Infinity Ward has confirmed that more updates are on the way to Modern Warfare following the patch on November 8 that brought many requested changes.

Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot has noted on Twitter that updates coming include:


  • More weapon updates, including FAL changes
  • Spawn Updates
  • More footstep adjustments for ADS and crouch movement

The spawns in Modern Warfare across majority of the maps have been questionable thus far – with spawn trapping, locations flipping, and more causing many players to be upset. Hopefully the new update can address many of those issues.

The studio’s Comms Manager also confirmed on Twitter that they are working on fixing bugs related to tracking challenges in-game, which has led to many challenges remaining uncompleted.


Infinity Ward has delivered many updates so far with more to come. November 8th also marks the first free content drop for Modern Warfare with two new maps and Hardpoint game mode.

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