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GTA Online patch notes & update: Cayo Perico Heist

Strap in as Rockstar has launched a huge piece of content, here’s everything about the new GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist patch notes & update.



Rockstar’s huge new update to round off 2020 is finally here. The Cayo Perico Heist has landed, and with it comes some big patch notes and all you need to know about the update.

It’s been several months since the official unveiling of GTA Online’s next sizable update and the Cayo Perico Heist is here in all of its glory.

What do you need to know? It’s set on a different island, your HQ can be a submarine, there’s new radio stations, nightclubs, and a whole lot more. Here’s what’s in Rockstar’s grand update.

GTA Online Cayo Perico update

New Vehicles

GTA Online already boasts a wealth of vehicles for you to cause chaos in, but an extra one or two wouldn’t hurt would it? One of the biggest additions is the submarine which you can not only buy but customize too.

The submarine’s color scheme can be changed and you can also store a miniature weaponized helicopter inside the submarine too.

These are the new bad boys and how much they will cost.

  • Kosatka: $2,200,000
  • Sparrow: $1,815,000
  • Vapid Winky: $1,100,000
  • Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat: $2,955,000
  • RO-86 Alkonost: $4,350,000
  • Annihilator Stealth: $3,870,000
  • Toreador: $3,660,000
  • Kraken Avisa: $1,545,000
  • Shitzu Longfin: $2,125,000

Cayo Perico’s new weapons

Bored of firing the same firearms over and over again and fancy a change? The good news is that the new update brings forth some new guns for you to empty into bad guys.

  • Perico Pistol
  • Military Rifle – $397,500
  • Combat Shotgun – $295,000

New nightclub

Along with everything else, avid GTA Online enthusiasts have got a new nightclub that they can visit and even buy. Music Locker can be found under the Diamond Casino and it will necessary for the first few steps of the Cayo Perico Heist.

Other new stuff

In addition to all the major new additions, there is a plethora of other offerings for players to look forward to as well.

  • A new DJ: DJ Moodymann
  • Two new radio stations: K.U.L.T 99.1 FM & Still Slipping Los Santos
  • Over 180+ items of clothing have been added for both Male and Female characters
  • Over 30+ Tattoos have been added
  • Nine new Face Paints have been added
  • Six new celebration emotes have been added: Crowd Invitation, Driver, Runner, Shooting, Suck It, Take Selfie
  • Several new Awards related to The Cayo Perico Heist have been added, including the opportunity for players to earn up to 1.4 million in bonus GTA$ for various Heist challenges
  • Five new styles of Blackjack tables and four new styles of Three Card Poker tables are available for purchase for players who own a Casino Penthouse and the Private Dealer

How much does the Cayo Perico Heist payout?

The bewest expansion is set to see the biggest oayout of any GTA Online heist yet. If you’re successful, you’re all set to bring in a whopping $4 million!

But the big downside is that in order to complete the operation, you’ll already need to have invested a solid $2 million of your own money as the submarine is a requirement for the heist.

How big is the update?

Obviously, you don’t want the update so big that it clogs up your hard drive in addition to everything else. But we’re pleased to report the damage isn’t too bad at all.

  • PlayStation: 6.0 GB
  • Xbox: 6.7 GB
  • PC: 8-9 GB

So you don’t need to worry about deleting stuff to make room for it.

GTA Online Fixes

  • Fixed several issues that caused game crashes, freezes and other stability problems
  • Fixed a stability issue that caused high memory usage for PC players, which could have led to pausing/stuttering on low specification hardware
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused players to get stuck on a black screen during transitions between GTA Online content

Matchmaking & Networking

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on the sky camera after attempting to use the ‘Quick Job’ option to enter a Casino Heist lobby
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players remaining in the same session after using the ‘Find New Session’ option
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on a loading screen when accepting a Job invite while inside the Arcade
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused network errors during the race portion of the GTA Online Tutorial
  • Fixed position sync issues with the Rune Zhaba vehicle when some players in a GTA Online session are running at a high framerate


