During the IGN live stream, Scott Lowe asked the Neversoft developer if they have plans to add new DLC and more content in for Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The developer responded saying, “We haven’t officially announced anything so far…it doesn’t take a rocket scientistic to know that we are going to work on DLC.” IGN then asks, “SO we can expect new content?” The dev responds by saying, “Yeah, yes, you can expect new content and we’re going to be diving deeper, one of the things the community has really asked for is for a back story of the mode…sort of like where we come from [for this mode].”

He also reveals some new tidbits on the back story, saying that one of the ODIN missiles hits a volcano in Colorado and unleashes these aliens that devastate that area.

SOURCE: IGN via @TrollinThunder

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