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Full list of the most unique and powerful Perks in Call of Duty history



Perks are a mainstay in the Call of Duty franchise and each release brings about variations and new designs. Each studio has their own take on the power of perks and every year the dynamics of perks change. Over the course of 10 years, there have been very interesting and unique options.

Whether you are here for nostalgia or want to see what you missed out on, this list contains something for everyone.

We’ll go ahead and split the review of noteworthy perks into two categories: Powerful Perks & Unique Perks. Powerful Perks include highlights of overpowered or otherwise amazing perks that dominated the gamescape in the past titles. Unique Perks will go through some of the odder options given to us over the years (this includes peculiarly underpowered perks)…there are quite a few.

Powerful Perks

  • Stopping Power (CoD4, MW2, WaW): Increases bullet damage
  • 3x Frag (CoD4): Three of the most powerful grenades in CoD history
  • Juggernaut (CoD4, WaW): Increased health
  • Last Stand (CoD4, MW2, WaW): Upon lethal damage, fall to the ground and remain fighting with a pistol
  • Martydom (CoD4, WaW): Upon death, drop an uncooked frag grenade
  • Commando (MW2): Extreme increase in melee range
  • Danger Close (MW2, Ghosts, BO2): Increased explosives damage
  • Assassin: Blocks signature from showing on enemy UAV scans
  • Recon Pro (MW3): Bullet damage highlights targets on the mini-map for 12 seconds
  • Hardline Pro (MW3): Every two assists count as a kill for killstreaks
  • Stalker (MW3): Full speed ADS movement
  • Marksman (MW3): Identify targets from longer range (names pop up from long distances)
  • Toughness (Black Ops 2): Reduces all flinch from incoming fire
  • Dead Silence: Reduce footstep sounds (Effect varies from game to game).
  • ICU (Ghosts): Faster health regeneration
  • Blast Suppressor (Black Ops 3, AW): Reduced booster pack/EXO sounds
  • Sixth Sense (Black Ops 3): Shows nearby enemies’ direction on the mini-map

Unique Perks

  • Eavesdrop (CoD4): Hear enemy in-game voice chat
  • M2 Flamethrower (WaW): Equips the player with a flamethrower
  • Toss Back (WaW): Reset the fuse of thrown-back grenades
  • Fireproof (WaW): Reduces damage done by fire
  • Reconnaissance (WaW): Exposes all Artillery, Dogs, and Tanks on the mini-map
  • Vehicle Perks: A set of five perks that affected the effectiveness of tanks in World at War
  • One Man Army (MW2): Allows class-switching in-game, takes the place the secondary weapon
  • Scrambler (MW2): Jams nearby enemy radars
  • Hacker Pro (Black Ops): Booby trap enemy care packages
  • Team Player (Black Ops: DS): Appear as a friend on enemy radar
  • Fast Hands (Black Ops: DS): Defuse/plant the bomb faster in Sabotage
  • Protections (Black Ops: DS): Five seconds on invincibility on spawn
  • Takedown (Ghosts): Killed enemies don’t have a skull mark
  • Wire-Tap (Ghosts): Turn enemy SAT-COM into friendly SAT-COMs
  • Gambler (Ghosts): Receive a random perk
  • Peripherals (Advanced Warfare): Wider mini-map
  • Tracker (Black Ops 3, IW, BO4): See recent enemy footsteps
  • Pin Point (IW): Outline enemies when dealing or taking damage
  • Team Link (BO4): See teammates’ outlines through walls and wider fog-of-war

Call of Duty: Warzone

5 things we want to see in CoD: Warzone Season 3

After Warzone’s nuke event on April 21, the next season is set to begin. Here are five things we’d like to see in Warzone Season 3.



Warzone Downtown location

Warzone Season 3 is almost here, so we’re counting down the top five things we’d most like to see in the next major update for Call of Duty’s battle royale.

Warzone Season 2 has certainly had its ups and downs with players having invisibility and invincibility, incredibly overpowered weapons dominating the season, and wins not tracking. However, Season 2 has set the stage for Warzone’s biggest event to date – the end of Verdansk.

