can be started by any player by holding L2/LT and repeatedly tapping R1/RB when stood still.

Skill MovePlayStationXbox
Around the WorldRotate RS 360 degreesRotate RS 360 degrees
Chest FlickHold L2 + Click R3 twiceHold LT + Click RS twice
Flick Up for VolleyHold LS upHold LS up
In Air ElasticoFlick RS right then leftFlick RS right then left
Laces Flick UpPress L2 + R3, then Press R2 + Flick LS upPress LT + RB, then Press RT + Flick LS up
Reverse In Air ElasticoFlick RS left then rightFlick RS left then right
Sombrero Flick BackwardsHold LS down, right, or leftHold LS down, right, or left
T.Around the WorldRotate RS 360 degrees then flick RS upRotate RS 360 degrees then flick RS up

FIFA 22 best 5-star skill players

Real Madrid players celebrating

As we mentioned earlier, the most advanced skill can only be done by players with the precious 5-star skills stat.

There are just over 70 players that have been awarded this status, some of which are ICONS, and many that are playing in lower leagues that won’t be used as often.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out the best 5-star skill players you should consider adding to your team.

Kylian MbappeParis Saint-GermainST91
Neymar JrParis Saint-GermainLW91
Cristiano RonaldoManchester UnitedST91
Angel Di MariaParis Saint-GermainRW87
Paul PogbaManchester UnitedCM87
Jadon SanchoManchester UnitedRM87
Riyad MahrezManchester CityRW86
Roberto FirminoLiverpoolCF85
Memphis DepayBarcelonaCF85
Juan CuadradoPiemonte CalcioRB83
Ousmane DembeleBarcelonaRW83
Vinicius JrReal MadridLW80
Allan Saint-MaximinNewcastle UnitedLM79

That was our extensive guide on how to pull off every skill move in FIFA 22. Be aware that some of these take a lot of practice to master, so be afraid to head into the arena rather than risking them in a competitive match.

For more on FIFA 22, be sure to check out our Web App guide, and the latest FUT Team of the Week.

Image credits: EA

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