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Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration Event: Start time, quests, and rewards

Fortnite players can participate in the new Cosmic Summer Celebration event to earn rewards, and here’s everything you need to know about it.



Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration

Epic Games have a brand new celebration that you can participate in to earn rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration event, including when it starts.

The Fortnite Season 7 update has changed up the battle royale, and there’s a ton of new content for you to enjoy, including a brand-new Battle Pass containing popular characters like Rick Sanchez and Superman.

Now, Epic Games have announced a brand new event to celebrate the beginning of Summer. The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration event will bring a plethora of in-game rewards new quests for you to complete.

When is the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration?

Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Celebration will take place on

Epic Games announced this event through the official Fortnite Twitter account on June 19. While we don’t know everything just yet, they did confirm the Cosmic Summer Celebration’s date as June 22, 2021.

According to some leaked details on the PlayStation Store, the celebration will tie into the live event that will take place on Believer Beach, and is set to begin at the following times globally:

  • 9:00 am EST
  • 6:00 am PST
  • 12:00 pm BST
  • 1:00 pm CEST
  • 11:00 pm ACT

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration quests and rewards

This new event has a variety of in-game rewards and summer-themed quests for you to explore. There will be new ones each day during the event, but notable leaker HYPEX has revealed them early on.

Here’s the full list of Cosmic Summer Celebration challenges that you can complete:

  • Deal damage to players in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio (1,000)
  • Get headshot eliminations in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio (10)
  • Gain Health or Apply Shields in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio (500)
  • Assist teammates with eliminations in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio (50)
  • Spend coins to buy items at the vending machine in Pro 100 (10)
  • Deal damage to players with a rocket launcher in Pro 100 (1,000)
  • Revive teammates in Pro 100 (20)
  • Travel 5,000 meters in X-4 Stormwings in Freaky Flights (5,000)
  • Spend coins to buy items at the vending machine in Freaky Flights (50)
  • Eliminate players while in a X-4 Stormwing in Freaky Flights (25)
  • Build structures in The Pit (500)
  • Destroy structure in The Pit (500)
  • Eliminate players with 5 different types of weapons in a single The Pit match (5)
  • Get headshots in The Pit (50)
Peely the banana in Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Celebration

Completing two challenges will unlock the Believer Beach loading screen, and completing six gets you the icy pop wrap for weapons and vehicles. Finally, successful completion of 12 quests grants you the Lil’ Treat emote.

You’ll notice that these Fortnite Cosmic Summer quests are all based on different Community Creation LTMs, and many of them are fairly straightforward.

The first one requires you to deal 100 damage to opponents in the Bios Zone Wars Trios game mode. This will net you the Brain Freeze Slurpberry as a reward.

If you score ten headshots in the same mode, you’ll complete another goal but will receive no additional reward. You can apply 500 shields or health in it to get the Firecracker Freefall contrail.

Bios Zone Wars in Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Celebration

50 assists from allies will help you earn the Cloud Coral Board, and you can spend ten coins at the vending machine in the Pro 100 minigame for the Brain Freeze Slimeberry.

Dealing 100 damage with a rocket launcher in Pro 100 gets you the Beach Blast music, and you can do 20 revivals for the Cloudy Cat Board reward.

Freaky Flights is a mini-game that takes the battle to the skies. You’ll need to fly 5000 meters in a X-4 Stormwing for the Brain Freeze Orangeberry reward. You can get this done by flying in circles around the area.

During this mini-game, you can spend 50 coins at the vending machine to get the Ka-Bang! wrap. Successfully eliminate 25 players with your X-4 to win the Cloud Crew Board.

Freaky Flights in Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Celebration

In the Pit, you can build 500 structures through the in-game construction mechanic to get the Brain Freeze Whirlberry. Once you’ve finished building those structures, you can destroy them all for the Stellar Sipper emote.

Keep 5 different weapons on you, and use them all to eliminate players in a single match of The Pit to get the Marshmallets pickaxe. If you manage to land 50 headshots while doing this, then you will also get the Golden Wave Board.

Believer Beach disappears in the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration

There’s was theory floating around that the Believer Beach event will cause the total destruction of Coral Castle. A leaked image from data miner TheFoundoFN_7 showed a completely different POI in its place.

Then on the morning of June 22, the whole area disappeared from the Island. Players noticed that a few buildings at Holly Hedges also mysteriously vanished around the same time.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account then tweeted that they were “investigating” this, but it’s likely that this was an intentional change to build-up hype for the Cosmic Summer party.

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration event will take place right before the Epic Games offices close for their annual two-week Summer break. We’ll be sure to update this article with more details as they’re announced.

There’s also another event planned for this week in the form of the Thanos cup. This will bring the mad titan back as a new skin, years after his LTM debut in the battle royale.

For more Fortnite Season 7 news, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, and be sure to check out our guide on how to level up the Season 7 Battle Pass as fast as possible.

Image credits: Epic Games


How to defeat Riot for Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Quest

Here’s how you can quickly complete the Fortnite Week 7 Epic Quest to find and defeat the NPC Riot which will grant you some exciting rewards.



Riot in Fortnite

There are brand-new challenges to complete in Week 7 of Fortnite Season 7, and one of the Epic Quests requires you to defeat the NPC Riot. Here’s how you can find him and get this done.

Week 7 of Fortnite Season 7 has brand-new weekly challenges for you to complete, with a variety of different tasks to perform. These include stoking campfires and constructing Wooden Hatcheries.

One Epic Quest has you search for a Fortnite NPC Riot and then defeat him in battle. This character will put up a fight, so this guide will provide his location along with some tips for defeating him.

