GameInformer has interviewed Activision CEO about the innovation and features regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts.



  • Re-confirms DLC will be coming first to Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Developing for next-gen has been challenging
  • Activision has heavily invested in developing Ghosts for “cross generation.” Deep investment in next-gen to set the “gold standard for the next-gen like we did the current gen.”
  • Confirmed that Neversoft and Raven Software are assisting Infinity Ward in development of Ghosts. Sledgehammer Games “are working on some other stuff we haven’t announced yet.”
  • Activision plans to have Ghosts as a launch title for Xbox One
  • Acitivison CEO on MP changes: “The map impacting change on you and you impacting change on the map becomes a strategic weapon now that can be used against you or for you. The whole idea of learning the maps and learning the flow is going to take on a whole new level of strategy. I think that’s a big change. The same goes for character customization. “
  • Ghosts has all new story, new characters, new world.
  • Stephen Gaghan “has an office at Infinity Ward.” Working directly with the team to come up with the story, ideas, and more.
  • “You’re going to see us take that to a whole new level. A seamless second screen experience will be integral to next gen.”

SOURCE: GameInformer

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