The free ‘Sandbox’ map is now live in Call of Duty: WWII for the Xbox One and PC.

Originally released during the ‘Days of Summer’ Community Event, Sandbox was first available to PlayStation 4 users 30 days before other platforms.

Sandbox shrinks players into tiny, toy soldier figurines, and places them into an actual sandbox to battle it out.

Although the ‘Days of Summer’ event ended on August 28, Xbox One and PC users will still have time to experience the Sandbox map after the conclusion of the Community Event.

A short trailer for Sandbox can be viewed below at the 0:12 mark.


“Days of Summer features the action-packed Sandbox map. Transform yourself into a plastic toy soldier and battle for victory in a beachside sandbox. Play a mix of game modes in the Sandbox Moshpit playlist, featuring Prop Hunt and other fan favorites.”

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