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First images of Mtn Dew MW3 themed bottles




According to Activision’s Dan Amrich, we wont start seeing these appear on store shelves for a few more weeks. is up but is still in teaser mode, so I expect a refresh of the design soon. The bottles actually start shipping to stores in the middle of October, but now you know exactly what to look for.”




-SOURCE: OneOfSwords Blog


Destiny 2 devs confirm the start date for December’s Iron Banner

The Crucible’s ultra-competitive 6 v 6 mode is returning in Destiny 2 with the devs confirming the start date for December’s Iron Banner.



The Crucible’s limited-time-only mode is going to making a splash in December. We have all the information on Iron Banner’s start time, release date, and rewards.

It’s time to suit up, power up, and enter the Crucible. But it’s going to a historic month for Destiny 2 and it will be the first time ever that Stasis will be seen in the arena.

Introduced in Beyond Light, Stasis is the new ice ability that could prove to be a huge factor in tipping the balance of a match. Check out when the event itself is going live and what you can look forward to with the newest round of Iron Banner.

fighting the fallen in destiny 2 beyond light

When will I be able to play it?

Lots of people look forward to Iron Banner immensely just because it is so limited. It offers a greater challenge than typical Crucible matches as it negates power level balance in favor of those with greater power levels. So it really benefits players to enter the arena armed to the teeth at the highest possible level with the best equipment.

Each team is competing to gather the most points possible by eliminating their opposition. But the turning point comes in the form of zones that, when captured, net you more points per kill.

If you’re able to hold all three zones, then not only will you achieve the maximum possible points per elimination, but the enemy team is also temporarily locked out from capturing zones – an absolute game-changer.

In Bungie‘s newest “This Week at Bungie” post, they said that:

Iron Banner begins at 9 AM on December 8, running through 9 AM on December 15.

a player using stasis in destiny 2 beyond light

A full week to slaughter and survive whilst capturing zones and earning points. The real incentive for Iron Banner comes in the form of exclusive rewards and loot. You can claim Iron Banner bounties that dish out pinnacle-powered rewards. You’ll also be able to get your hands on Iron Banner-themed loot and returning weapons and items too.

So what are you waiting for? Get leveling up and become a Guardian god.

Image credits: Bungie

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Hilarious Black Ops Cold War glitch leaves player legless

Another amusing instance of CoD gone wrong has occurred as a hilarious Black Ops Cold War glitch that leaves a player legless has surfaced.



An incredible BOCW bug is making the rounds on social media, which appears to show a player become temporarily disconnected from their body mid-game.

Imagine that you’ve just spawned and are about to seek furious vengeance on whomever just added a +1 to your death count. Now, imagine that your legs are so angry that they’re trying to get to that person before you do.

Well, that’s the sort of blink-twice moment that has happened to a CoD player recently. The almost unbelievable video isn’t something we can say has ever happened to us during a game of Call of Duty.

nuketown 84 clock in bocw

Hasn’t got the legs anymore

During a game of Nuketown, Reddit user thunder spud is casually running towards the house in front of him when a weird anomaly appears in front of him…the lower half of his avatar.

In something out of black comedy film, the legs seemingly become self-aware and realize the error of their ways. They suddenly stop and this leads to a reunion for thunder spud as he momentarily stops to rejoins his lower-half. He then carries on as if this literal out-of-body experience has never happened.

You can see the amazing video in all of its glory below.

This unexplainable aberration provoked some great responses from the community too. Some of our favorites were these:

“So this is how a 2nd person video game looks like,” “Is this a new decoy perk?” “My minds telling me nooo….but my body…my body is telling me yes”.

Others just simply showed their disappointment in the endless stream of glitches and bugs that Black Ops Cold War continues to reel out. This is probably another bullet point on Treyarch‘s to-do list that seems to be increasing day-by-day.

Image credits: Treyarch, thunder spud

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Fortnite Season 5 bug gives players free wins with Invisibility

The quicksand feature in Fortnite Season 5 has an exploit that players are using to enter God Mode and become invisible.



Fortnite Season 5 has got a game-breaking bug where players can use the new Quicksand feature to enter a God mode state – giving them free wins.

It’s not unusual for a game’s latest update to come with a few bugs. We’ve seen it happen with nearly every major franchise and Fortnite is no different. Epic Games introduced a quicksand feature in Season 5, Chapter 2 and players are taking advantage of it right away.

The mechanic is meant to offer you a way to hide from enemies while you plan your attack. It comes with the extra boost of increased movement speed, so you can use the sand to travel much faster too. The quicksand has a lot in common with props from Season 10 in Chapter 1, but it’s not without its problems.

Turns out the new movement mechanic has a bug that you can exploit to enter a God mode state.

The glitch has made it so that you can use the sand to become invisible as well as completely invulnerable, so users can easily wrack up wins by utilizing the exploit.

Plenty of players have run into the issue since Chapter 2, Season got underway – including Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey who showed off a clip of just how infuriating it can be to come up against someone who is glitched out.

This glitch is clearly game-breaking, so, Epic Games will need to roll out a patch for it as quick as possible. At the moment, though, the quicksand bug isn’t listed on the Fortnite Trello Board, so it’s likely that they haven’t caught onto the problem yet. The entire mechanic might get taken out of commission for a bit if a fix isn’t found soon.

It’s unclear whether or not there’s a specific method to follow before you can enter God mode. Until we hear from the developers about this, we’ll keep looking into the matter to see what else we can find out about the bug.

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