It’s official, the Call of Duty Ghosts MP servers are now online! Like every past Call of Duty, the MP servers are turned on a couple days prior to launch (usually the Friday prior). The servers were actually turned on last night, but it wasn’t till this morning that playlist were added to make games playable.

Why you ask? Well they’re mainly turned on to stress test the servers to make sure everything is smooth once the first copy is sold. It’s also because journalist around the globe need a chance to play the multiplayer portion so they can have reviews ready once the game officially launches at midnight.

Yes, there are a hand full of people who bought the game early because they knew a guy who knew a guy, but that’s a tiny percentage of the people who are patiently waiting for it. Not to mention those people payed an arm and leg to get it. Every year people ask if stats will be reset at launch, the answer is most likely “no” because that has never been done before.

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