IGN has just posted an image similar to last years leaked Black Ops 2 marketing material that suggest the next Call of Duty will be revealed on or by May 1st. Additionally, marketing material is expected to hit stores this Monday (April 29th) so expect tons of leaks in regards to pre-order posters and marketing signs to pop up around then.

Prediction 1: it should be noted that last year’s GameStop leak indicated May 2nd which was the start of the pre-order campaign, the Black Ops 2 trailer was actually released a day before the leaked marketing date. So it’s possible we might see a trailer/reveal this Tuesday April 30th instead..


Prediction 2: Last year, GameStop received Black Ops 2 marketing on April 20th, posters then went up April 23rd when the teaser site launched, a week before the trailer(5/1/12) saying to “return for debriefing” in one week (5/2/12) to preorder…

Nothing in the image above says a reveal is happening, only to display marketing material on May 1st. So my alternate guess is the teaser site will go live April 30th, leading up to the actual trailer on May 7th. (assuming history repeats..) But as @enkay33 pointed out, the leaked target advertisement will run on May 5th, which would mean the game should have its proper reveal before then…


We’ll keep you posted if we hear more…




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