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Call of Duty fans have discovered a new way to get across the map in under ten seconds.

Ever been in a situation where you’re miles away from the circle and have about ten seconds to get there? Forget helicopters, Reddit user, “krayzie1877,” suggests you go and find yourself a cargo truck!

On November 27, krayzie1877 posted their newfound trick to the Blackops4 subreddit showing off the latest glitch in Blackout.

In the video, we see krayzie still in the pre-game lobby messing around with a cargo truck by themselves. They start by driving it down a cliff, hopping out while it’s still sliding down, and jumping on to the back. As the truck nears the bottom of the cliff, it starts to skid to the left and rapidly rolls over several times.

Krayzie somehow stays on top of the rotating truck and has his rocket launcher pointed to the ground. Seemingly out of nowhere, his character skyrockets off the truck and flies southeast off the map.

From their aerial position, they then shoot a couple of rockets at the map which pushes the flying contraption out of bounds and into a blue void.

The full video clip can be viewed below:

Blackout: Quickest way to get across the map… from r/Blackops4

In the comments of the post, user “Cjgrig01”, shares their own encounters with this glitch, however, in this case, the player is skyrocketed into the air while still driving the truck.

While flying trucks have been around in Blackout since the mode launched, this new rocket trick seems to push players even further than previously believed to be possible.

At the time of writing, it is unknown whether or not the glitch is on Treyarch’s radar. We will continue to provide updates on the situation as more information is made available in future game updates and announcements.

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