Just a disclaimer about about my opinions on the current(last)-gen so you know where I’m coming from… I hated the PS3 controller and PSN online service. I primarily played on the Xbox 360 and recently PC when I couldn’t wait for next-gen games to arrive. I always felt Xbox Live was better and thought the PS3 controller was too small. Theres also the fact that Xbox 360 is first to get DLC thing that won me over… Having said that, I will be playing Call of Duty Ghosts on the PlayStation 4 for the next 12 months.

Now I dont want to turn this into a PS4 review, I just thought I would lead with that so I didn’t keep you in suspense. For me its like this… 1)the resolution makes a difference. 2) The new PS4 controller is larger, more comfortable than the PS3’s controller. 3) PSN is so simple, easy to navigate, and clearly made for gamers. (Number 1 is the main reason though…)

In case you’re wondering, I have my consoles hooked up to a 60″ Sony Bravia 3D LED TV. This is where most of my gaming takes place. For testing purposes I hooked up both consoles for a little bit to my 27″ Samsung LED PC monitor to see if I would notice a difference in graphics. The Xbox One’s resolution was far less noticeable on a smaller screen but it was still there, however I think only hardcore gamers or tech geeks would notice the difference on a smaller screen.

Clearly my opinions are my own and not for everyone, so what I wanted to do was make a list or FAQ on what gamers might want to know before they put down $400-500 for a new system, so here goes..

If your TV is 32″ or bigger:
You’ll notice a HUGE difference when it comes to graphics. The PS4’s native 1080p resolution difference should be apparent to anyone with 20/20 vision. The PS4 version looks nearly identical to my high-end PC rig, where the Xbox One version looks closer to the 360 version with enhanced graphics.

Framerate issues:
For the PS4, I would say there’s framerate skipping maybe 1-3 times during a match and last a second if that. In my opinion, it’s barely noticeable and doesn’t effect gameplay. The Xbox One runs just as smooth as the Xbox 360 version.

Xbox One Brightness:
For some reason, the Xbox One brightness is off the charts. Colors looks washed out and faded as if the game was on it’s highest brightness setting. I ended up turning the brightness all the way down in the options but it didn’t help much.

What Console should you buy?
Golden Rules:
1) You should buy the same console your friends play on.
2) You should buy which ever controller feels more comfortable to you.

  • If you’re really into multimedia and want to do more than just gaming, get a Xbox One.
  • If you play on a 32″ TV or above, get a PlayStation 4.
  • If you’re looking forward to Titanfall, Halo, Gears of War and other Microsoft exclusives, get a Xbox One.
  • If you’re looking forward to Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous Second Son and other Sony exclusives, get a PlayStation 4.
  • If you really care about DLC and need to play them right away, get a Xbox One.
  • If you dont care about DLC, but are really excited for Destiny and want that early DLC or access to the early beta, get a PlayStation 4.

YouTube comparison videos:
YouTube does NOT capture the graphical difference between both consoles when it comes to Call of Duty Ghosts. Im not a YouTube expert but Im sure something gets lost when capturing and uploading the footage. The graphics comparison MUST be seen to believe. Don’t take our word for it though, if you just bought an Xbox One, find a friend who has a PlayStation 4 and compare. Trust me.

Battlefield 4:
Same as Ghosts. BF4 on PS4 looks and runs as smooth as my 8-core PC with a Nvidia 660 Ti. BF4 on Xbox One looks like the Xbox 360 version but with 60fps and slightly better graphics.

The Future:
Its no secret the Xbox One was off to a rocky start. Marketing wasn’t the only slip-up, rumor is the main reason the Xbox One launch titles fell behind the PS4 in terms of graphics was mainly due to the Xbox One’s development software prior to launch. The tools for developers were rushed and kept changing right up to launch which probably made it difficult for devs to optimize the graphics on Xbox One.

I’ll always consider myself a Xbox fan. I prefer their exclusives over Sonys. I’m really into Halo and Gears of Wars not to mention I’m counting the days to Titanfall. Which is why this was all upsetting to me. I actually canceled my PS4 preorder back in September but once I found about the 720p/1080p debacle, I was scrambling to find a PS4 so I could compare at launch, I’m glad I did.

We probably have another 12 months before the next Call of Duty comes out. Something tells me Microsoft will get the dev tools up to speed so developers can maximize the hardware on the Xbox One and get it up to par with the PS4 version…we hope.

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