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Perks are a mainstay in the Call of Duty franchise and each release brings about variations and new designs. Each studio has their own take on the power of perks and every year the dynamics of perks change. Over the course of 10 years, there have been very interesting and unique options.

Whether you are here for nostalgia or want to see what you missed out on, this list contains something for everyone.

We’ll go ahead and split the review of noteworthy perks into two categories: Powerful Perks & Unique Perks. Powerful Perks include highlights of overpowered or otherwise amazing perks that dominated the gamescape in the past titles. Unique Perks will go through some of the odder options given to us over the years (this includes peculiarly underpowered perks)…there are quite a few.

Powerful Perks

  • Stopping Power (CoD4, MW2, WaW): Increases bullet damage
  • 3x Frag (CoD4): Three of the most powerful grenades in CoD history
  • Juggernaut (CoD4, WaW): Increased health
  • Last Stand (CoD4, MW2, WaW): Upon lethal damage, fall to the ground and remain fighting with a pistol
  • Martydom (CoD4, WaW): Upon death, drop an uncooked frag grenade
  • Commando (MW2): Extreme increase in melee range
  • Danger Close (MW2, Ghosts, BO2): Increased explosives damage
  • Assassin: Blocks signature from showing on enemy UAV scans
  • Recon Pro (MW3): Bullet damage highlights targets on the mini-map for 12 seconds
  • Hardline Pro (MW3): Every two assists count as a kill for killstreaks
  • Stalker (MW3): Full speed ADS movement
  • Marksman (MW3): Identify targets from longer range (names pop up from long distances)
  • Toughness (Black Ops 2): Reduces all flinch from incoming fire
  • Dead Silence: Reduce footstep sounds (Effect varies from game to game).
  • ICU (Ghosts): Faster health regeneration
  • Blast Suppressor (Black Ops 3, AW): Reduced booster pack/EXO sounds
  • Sixth Sense (Black Ops 3): Shows nearby enemies’ direction on the mini-map

Unique Perks

  • Eavesdrop (CoD4): Hear enemy in-game voice chat
  • M2 Flamethrower (WaW): Equips the player with a flamethrower
  • Toss Back (WaW): Reset the fuse of thrown-back grenades
  • Fireproof (WaW): Reduces damage done by fire
  • Reconnaissance (WaW): Exposes all Artillery, Dogs, and Tanks on the mini-map
  • Vehicle Perks: A set of five perks that affected the effectiveness of tanks in World at War
  • One Man Army (MW2): Allows class-switching in-game, takes the place the secondary weapon
  • Scrambler (MW2): Jams nearby enemy radars
  • Hacker Pro (Black Ops): Booby trap enemy care packages
  • Team Player (Black Ops: DS): Appear as a friend on enemy radar
  • Fast Hands (Black Ops: DS): Defuse/plant the bomb faster in Sabotage
  • Protections (Black Ops: DS): Five seconds on invincibility on spawn
  • Takedown (Ghosts): Killed enemies don’t have a skull mark
  • Wire-Tap (Ghosts): Turn enemy SAT-COM into friendly SAT-COMs
  • Gambler (Ghosts): Receive a random perk
  • Peripherals (Advanced Warfare): Wider mini-map
  • Tracker (Black Ops 3, IW, BO4): See recent enemy footsteps
  • Pin Point (IW): Outline enemies when dealing or taking damage
  • Team Link (BO4): See teammates’ outlines through walls and wider fog-of-war
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