Raven Software has also confirmed that the community is being listened to, and promised welcome changes for the next season, some of which have already been delivered.

With Warzone Season 3 expected to launch on April 22, fans are eagerly awaiting the next season, where we can expect new weapons, Operators, and a major overhaul to Verdansk.

Here are the top five things we want to see in Warzone Season 3 and beyond.

5. Make rocks easier to traverse

It’s long been a complaint that certain rocks in Verdansk are impossible to climb. Although only being about waist high, rather than mantling them like you would a wall or vehicle, you frustratingly mash up against them.

Mara vaulting in Warzone

Getting caught at these rocks with the zone on your heels, or enemies above you, you’re stuck at the bottom with little option other than running around until you can find an area you can actually climb.

Verdansk is expected to receive a 1980s overhaul going into Season 3, so if developers added climbable surfaces to these rocks in this update, this would be a huge quality of life change.

4. More variety in Field Upgrades and Killstreaks

Having a greater variety of Field Upgrades and Killstreaks was also included in our five things we’d love to see in Warzone Year 2, but Season 3 would be the perfect time to include them. If Verdansk undergoes the expected 1980s overhaul, there’s no better time to include Scorestreaks and Field Upgrades from Black Ops Cold War.

Black ops cold war scorestreaks

Stopping Power Rounds and Dead Silence are arguably one of Warzone’s more frustrating aspects, as a player can get a huge advantage just by finding these pick-ups. While this is the nature of a battle royale game, there are perhaps some more balanced options, such as the Jammer and Field Mic.

We’ve been using Cluster Strikes and Precision Strikes for over a year now, so it would also be great to have different options – perhaps the Napalm Strike.

3. Changes to Warzone’s vehicles

Vehicles have always been powerful in Warzone. Whether you’re using them to squash helpless opponents caught in the open, or leaping out of the truck at the last minute to have enemies guessing where you are, they are one of the most common strategies to score easy kills.

CoD Warzone vehicle

It would do a lot for the balance of the game to have vehicles as a means of transport, rather than an easy kill.

Here are some things developers could do to balance vehicles:

  • Have a ‘stun effect’ when players jump out of a vehicle moving at full speed
  • Longer animation for exiting vehicles
  • Allow players to deal a small amount of damage when shooting the driver/passenger through the doors/roof.
  • Players take a small amount of damage when crashing vehicles
  • Add damage brackets for vehicle damage and speed – e.g a slow-moving vehicle would only deal half the damage

Raven Software would have to playtest these features to see how they work in Warzone, but taking away vehicles’ more offensive capabilities would make for a more balanced experience.

Warzone Solos match’s end games are chock-full of players roaming in the safety of Berthas, so at the very least, they should be removed from the Solo game mode.

2. Higher time to kill

Since Black Ops Cold War weapons’ integration in Season 1, the game’s time to kill (TTK) has decreased significantly. At their most powerful, the DMR, FFAR 1, AUG, and M16 have all been able to delete players before their opponents can react.

CoD Warzone FFAR

While some weapons will always be better than others, certain Cold War weapons’ TTK means there are no other viable options. If you’re not using the most powerful weapons, it will be next to impossible to win face on face gunfights.

If TTK was increased across the board, Warzone players could have much more variety in their weapon choice and playstyle.

Devs could increase the time to kill in a couple of ways. They could increase players’ health from 150 to 200 or they could add another armor plate slot. Alternatively, they could give a massive overhaul to Cold War’s weapons, bringing them more in line with Modern Warfare’s.

Increasing the TTK would make Verdansk a more even playing field and would let fights be decided with those with better reaction time and accuracy, rather than the player who shoots first or has the better weapon.

1. More Warzone developer transparency

Ahead of Season 3, Call of Duty veteran and streamer CouRage tweeted Warzone’s developers his wishlist of things he’d like to see changed. Raven Software responded to the tweet, confirming fixes for some of Warzone’s more frustrating aspects.

