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Call of Duty

Your fighter jet in Infinite Warfare’s campaign is called the ‘Jackal,’ and it’s customizable



In a new interview with IGN, Infinity Ward’s Design Director Jacob Minkoff has revealed some new details about the dynamics of space gameplay in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

In the campaign mode, players will be able to fly their own personal space-combat ready jet called the Jackal. Minkoff has revealed that players will be able to customize and upgrade the jet throughout the campaign.

“It’s kind of the Top Gun fantasy,” he explained, noting that “it’s your fighter that you get to upgrade and customize. You get to walk along the flight deck and have the flight crew preparing it for you and saluting you and you get into it and you fly out into these crazy missions that you chose to go to.”

Minkoff revealed that the Jackal “can transform between atmospheric flight mode and zero-G flight mode for when you have to dogfight in the vacuum of space.”