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GameInformer has shared a rapid fire interview with Infinity Ward’s Studio Art Director, Joel Emslie, asking the studio 129 questions about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The video is live now, and we have summary here of what they talked about:

  • Modern Warfare is a whole new story line
  • No missions will mirror any old MW series missions in the campaign
  • In regards to remakes of COD4 maps: “We’ll have to wait and see…”
  • There are “many” MP modes that have not been announced
  • Joel’s favorite mode is Ground War because he “likes larger player counts”
  • Vehicle controls are different than that of Black Ops 4. “We’re creating a totally different game here.”
  • The game has realistic ballistics to weapons in all modes
  • You’ll notice bullet drop “through a well magnified optic”
  • “Engineers tell me its difficult” in regards to making cross platform play a reality
  • “Not focused on microtransactions” at this point
  • “We’ll have to wait and see” in regards to a Battle Royale mode in Modern Warfare
  • Campaign in MW is in similar length in that of the original MW games
  • The game is “not political”
  • Game story has made him cry
  • Spec Ops mode “has so much more depth than it did before”
  • Spec Ops is a “continuation of the campaign”
  • They intend to support Spec Ops post launch
  • Spec Ops does support split-screen
  • MP supports split-screen
  • “We didn’t want to put a number on Call of Duty 4” but always wanted it to be Modern Warfare
  • “I’m just focused on this” game in a response to Modern Warfare 2 Remastered
  • Beenox, High Moon, and Raven helping with Modern Warfare
  • It’s a new engine, not a “new” engine
  • No Zombies
  • Emsile really wished he worked on Call of Duty: Ghosts

You can watch the entire video here.

More GameInformer coverage will be releasing all month long. Stay tuned!

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