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Ghost Recon Frontline: Battle royale, release date, trailers & free weekend

Ubisoft has unveiled Ghost Recon Frontline, the latest entry into the franchise, and it’s a free-to-play shooter featuring battle royale.



ghost recon frontline art

Tactical shooter fans can brace themself for another dose of Tom Clancy as Ghost Recon Frontline has been announced. The free-to-play shooter will predominantly focus on multiplayer, and we have information regarding its new battle royale mode, release date, trailers, and closed test.

Ghost Recon Frontline aims to take the series in a fresh direction by placing an emphasis on core multiplayer fundamentals, and its reveal trailer has shown that the game will welcome battle royale to the franchise for the first time.

Whilst Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has positively flourished in the last decade or so, especially with, arguably, its magnum opus – Rainbow Six Siege – the Ghost Recon games haven’t shared the same fortune.

Some details have been revealed regarding Ghost Recon Frontline, and we will cover all of them from its battle royale mode to its expected release date.

Ghost Recon Frontline release date

player holding a sniper rifle in frontline

At this moment in time, Ubisoft has not announced a release date, nor hinted at one. The game is still very much in its preliminary stages with testing due to begin on the game very soon.

Ghost Recon Frontline battle royale

frontline expedition battle royale mode in trailer

The full reveal of Ghost Recon frontline showed off an exciting new mode called “Expedition mode,” an interesting new take on the battle royale formula.

In Expedition, teams of three players will be dropped onto an island and instead of having to survive some kind of deadly force enclosing the map like Warzone or Fortnite, teams will need to complete objectives instead.

It will host over 100 players at the same time, and every team will be fighting for the same Intel. Once a team has obtained enough, it will be time for them to extract, although it’s not as easy as that.

Players across the island will be alerted to your escape attempt, and you will have to solidify your position to be able to exit. If you’re killed, then another team can swoop in, take the Intel, and try their own escape attempt.

Ghost Recon Frontline multiplayer

ghost recon frontline map

But, the team is dedicated to bringing a pure arena shooter element to the game as well as its battle royale mode. Control will be a 9v9 game mode with a fixed focus on closer, tight-knit deathmatch-style gameplay.

There will be more content and game modes as Frontline progresses through its seasonal-style updates.

Ghost Recon Frontline was described as a “PVP experience” by Ubisoft Bucharest Community Developer Razvan-Gabriel Palea. Meaning there will probably be no sign of any dedicated single-player content.

How to play Ghost Recon Frontline free weekend

soldier holding gun in ghost recon frontline

Ubisoft has announced that players wanting to get their hands on Ghost Recon Frontline will be able to do so from November 4-7.

A blog post on the subject matter said: “Whether you’re a first-time Ghost or a veteran, hop into a free weekend of full access to Ghost Recon Breakpoint from November 4 to 7, available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, and Stadia.”

Ubisoft has also confirmed that any progress that players make during this free weekend will also carry over to the full game.

Ghost Recon Frontline free-to-play

player using a drone system in frontline

There will be no price tag attached to Ghost Recon Frontline upon its release as it will be free-to-play in the same way that other leading games in this genre are – e.g Apex Legends.

Instead, we’d expect Frontline to follow the successful live-service model that many modern games adopt by offering periodic Season Passes, cosmetics, and other microtransactions to sustain itself.

Ghost Recon Frontline trailer

So far, the reveal of Ghost Recon Frontline has been accompanied by a debut trailer, and an extended look at the game featuring lots of gameplay, and a look at various mechanics that players will be able to take advantage of.

Check out the shorter reveal trailer here:

Or, if you want a deeper look into the inner-workings of Ghost Recon Frontline, watch the extended, full announcement video:

The Tom Clancy name is one of the biggest in video games and Ghost Recon is well-liked and respected, so Frontline could very well go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest free-to-play games on the market.

For other guides and news, stay with Charlie INTEL to keep up-to-date with all the latest on some of the industry’s biggest titles – including Rainbow Six Extraction.

Image Credit: Ubisoft


How to find Sith Holocron in Rave Cave for Fortnite Vibin’ challenges

Here’s how to find the Star Wars Sith Holocron in Rave Cave for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3’s Vibin’ Questline.



