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Fortnite 15.40 Update patch notes: Flint-Knock Pistol, Air Royale & Floor is Lava LTMs

Fortnite’s 15.40 update brings back fan-favorite LTMs Air Royale and Floor is Lava, along with the powerful Flint-Knock Pistol.



Fortnite’s latest major patch brings back two classic LTMs, plus the Flint-Knock Pistol, as the v15.40 Update rolls out on Tuesday, February 16 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Fans of Epic’s battle royale have grown accustomed to regular updates to the game, which the developers use to keep things fresh by tinkering with the loot pool, adding new locations to the map, or by switching up the Limited-Time Modes that players can enjoy.

Hype for this week’s v15.40 patch has been high, ever since Japanese content creator Urara claimed it would be “the most amazing thing ever.” The YouTuber’s bold statement has proven to be correct, with fan-favorite LTMs Air Royale and Floor is Lava both confirmed to return.

On top of that, the powerful Flint-Knock Pistol is also making its way back into the loot pool, while the Exotics stock has been increased too. You can check out everything in the 15.40 patch below.

Fortnite players flying a Stormwing plane.

Fortnite v15.40 patch notes

Returning LTMs: Air Royale, Floor is Lava

Throughout all of Fortnite’s history, few Limited-Time Modes have captured the hearts of players quite like Air Royale and Floor is Lava. After a significant absence, both are making a welcome return to the game thanks to the 15.40 Update.

Floor is Lava originally appeared on the game’s first island, with lava slowly rising from the lowest part of the map to eventually cover every inch of the terrain. The goal? To make sure you stay above it, and be the last man or team standing while the rest have been gobbled up.

Air Royale is perfect for anyone who’s dreamed of being in Top Gun, letting players jump back into the Stormwing planes for some aerial combat.

Flint-Knock Pistol returns & Exotics change

The Flint-Knock Pistol hasn’t been seen in Fortnite since October 2019, but after a year-long absence, the powerful pistol is back in the loot pool thanks to the 15.40 Update.

The Flint-Knock certainly packs a punch, with the Common rarity dealing 86 damage, while the Uncommon boosts that up to 90. While it is strong, it does have only one bullet in its chamber, and with a reload time of three seconds, you need to be accurate to get the most out of it.

Epic have also confirmed that NPC characters across the island will also have more Exotic weapons in stock, meaning more players can use their hard-earned gold to get their hands on some serious hardware.

Fortnite's Flint-Knock Pistol

Fortnite 15.40 bug fixes

As always, Epic have been hard at work squashing bugs and fixing glitches that have been affecting the game. There isn’t an extensive list this week, but with issues addressed across battle royale, Save the World, and Creative mode, things should be a little smoother than they were before.

You can check out the full list of bug fixes thanks to the official Fortnite Trello board below.


  • Total Bars appearing as “0” in a match.
  • Purple XP Coins disappearing when driven through (without granting XP).
  • Matchmaking doesn’t start if unreadied player leaves early.

Creative Mode

  • Phone Booths do not respect island settings when players change Outfits.

Save the World

  • Mythic Lead Survivor portraits appear only as silhouettes.
  • Locating a Durrr Burger not counting towards the “Locating: Burger Break!” Ventures quest.

Image Credits: Epic Games


How to play Fortnite on iPhone & iOS devices with NVIDIA GeForce Now

Fortnite has been missing from the App Store from some time, but here’s how you can play on your iOS devices once again.



Fortnite mobile player

Fortnite was removed from Apple’s App Store in 2020 but now there’s a way to play on your iPhone and iOS devices thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

Apple and Epic Games were locked in a legal battle surrounding in-app purchases which caused Fortnite to be removed from the App Store and iOS devices in August 2020, and fans haven’t been able to play on their iPhones since.

However, thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service, Fortnite is set to return to iPhones and iPads.

Here’s how to sign up and play Fortnite on your iOS devices once again.

How to play Fortnite on iOS

fortnite explosion

Fortnite hasn’t been made available on the App Store again, you’ll need to become a GeForce Now member and sign up for the closed beta.

Here’s everything you need to do to play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Either register or sign in to GeForce Now (you don’t need to pay for a premium membership)
  2. Register for GeForce Now’s Fortnite closed beta
  3. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to Then follow the instructions to add a home screen shortcut
  4. Keep an eye on your emails for an invitation to the closed beta
  5. Once you’re invited, you can play Fortnite through GeForce Now

This will stream a touch-friendly version of Fortnite to your Apple device, so you can get back to playing Fortnite on your mobile.

