During the live stream reveal, Activision shared first look at the new Headquarter feature in Call of Duty: WWII MP. This area is a social space, where fans can interact directly in-game.

Activision has stated that this place is a social area where players can interact with other community members.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Michael Condrey stated that players will be able to showcase their achievements and more in the Headquarters. Condrey says, “Imagine a Call of Duty space that provides that, anchors you in World War 2, and continues your social engagement and your attachment to your avatar in a really transformational new space with other community members.”

He further reveals that achievements will also be recognized, like prestiging in game.

“Now you have a place to really celebrate that achievement in public amongst dozens of your friends and community members,” says Condrey. GamesRadar followed up asking if the prestige achievement has a thing where players stand up on a box and get recognized; Condrey replied, “Yeah… that kind of thing,” although not specifics today.

SOURCE: Activision and GamesRadar

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