Yesterday’s the Internet (our Twitter mentions) exploded with people thinking a UK magazine accidentally leaked “Ghosts 2” as the next Call of Duty title being developed by Infinity Ward. The article Ghosts 2 was featured under was titled “2016 Most Wanted Games” along with a November release date.

We didn’t realize how many people felt this was a leak of some sort so we thought we’d offer our opinion on the topic.

No, we don’t think the next Call of Duty title is called “Ghosts 2”. Seeing as how a majority of the fans like to trash the original, we doubt they’ll continue that sub brand any time soon. In addition, Activision’s CEO already indicated the next Call of Duty will be “new” and “innovative”. It is our opinion we’ll be seeing a new sub-brand introduced some time before E3 as all Call of Duty games are revealed around that time. And finally, the “leak” was featured under a most wanted section and doesn’t reveal a single detail about the game. 

Sorry if you were hoping it was a leak..

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