Sith Holocron in Fortnite Rave Cave POI

Fortnite’s Vibin’ Quests offer players a nice XP bonus each week, and Part Four tasks players with finding a Sith Holocron from Star Wars. Here’s how to locate and collect the Sith Holocron from Rave Cave in Fortnite.

Fornite’s Vibin’ Quests give players a ton of bonus XP towards leveling up the Battle Pass and unlocking the Super Styles. Part Four went live with the 21.20 update, and added the Sith Holocron from Star Wars to the game.

You’ll need to find this Sith Holocron inside Rave Cave to complete the Vibin’ Quests, so here’s its location and how to pry open shipping boxes to find it.

Sith Holocron Rave Cave location in Fortnite

Rave Cave main building in Fortnite

To locate the Sith Holocron in Rave Cave, Fortnite players need to head inside the mountain and stand outside the main building.

Just stand on the platform beside the water and you’ll get a notification telling you that you have completed the “Locate where the Sith Holocron is being held in Rave Cave” stage of the Vibin’ Quests.

This will mark all of the shipping boxes which might store the Sith Holocron on your HUD, and you’ll get another 7,000 XP.

How to pry open shipping boxes to find Sith Holocron in Fortnite

Sith Holocron on shipping box in Fortnite

After you’ve located the Holocron in Fortnite, you’ll need to “pry open shipping boxes” to find it. To do this, head into Rave Cave’s main building through the doors with the shutters half down — you’ll spot it right beside the stairs.

You’ll see small wooden crates, which are the shipping boxes, glowing and marked on your HUD. Hit these boxes with your Harvesting Tool and the Sith Holocron will appear on top of one of them.

Simply press the interact button to collect the Sith Holocron and you’ll have completed the Vibin’ Quest and earned another 7,000 XP.

For more Fortnite, be sure to check out all of the upcoming skins and cosmetics that leaked in the 21.20 update.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends & Fortnite Twitch viewership takes major hit as Fall Guys surges

The rise of Fall Guys since going free-to-play has seemingly led to a drop in Twitch viewers for both Fortnite and Apex Legends.



Fall Guys character with The Foundation from Fortnite

Fall Guys has seen a massive bump in popularity since going free to play, so much so that it appears to have damaged rival battle royales Apex Legends and Fortnite’s popularity on Twitch.

For a few glorious months after its launch in 2020, Fall Guys was the hottest property in gaming. Millions of players took pleasure in dragging their clumsy jellybeans through outrageous levels in an attempt to be the last bean standing.

Despite being the most-downloaded PS Plus game of all time, Fall Guys failed to find the staying power that other battle royales like Warzone enjoyed. However, after going free-to-play and releasing on Switch and Xbox, the game saw its player base grow to over 20 million.

The resurgence of Fall Guys appears to have impacted its competitors too, with both Apex Legends and Fortnite taking a significant hit in Twitch viewership.

Fall Guys characters running through course

After going free-to-play in June, the latest Twitch figures show just how big a comeback Fall Guys has made. At the time of writing in July 2022, Fall Guys is the sixth most-viewed game on the platform with an average of 88,100 viewers.

This is a massive 22% increase from the previous week, placing Mediatonic’s quirky title alongside heavy hitters like Counter-Strike: GO and Escape from Tarkov.

What’s even more interesting is the effect that Fall Guys’ success has had on its rivals. Fortnite and Apex Legends have slipped behind Fall Guys with drops of 7.4% and 12.7% respectively, with Apex barely clinging on to a spot in the top 10.

Call of Duty: Warzone has also taken a significant dip, losing 16.2% of its Twitch audience in the last week.

Screen shot of Fall Guys Twitch viewership figures

Of course, it’s tough to tell if the drops seen by rival battle royales were directly caused by people tuning in to Fall Guys instead, but it’s definitely interesting to see such a drastic change in figures just after the game went F2P.

We’ll have to wait and see if Fall Guys can keep players and viewers on board this time around, but with Apex Legends Season 14 and Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 coming soon, Mediatonic has their work cut out for them.

In the meantime, check out the leaked Dragon Ball Z crossover in Fortnite, as well as the most popular character in Apex Legends Season 13.

