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Today was the first offical day for GAMESCOM 2011. NOW Gamer had a chance to sit down and play the never before seen, Spec-Ops: MISSIONS. Not to be confused with Spec-Ops: SURVIVAL which was also on display on the show floor. Sledgehammer Games also confirmed that they are also showing a NEW Survival map called “Paris”.

Spec-Ops MISSION: ‘Invisible Threat’ details:
-Takes Place in Berlin, Germany.
-Both players separated from each other.
-Player 1 plays as a Juggernaut while the second player is a sniper situated on a nearby rooftop.
-The Juggernaut’s task is to approach and defuse nine different IEDs, the positions of which are varied each time.
-The Sniper has access to a UAV and Predator Missile style killstreaks to assist in protecting the Juggernaut from assaults.
-Tons of troops assaults the Juggernaut, while rocket troopers try to take out the sniper on the roof.
-Part way through the mission both players will become attacked from tanks and helicopters.Today was only open to the press and industry. Tomorrow (late tonight in the U.S.) is the first day open to the public and we’re hoping to see several videos hit YouTube. We’ll keep you posted if that happens.
SOURCE: Sledgehammer Blog
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