At EuroGamer, Tina Palacois gave the press a look at the ODIN mission in Ghosts.

[spoiler warning] You play as an astronaut on the Odin space station. The station then gets attacked by the Federation. You then get into a space battle and in order to save the country you try and destroy the strike, killing yourself and your partner. The Odin missiles strike down on US cities and destroy the majority of the country.

Pretty much what we all assumed but we felt we should still put a spoiler warning just in case…

After the mission the game jumps ahead 10 years, and we join Logan and Hesh, who have grown up in this changed, devastated, North America. “This is a first for us,” Palacios said. “We’ve never really given an origin story to our characters before, but we really wanted to go for it this time around.”

SOURCE: EuroGamer