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First Look: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Jeep




Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Edition JEEP looks to be a worthy successor to the Black Ops Edition for one reason alone: you’ll actually be able to drive this one without terrifying neighborhood children. Where the Black Ops version was offered with over-the-top accessories like snorkels and break-away doors, the MW3 Edition is based more on stealth and designed-in utility.

Other details include updated emblems. Where BlOps used flat decals, the MW3 edition uses metallic emblems and badges to showcase its newness. This was all part of an attempt to help not only differentiate from last year’s model, but to also to emphasize the “Modern” part of the game’s name. In the very near future, it seems that sculpted features are more important that slapping basic badging on a car. Smart move, as it’s quite striking as a feature.


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SOURCE: Side Questing