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GTA Online Heist Challenge: Steal $100 Billion In A Week

GTA Online has a brand new heist for the coming week. Rockstar wants you to steal $100 Billion.



Rockstar Games has set a new Heist goal in for players in GTA Online for the coming week. Here is what you need to do.

GTA Online is known for its extremely outlandish missions, events and heists. This time Rockstar has tasked players with stealing an insanely large amount of cash. The target amount is $100 billion collectively and it must be acquired by November 18 or earlier.

The reward for successfully pulling off this heist is a brand new car along with a special badge of honor and 75% off from the Casino Heist Setup Fees for every participating player. This is added incentive since it eases the burden on players by minimizing risk and greatly increasing the reward.

You can check out further details about this plan from the gaming company below.

Even if you don’t feel like participating, you should probably hop online and play for fun anyway. This is because anyone logging into the game this week will be given $1 million GTA dollars. You can earn all this simply by tuning in online, which is one amazing bargain. You will be able to claim this amount between November 19 and 25.

Rockstar has also stated that Grand Theft Auto V will arrive to Sony’s new PlayStation 5 by next year. The game will reportedly also take advantage of the system’s new technological advancements for an “enhanced and expanded” experience. The world of GTA V is huge, immersive and beautiful already, so we will be seeing it like never before.

Image Credits: Rockstar

Apex Legends

Respawn confirm more changes coming to Wraith in Apex Legends Season 8

Apex Legends season 8 will fix up the problems with Wraith.



Respawn has been changing up Wraith ever since her debut in Apex Legends. This is because of the various balancing issues that the character has suffered throughout her time in the game. Now, it seems that Season 8 will feature her final shift.

Wraith has gone through many changes throughout her time in Apex Legends. She has a history of being either too powerful or having broken hitboxes, and the developers have to repeatedly “fix” her. She’s still a popular pick for players and that hasn’t changed in Season 7.

Senior game developer Daniel Klein hinted at more changes for Wraith during an interview on the Third Party podcast. They asked him about Respawn’s plans for Season 8 and he jokingly suggested taking Wraith out of Apex Legends altogether.

Then he went on to elaborate on Respawn’s plans to stop tinkering with her kit from this point.

“I don’t want to hit her kit any more,” he said. “We’ve pushed that to the breaking point where it’s barely still fun, but the extremely wind-up on her tactical ⁠— as much as it was necessary ⁠— it puts the ability more into the camp of cerebral power rather than satisfying in the moment power.”

“With Wraith, our approach is going to be very similar to Pathfinder. We’re going to take a look at her hitboxes and see how much wiggle room we have there. With Pathfinder, it turned out that we had so much… that was a 20% increase in hitbox size.”

It’s clear that the devs will focus on fine-tuning her hitboxes by going the same route they did with Pathfinder’s changes in November’s Season 7 update. However, Klein is concerned that they may have nerfed Wraith too much.

He stated that he hopes to be able to buff the Voidwalker after the changes have been implemented but they haven’t started yet.

“Nothing is guaranteed yet, we haven’t started work yet. I’ve asked one of our technical artists to take a look at it. Whenever he gets around to it, we will know more.

“My earnest hope is that we can bring her under control with just hitbox changes, and then maybe even look at ways at making her more in-the-moment fun again, and find a balance point between her tactical now and what it used to be.”

So far there is no certainty that these fixes will be successful in making Wraith more balanced. We do know that things will definitely change when Apex Legends Season 8 comes around and your experience with the character will feel new.

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Destiny 2 on PS5/Xbox Series X: 120 FPS, cross-play, release date & more

Bungie is readying a big Destiny 2 update on PS5 and Xbox Series X that will feature 120FPS, and cross-play, and much more.



Beyond Light has shown that Bungie’s sci-fi shooter has a lot longer in the tank and aims to dominate on next-gen too. Some crucial details are out in the open regarding Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X: including its 120 FPS, cross-play, and all-important release date.

Many people are excited to see what the future holds for the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s new AAA blockbuster exclusives. However, lots of hardcore Destiny fans want to know what’s happening with their beloved shooter.

Bungie’s newest expansion pack has supposedly dawned a new era for Destiny 2 and represents a brand new chapter in the game’s legacy. But what can fans look forward to that have already invested in a new console? Let’s have a look at these Destiny 2 PS5 and Xbox Series X details and release date.

Release Date

Let’s get the big one in writing straight away. PS5 and Xbox Series X owners can lock and load their exotic rifles on December 8.

Naturally, the update should embrace all the new facets of each console and see a big performance improvement – especially those pesky load times.

guardians facing the camera in destiny 2

120 FPS

Yes, forget 30fps and even 60fps; we’re moving into the future with full 120fps. PC gamers will scoff at this notion as they have notoriously been able to unlock their frame rates and achieve unimaginable frames-per-second on top-end computers.

Console gamers haven’t had that luxury. The minor caveat to this is that you will need a 120hz TV that can actually support this greater demand. If you have one, look forward to rapid refresh rates and crisper, smoother gameplay.

Also, 120 FPS will only apply to the Crucible. Regular gameplay will run at a locked 60 FPS.


Destiny 2’s next-gen update will also bring about some same brand cross-play as PS5, and PS4 owners will be able to play together, and Xbox Series X and Xbox One players will too. It’s still not quite the universal cross-play that people want, but PlayStation, Xbox, and PC guardians coming together should never be ruled out.

a team of guardians in destiny 2


Console limitations have generally meant that those gamers haven’t been able to experience the same field-of-view as PC gamers. But the power of next-gen is changing the playing field.

One of the biggest examples of this forward-thinking is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The game has a proper FOV option for console gamers to change, allowing players to see more of the world around them. Destiny 2 is also following suit, and the next-gen update will also include a FOV feature.

These are just some of the biggest announcements for Destiny fans to salivate at. When the update becomes available, even more hidden nooks and crannies may be uncovered. If they are, we’ll be the first to let you know about them.

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How to get Red Dead Online standalone

Rockstar has announced that Red Dead Online will be a standalone game. Here’s how to get your copy.



New players can purchase Red Dead Online as a standalone game separately from Red Dead Redemption 2 following Rockstar’s announcement. You can get the full multiplayer experience at a low initial price.

Red Dead Online’s world is always changing, allowing players to saddle-up and pursue new adventures in the American frontier. The multiplayer aspect of the game allows you to meet other outlaws that you can challenge or work with to accomplish missions.

Rockstar Games has announced that Red Dead Online will no longer just be part of the multiplayer for RDR2. You will be able to purchase it as a standalone game starting December 1.

The game can be purchased from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store, and Steam for just $4.99. This 75% discount stands until February 15, 2021; then, the game cost will increase to $20. This is quite a bargain and one that’s sure to draw in new players.

You will need to be able to connect to the online multiplayer so make sure your console has a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription. You can also unlock the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign separately for an additional cost.

Playing Red Dead Online’s standalone edition will take up about 123GB of disk space. The world of Red Dead has become open to new players that will be able to take part in all upcoming events and play whichever Specialist roles they want.

Rockstar has also confirmed a Bounty Hunters Role Expansion within the coming weeks. This will add new criminals, gear, and skills for both new and old players to unlock. In addition to 10 more Bounty Hunter ranks, players will also face new Legendary Bounties and a 100 Rank Outlaw Pass.

For added incentive, all Bounty Hunter missions in Red Dead Online are will award double XP throughout the week, so be sure to spring for them!

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