This was great! The Roze skin, for example, has been almost impossible to see in dark corners since its arrival in Modern Warfare Season 5’s Battle Pass, and the community has been crying out for change. This change has now been confirmed, along with nerfs to the insanely over-powered M16, FFAR 1, and Sykov.

If Raven Software can keep this level of dialogue open throughout Season 3 and beyond, it’ll be comforting to know that the community’s voice is being heard and the game is being changed for the better.

With these five changes, Warzone Season 3 could be the game’s best season yet. And even if they don’t happen, we can’t wait to experience the nuking of Verdansk.

What do you want to see in Warzone Season 3? Be sure to let us know on our CharlieINTEL Facebook Page and CharlieINTEL Twitter Page!

Image Credit: Activision

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Apex Legends

3 quality-of-life changes to make Apex Legends better on console

Apex Legends developers can make the game even better with these three quality of life changes for console players.



Apex Legends three ways to improve quality of life on console

Apex Legends is a great game on console that has a lot more settings and options available for players unlike other FPS’s of its kind. However, there is still a few things that can make it even better.

Apex Legends developers do such a great job at communicating with the player community, responding to questions, and even implementing requested changes.

The game feels great on console, with a next-gen upgrade sure to be coming in the future. The devs have implemented many settings on the console that we usually only see on PC, such as a FOV slider and Advanced Look Controls.

Although the devs seem to stay on top of community requested changes and bugs, there is three quality of life changes we’d like to see enter the game in the future.

Voice chat volume adjuster

Currently, in Apex Legends on console, there is no option to increase or decrease the volume of in-game voice chat. This can be very off-putting and even ruin games due to bad communication between teammates.

It seems cross-play may also be a reason for this, as Xbox players are significantly quieter for PlayStation players, which is something many in the community have noticed. If this is fixed, it would be a great quality of life change for those who life to solo and duo que.

Covert teammate text to chat

Although there is an option to convert this already, it also converts your own voice to text chat and anyone else using a mic, which can be extremely off-putting for the teammates who are already communicating through voice chat.

It would be nice to see an option to convert text to chat without affecting those who are using microphones; a quality-of-life change not many are talking about.

The current option console players have is to convert text chat to an automated voice, like iPhone’s Siri. However, this can be extremely annoying and even hard to make out what people are trying to communicate.

Apex Legends quality of life changes voice chat

Make no fill stick

No fill was added into the game during the Chaos Theory event update, but there is one issue with it that would be a great quality of life change. Before you enter a game, players now have the option to no fill, which means they will enter without teammates, whether in Trios or Duos.

The one issue is that after you select this option, once you return to the lobby the option gets reset. It would be a small, but meaningful change improving the game’s quality of life.

For more on Apex Legends, check out our article on the coming changes for season 9 and keep it locked on Charlie Intel.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Call of Duty 2021

8 things we want to see in Call of Duty 2021

Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War has kept fans ticking over nicely in the 1980s, but here are 8 things we want to see in Call of Duty 2021.



call of duty 2021 features

Black Ops Cold War has offered CoD fans plenty of amazing memories thanks to its intriguing campaign, feisty online multiplayer, and intense Zombies. But now we start to delve into our future wants and wishes with 8 things we want in Call of Duty 2021.

It’s all well and good living in the moment as we are doing with Black Ops Cold War, and Warzone to an extent, but sometimes you have to start looking forward. Before long, Activision’s latest round of frenetic first-person shooter action will be here, and everyone will have their own wishlist of ideas for it.

Cold War has delivered countless hours of fun for players to dive into, but there’s always room for improvement.

So without any further ado, here are 8 things we would desperately love to see in Call of Duty 2021.

1. A campaign

call of duty general shepherd

We’re certain the mistakes of Black Ops 4 won’t be repeated, but we need Call of Duty to remain faithful to its roots and deliver a compelling campaign.

Whether you’re someone who dispenses with the storytelling theatrics and dives into the online, or someone who loves a good campaign, CoD should always have to remain true to its identity. The exploits of Bell, Adler, and the gang in Black Ops Cold was a fun foray and we need more of it.

