UPDATE: Here’s the latest version of the complete map with the teaser images released thus far, thanks @nehpets1999!

UPDATE 3: More teasers have come in from OMGItsAlia, MrxSoki, FRSkyRRoZ, and FantouGames:

UPDATE 2: Here’s the latest version of the images complied together:

UPDATE: Colorized images of the image, via @PrestigeIsKey:

So it begins…Treyarch has started to send out teasers for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout mode to content creators, including PrestigeIsKey, HollowPoint, DEXB0T, OGXRAYZ.

Here’s the 3 teasers, which appears to be different parts of the Blackout map:

New details on Blackout where revealed today already from GameInformer, including the player count, Zombies, map info, and more. Check our Blackout page for the latest info.

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