Image credits: Mediatonic / Epic Games / Twitch Tracker

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FIFA 22 Title Update 14 patch notes: Low Driven Shots buff, new skill move, more

FIFA 22 Title Update 14 is set bring a major buff to Low Driven Shots, a brand-new skill move, and much more.



FIFA 22 Title Update 14

EA have released details of the next major FIFA 22 patch. Check out the key takeaways and full FIFA 22 update 14 patch notes below.

FIFA 23 may be just months away, but there’s still plenty of life in this year’s game. With Summer Swaps in full swing and FUTTIES set to begin very soon, there’s more reason to head back into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team than ever.

On top of the constant cycle of fresh promos, EA is keeping FIFA 22 in a good spot by releasing regular title updates to make sure the on-the-pitch action is as slick as off-the-pitch.

Patch notes for FIFA 22 Title Update 14 are now live, and we’ve got all the details for you right here.

Salah using skills in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 Title Update 14 release date

Although the patch notes are available, there is no word on when Title Update 14 will be ready for FIFA 22 players to download.

There shouldn’t be too long to wait though, as EA have said that the update will “soon be available” on PC.

FIFA updates tend to drop on PC platforms first, so Xbox and PlayStation players can expect to receive FIFA 22 Title Update 14 a couple of weeks after the launch on Steam and Origin.

FIFA 22 Title Update 14 Low Drive Shots buff

FIFA 22 player shooting

Low Driven Shots were an essential tool in a striker’s arsenal in previous years, but they haven’t had the same impact in FIFA 22. That is going to be rectified in Title Update 14 as the devs look to make them more viable.

Players can expect low to mid-power shots of this type to be 17.5% more accurate, meaning you won’t have to smash the ball with as much force to make sure Low Driven Shots are worth trying.

The devs said: “Our intent here is to provide players with an additional goalscoring option in 1v1 and other scenarios.”

FIFA 22 Title Update 14 new skill move

Those who enjoy playing with a bit of flair have a new skill move to terrorize defenders with in the form of the Ball Roll Cut 180. It essentially allows players with four or five-star skills to create space by quickly turning 180 degrees and fooling defenders.

To perform it, simply hold L1/LB and flick the right stick in the opposite direction to the way the dribbler is facing.

Check it out in action below:

FIFA 22 Title Update 14 patch notes

These are just a handful of the changes coming in FIFA 22 Title Update 14. Check the complete patch notes here courtesy of the EA Forum.


Made the following changes:

  • Increased the likelihood of a knuckle ball shot occurring when requesting a high powered shot while the ball is 0.67 meters/2.2 feet away from the ball carrier.
  • Added the new Ball Roll Cut 180 Skill Move that can be performed by players with a 4 or 5 star Skill Move rating.
    – To learn more about the Ball Roll Cut 180 Skill Move, check out our Pitch Notes.
  • Greatly increased the accuracy of low and mid powered Low Driven Shots.
  • Significantly reduced the reach of attempted shot blocks by AI controlled players.
  • Significantly decreased the range required for a defender to attempt a tackle without being requested to do so.
  • Increased the distance between the defender and the ball carrier when the defender is requested to Contain or Teammate Contain.
  • Slightly increased the effectiveness of Finesse Shots in potential goalscoring situations in which the ball carrier is not under heavy pressure from a defender or goalkeeper.
  • Increased the speed at which the ball travels at following a low or mid powered header.
    – Lower powered headers are more likely to produce a lower ball trajectory.
  • Increased the speed at which the ball travels at following a chipped header.
  • Lowered the ball trajectory that can result from a chipped header.
  • Slightly increased animation speeds when dribbling, Agile Dribbling, and Strafe Dribbling.
  • Slightly increased the animation speed of Reverse Stepover, Stepover, and Body Feint Skill Moves.
  • Slightly reduced the reach of attempted shot blocks by human controlled players.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issue:

  • The Compare Price functionality did not always provide search results when used on some Stadium and Consumable Items.


Addressed the following issue:

  • One of the default Avatars was not wearing shoes on the selection screen, and if that Avatar was selected, shoes could not be equipped to them.

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