2. The return of sniping

call of duty sniping overgrown

Black Ops Cold War has some beastly snipers, we’re looking at you LW3 Tundra, but there are so few of them and so few maps that accommodate them that it’s hard to become invested.

It’s extremely rare that you’ll be killed by a Sniper Rifle, whether by hardscoping or quickscoping, and it feels like that element of CoD has fallen by the wayside. Call of Duty 2021 needs maps with longer channels and more viable Sniper Rifles to help bring back the glory days.

3. More content on launch

call of duty nuketown

2019’s Modern Warfare pretty much bucked the trend when it came to delivering content for its reboot. Instead of launching with a large amount of content, it focused more on drip-feeding new maps and game modes throughout its lifespan.

This philosophy was adopted by Black Ops Cold War and meant that Treyarch’s Cold War-era shooter only launched with eight original 6v6 maps. It’s true that the new Fireteam mode also contained fresh maps, but they weren’t available for 6v6.

We’ve had the likes of The Pines, Apocalypse, and Nuketown added to the original line-up. Whilst it must understandably be hard to keep on top of new 6v6 Gunfight, Fireteam, Zombies, and Outbreak content, lots of players are only interested in 6v6 and need more of these maps to retain their interest.

4. More fan feedback to bugs and glitches

call of duty glitch

Sometimes being left out in the lurch can alienate fans and make them feel like they’re not being listened to, when in fact they are. Between the weekly updates and constant patch notes, the devs are always hard at work trying to maintain multiple areas of CoD games.

The devs for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone do listen, and this is reflected in replies to Tweets, Reddit posts, and acknowledgment of issues that are visible on the game’s respective Trello pages. It just might be an idea to update players a bit more regularly with updates and confirm that certain problems are being addressed to reassure the fanbase.

5. More Zombies & Outbreak

call of duty cold war zombies outbreak

We wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a proper Spec Ops mode like Modern Warfare 2 in CoD 2021, if not, then another tussle with the undead will more than suffice.

One of the breakout successes to come from Black Ops Cold War was the Season 2 addition of Outbreak mode. A brand new open-world Zombies game mode that shared more in common with Warzone than it did regular Zombies. If we can expand upon this even further, introduce more quests, more abilities, then Outbreak could break out into one of CoD’s best aspects, if not the best.

6. World Warzone 2?

call of duty warzone

Warzone has categorically changed Call of Duty forever as its endlessly replayable adaptation of battle royale has been an indescribable success. But if the rumor of a new World War 2 game is accurate, is it time to outlast 100+ players in a war-torn muddy battlefield soaked in blood, rain, and trenches?

The change of setting and scenery could be absolutely fascinating with destroyed buildings allowing for tense and chaotic fights. Tanks and planes strewn about the place, and monuments stricken by total war. Warzone could easily crossover into World War and seamlessly create a whole new, fresh experience for players to engage in.

7. More Hardcore modes

call of duty hardcore game mod

We feel that not enough love is shown to the Hardcore variants of some of Call of Duty’s best modes. Lots of players enjoy living life on the edge in Hardcore knowing that one small mistake will see their reduced health crumble in one shot.

Yet, the likes of Hardpoint, Gunfight, Fireteam, and many more are all absent from the Hardcore playlist options in Black Ops Cold War. There’s no reason why Hardcore gamers should be missing out on all the fun.

8. Ranked Play from the beginning

call of duty ranked play

This revisits the argument about having extra content from the get-go, but for a large part of the community, Ranked Play is the be-all and end-all.

Rule restrictions and equipment barriers provide a pure test of skill. Many advanced CoD players perhaps don’t feel challenged by the perceived weakness of traditional lobbies, and Ranked Play gives them that challenge. Cold War took nearly five months to add Ranked Play when it really should be available from the start.

Those are all the things we absolutely want to see in Call of Duty: 2021.

Is there anything we’ve missed out? Is there something else the game really needs? Be sure to let us know on our CharlieINTEL Facebook Page and CharlieINTEL Twitter Page!

Image credits: Activision

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