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Here are all the camos you can unlock exclusively in Black Ops 4 Zombies.

Come across a cool looking camo in Multiplayer that you’ve never seen before? Well that’s because there is a whole array of gun camos in Black Ops 4 that can only be unlocked through the Zombies mode.

While you’ll have to work your way through PvP to nab some sweet decals like Diamond and Dark Matter, that’s not all there is. Here are all the camos that Zombies players get to treat themselves to after decimating swarms of the undead.

These images come from Reddit user ‘DellHappyStore’ who inspected them all on the MOG 12 on Icebreaker in Multiplayer. If you want to inspect guns yourself, it’s as simple as tapping left d-pad when in game.

To earn these camos, players need to complete each subsequent camo before progressing to the next.

For example, to earn the Spore camo on the Strife, players need have earned the Gutter Ball camo by getting 1500 kills when the gun is Pack-a-Punched. After getting those 1500 kills, you then have to get an additional 1500 kills without any attachments to unlock Spore. Pretty straightforward.

Treyarch has said on a October 19 Reddit post that “Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter camos will be coming to Zombies in a future update. We hear you loud and clear.” There is still no update on when these new camos will make their appearance in Black Ops 4 Zombies.

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