When is Fortnite coming back to iOS? Closed beta start & end date

Foundation statue in Fortnite Chapter 3 map

NVIDIA revealed that Fortnite Mobile’s closed beta will begin rolling out “later in January,” so either during the week of January 17th or 24th.

As for the closed beta’s end date, NVIDIA said that “we do not have a fixed end date at this time,” so we’ll need to wait on official confirmation.

Fortnite Season 3 characters

You can link your Epic Games and NVIDIA accounts once you’ve joined the closed beta.

Here’s how to link your Epic Games and NVIDIA accounts:

  1. Open GeForce Now on Safari
  2. Go to ‘settings’
  3. Find the ‘connections’ tab
  4. Select ‘Epic Games’
  5. Log in with your Epic Games account

After you do this, your entire Fortnite account will be at your fingertips. And you only need to sign in once, too.

You can also check out Fortnite’s brand-new Battlefield 2042-style tornados and lightning strikes.

Image Credit: Epic Games / NVIDIA GeForce Now

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Where to find Fortnite telescope parts

Here’s how you can quickly complete the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season Quest to destroy and collect telescope parts.



Telescope in Fortnite

One of the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 Quests tasks you with finding and destroying three telescopes to collect their parts. Here’s how you can get this done quickly.

Fortnite’s Season Quests provide you the opportunity to earn some extra XP that will help you progress through the Battle Pass. Completing them will allow you to unlock items and cosmetic skins.

One of the Chapter 3, Season 1 Quests requires you to find and destroy three telescopes before collecting their parts in a single match. This is easy enough to do if you know where to search.

All Fortnite telescope locations

Fortnite telescope part locations

There are a total of nine telescopes on Fortnite Chapter 3’s island. These are scattered across the map at different locations. You only need to find three before destroying them so that you can collect their parts.

Here are all the telescope locations in Fortnite:

  1. North of Camp Cuddle
  2. South of Condo Canyon
  3. South-West of Coney Crossroads
  4. North East of the Daily Bugle
  5. West of Greasy Grove
  6. North of Logjam Lumberyard
  7. In Sanctuary
  8. On a small island north-east of Sanctuary
  9. On another small island east of Sanctuary

How to destroy telescope parts in Fortnite

Telescope in Fortnite

Once you find three of these telescopes, simply swing at it with your pickaxe or shoot in order to destroy it. You can then collect the components that fall off them to complete this Fortnite Season Quest.

Successfully doing this will reward you with 25,000 XP. However, you’ll need to hurry as the Quest will only remain available until January 22, 2022. After that point, you won’t be able to attempt it.

For more Fortnite, check out how to get struck by Lightning in Fortnite and everything we know about Fortnite’s leaked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crossover.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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How to get struck by Lightning in Fortnite

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s new Lightning weather effect, and how to get struck by it.



Lighting in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fornite added dynamic weather with the January 11 hotfix, which makes Lightning strike the Chapter 3 island. You can get a massive speed boost by being struck by Lightning, so here’s how.

Fortnite has introduced some Battlefield 2042-style weather effects that are sure to change how you play the battle royale. These include Tornadoes and Lightning, and each gives you a nifty boost if you can get near enough.

Here’s how to get struck by Lighting in Fortnite, and what happens when you do.

How to get struck by Lightning in Fortnite

Lightning striking in Fortnite

Epic Games revealed that to get struck by Lightning, you need to go underneath a storm cloud and either stand on a blue mark, be in water, or be on the highest land point below it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting struck by Lightning:

  1. Look out for the storm clouds forming over the Fortnite island
  2. Go directly beneath the storm cloud
  3. Look for the glowing blue mark on the ground
  4. Stand on the blue mark
  5. Move off before you take any fire damage

The easiest method is looking out for the glowing blue marks on the ground. These will tell you exactly where the Lightning is set to strike, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. But be sure to move off before you take extra damage from the fire that the Lightning bolt strikes.

Luckily though, “Lightning doesn’t strike twice back-to-back,” so you don’t need to worry about getting immediately hit again.

What happens if you get struck by Lightning in Fortnite?

Getting struck by Lightning in Fortnite will deal 10 damage and give you the chili pepper speed effect for roughly 12 seconds.

You’ll need to decide if the damage is worth the speed boost, but it could give your opponent a nice surprise when you build over them faster than usual.

You’ll need to be careful though, as the Lightning bolts will set fire to anything they touch. So you’ll need to move off before you take even more damage through fire.

And that’s everything you need to know about getting struck by Lightning in Fortnite.

You can also check out everything we know about Fortnite’s leaked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crossover.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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