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In a new Elite post, Infinity Ward and Activision have revealed how the new replacement if the UAV, SATCOM, Killstreak will work in Ghosts.

1 Active SAT COM
Eyes on: With one SAT COM on the field, enemy players within the line of sight of you or your teammates will show up on the mini-map.

2 Active SAT COMs
With a second active SAT COM, your team is awarded the traditional sweeping UAV effect, highlighting enemy positions at brief intervals.

3 Active SAT COMs
A third SAT COM increases the frequency of radar sweeps. This results in tighter surveillance on enemy movement.

4 Active SAT COMs
If you’re lucky enough to get four active SAT COMs, all detectable enemy players will show up as solid arrows indicating the direction they are currently facing. The ultimate surveillance tool.

The more SAT COMs active, the better. They do have to be placed on the ground, so it’s important to avoid deploying them in open view where enemy players can easily destroy them. On the other hand, it’s vital that you take out any enemy SAT COMs you encounter.

There are also a couple of perks to keep in mind that directly affect the SAT COM:

Utilize all active enemy and friendly SAT COMs on the field.

The Wiretap perk allows you to passively hack into enemy SAT COM units, providing additional surveillance throughout the match. Use your improved tracking abilities to communicate enemy position to your teammates.

Off the Grid
Undetectable on the mini-map by SAT COM and radar pings.

For those that prefer to stay under the radar, Off the Grid negates the enemy’s ability to ping you via SAT COM. Just remember, firing your character’s weapon will still briefly reveal your position on the mini-map, unless you’re using the Silencer attachment.





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