Riot in Fortnite

Where to find Riot in Fortnite Season 7

There are various NPCs scattered across Fortnite Island, and each one serves a different purpose, such as selling weapons or protecting the player. Riot will fire at you on sight, so be ready for a battle.

You can find this NPC on the west side of the Yellow Steel Bridge between Misty Meadow and Catty Corner. Make sure you collect some solid weapons and gear before going to battle against Fortnite Riot, as he will be hostile.

We’ve marked this location on the map below.

fortnite riot location

Simply take cover as much as possible by building structures or using your surroundings. Once he stops firing at you, you can take your opportunity to shoot him down. Luckily, he isn’t too difficult to bring down.

We recommend keeping a few shield potions on you just in case since the aim of Fortnite Riot is deadly. Once he’s down, you’ll be able to loot him for gear, and the game will reward you with 30,000 XP, so it is definitely worth it to take the time to find Fortnite Riot and defeat the NPC.

For more Fortnite, check out how to complete all the Ferrari challenges in Fortnite and how to mark an Alien Egg for one of the Season 7, Week 7 quests.

Image credits: Epic Games

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How to mark an Alien Egg in Fortnite Season 7, Week 7 Quest

Here’s how you can complete the Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Legendary Quest that requires you to mark an Alien Egg.



Alien eggs in Fortnite

There are brand-new Quests to complete in Week 7 of Fortnite Season 7, and here’s how you can complete the Legendary challenge that requires you to mark an Alien Egg.

Week 7 of Fortnite Season 7 is here, and there are brand-new weekly challenges for you to complete so that you can earn XP and Battle Stars. These include tasks like stoking campfires and constructing Wooden Hatcheries.

One of this week’s Legendary Quests tasks you with finding and marking an Alien Egg. These aren’t found all over the map, so this guide will help you out by letting you know where to look.

Alien Egg locations in Fortnite Season 7

Alien egg in Fortnite

After the Alien invasion arrived, many changes came to Fortnite Island. Holly Hedges has been changed to Holly Hatchery, and it’s the area that you’ll need to visit for this Legendary Quest.

This location has changed into a farm for Alien Eggs in Season 7, and there’s a low gravity biome in the area. Head over there, and look for little green orbs that are sprouting out of the ground.

You can also check the southwest portion of the purple crater in the center of the map.

Alien Egg locations in Fortnite Season 7

You only need to mark one Alien Egg so make your way to either one of these locations. After you come across one, you can mark it by pinging its location on your map. So use the mouse scroll, or the left D-pad button.

Once that’s done, you’ll earn a total of 30,000 XP. You can also complete the rest of the weekly challenges to earn some extra XP and Battle Stars.

Also, check out how to complete all the Ferrari challenges in Fortnite.

Image credits: Epic Games

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All NPC locations in Fortnite Season 7

Here are the locations for each of Fortnite Season 7’s NPCs who you can duel, hire, and pay to turn you into a prop.



Fortnite Season 7 NPC Locations

Fortnite Season 7 features various wacky NPCs you can visit around the island, so here are all of the Fortnite NPC locations for whenever you might need to find these individuals.

Along with the beginning of Fortnite Season 7 came map changes and the introduction of some new NPCs such as Guggimon and Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez. By spending Gold Bars, these NPCs can be hired to fight for you, duel you for some great loot, or turn you into a prop.

To complete your collection of every character, you need to find all 19 scattered around the Fortnite map. This can be tricky as Fortnite doesn’t tell you where they’re located, but we have the location of every NPC to help you out.

Here’s every Fortnite Season 7 NPCs and their location on the updated map.

All Fortnite Season 7 NPC locations

Fortnite Season 7 NPC locations

Thanks to the website Fortnite.GG, we’ve got the location of every NPC discovered in Fortnite Season 7 so far. Fortnite.GG has also marked each character to tell you if they’re hireable, can be dueled, or will turn you into a Prop for the right price.

Here are the detailed locations of each Fortnite Season 7 NPC:

  1. Abstract: North-east side of Retail Row
  2. Guggimon: By the lighthouse on the north-west side of the island
  3. Sunny: On the boardwalk in Believer Beach
  4. Bunker Jonesy: On the south coast, south-west of Misty Meadows
  5. Bushranger: North-side of the Zero Point remains at the center of the island
  6. Dreamflower: North-east of Holly Hedges
  7. Joey: West-side of Dirty Docks
  8. Hayseed: Steel Farm to the north-east of Corny Complex
  9. Marigold: South-east side of Lazy Lake
  10. Maven: IO base between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks
  11. Rick Sanchez: IO Base east of Weeping Woods
  12. Riot: Bridge west of Misty Meadows
  13. Rook: IO Base south-west of Dirty Docks
  14. Special Forces: Bunker door south-east of Lazy Lake
  15. Swamp Stalker: Coast south of Slurpy Swamp
  16. Doctor Slone: Corny Complex
  17. Kymera: Several locations around Coral Castle
  18. Zig and Choppy: South-West corner of the Zero Point remains
  19. Human Bill: North-east bulding of Steamy Stacks

Like the Mending Machines, bear in mind that not every one of these NPCs is guaranteed to spawn in every match of Fortnite, so you may arrive and not find them there. Also, NPCs are known to move around, so we’ll update you if they are found in any more locations.

fortnite rick sanchez

More NPCs are expected to be added over the course of the season, so we’ll update this article with any new character and their location.

As Fortnite Season 7 progresses, you’ll probably be tasked with finding several of these NPCs to complete the weekly challenges on offer. So it’s well worth studying up and learning their locations to give you the edge in completing these.

Image Credit: Epic Games / Fortnite.GG

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