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the news van getting stuck on a sign stopping Mission progression during the Casino Work Mission – Fake News
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Casino Heist Prep Mission – Duggan Shipments to end unexpectedly after launching
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Police Van from the Casino Heist Random Encounter – Patrick McReary to appear during an Open Wheel Race
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the Mission starting with 3 seconds on the timer in the Casino Heist Random Encounter – Patrick McReary
  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect button prompts that were present in several Arcade Games on the Japanese version of the game
  • Fixed overlapping text that was present in the Arcade Game – QUB3D
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players with restricted accounts being able to see the custom initials of players on the high score screen of Arcade Games
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Movie Props Hidden Collectibles to be missing from their intended location
  • Fixed an issue that caused Lester’s car to not be drivable in the Heist Mission: Fleeca Job – Scope Out
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be stuck with no functionality in the Heist Mission: Fleeca Job – Scope Out
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck after trying to launch the Heist Mission: Fleeca Job – Scope Out
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to use the skip trip functionality in the in the Heist Mission: Prison Break – Plane
  • Fixed incorrect objective text that was present in the Heist Mission: Prison Break – Station
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to fall through the map during the Casino Heist – Finale
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be taken into a Casino Heist Mission after not choosing an option on the Next Job Voting Screen, despite having made no Casino Heist progress
  • Fixed visual issues that were present after quitting spectator mode during the Adversary Mode – Every Bullet Counts
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to re-equip rebreathers during the A Superyacht Life Mission – Salvage
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to use their weapon wheel during the A Superyacht Life Mission – Salvage
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players losing camera functionality in the Gerald’s Last Play Mission – Make Ends Meat
  • Fixed a button conflict that was present in the Arena War – Game Masters
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players falling under the map after modding a vehicle in the Arena Workshop Property
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to deliver Cargo during the Business Battle – Assassination
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on the objective ‘Hack the Security Panel’ in the Business Battle – Factory Raid
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Mission to instantly fail after launching a Sell Mission

Awards and Daily Objectives

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Daily Challenge – ‘Participate in the Featured Series’ to not register correctly


  • Fixed issues that resulted in players’ Arcade set up progress getting reset
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck after drinking at the Arcade bar
  • Fixed camera issues that were present when entering the Arcade
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players losing movement functionality after storing the Enus Paragon R (Armored) in their Office Garage
  • Fixed helicopter spawning issues on the Yacht
  • Fixed visual issues that were present with the Office Garage cutscene
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to exit their Arcade after accepting an invite
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on a loading screen after driving into the Arena Garage


  • Fixed an issue that prevented several variations of vehicle cinematic cameras from appearing for all vehicles
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bravado Gauntlet Classic’s trade price to be displayed incorrectly on the Benny’s Original Motorworks site
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Cargobob helicopters from being able to pick up the Vapid Peyote Custom using the hook
  • Fixed several miscellaneous model and texture issues for the following vehicles:
    • Invetero Coquette D10
    • Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom
    • Albany Manana Custom
    • Vapid Peyote Custom
    • Bravado Youga Classic 4×4


  • Fixed clipping issues that were present with several of the ‘Open Shirts’ and ‘Open Party Shirts’
  • Fixed several miscellaneous clipping and texture issues for the following clothing items:
    • Animal masks (and other larger mask options)
    • Tucked Short Shirt variants
    • Untucked Short Shirt variants
    • Sport Shorts
    • Yacht Captain outfit


  • Reduced the frequency that the player will receive call, text and email notifications regarding content from previous GTA Online content updates
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in vehicles not arriving after being requested from Ms. Baker
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to interact with certain activities in the Casino
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Avenger’s entrance trigger to not be visible to players
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in spectators being unable to swap filters
  • Fixed an issue where PlayStation 4 players without a PS Plus subscription would not be directed to the correct menu when attempting to access GTA Online

Story Mode

  • Fixed an issue that caused some weapon magazines and attachments to be missing during cutscenes

That should cover just about everything in the new Cayo Perico Heist and GTA Online! This exciting new expansion is available now, so get shooting and looting.

Image credits: Rockstar Games


FIFA 23 Bundesliga ratings: Every team’s best players predictions

The Bundesliga is expected to supply some of the best players in FIFA 23, so we’ve predicted who will have the highest rating for each club.



FIFA 23 Bundesliga Ratings

The Bundesliga will be the battleground for some of FIFA 23’s highest-rated stars, with players from Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund set to impact Ultimate Team. Here are our predictions for the top Bundesliga ratings in FIFA 23, as well as every team’s best players.

Each new FIFA title brings new Ultimate Team ratings based on player performances in the previous season, and FIFA 23 will be no different. To discern which players are deserving of an upgrade or downgrade, EA will analyze the 2021/2022 season.

In Germany, the 2021/2022 Bundesliga season saw Bayern Munich cruise to a tenth straight title. The battle for Champions League spots was a fierce one as Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, and RB Leipzig should all expect player rating upgrades in FIFA 23.

But who will be the best players in the Bundesliga? We’ve put together our predictions for the top 10 highest-rated Bundesliga players in FIFA 23, and highlighted the best players from each club.

Lewandowski FIFA 22

FIFA 23 Bundesliga top 10 player rating predictions

PlayerClubUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Robert LewandowskiBayern Munich92
Sadio ManeBayern Munich+190
Joshua KimmichBayern Munich+190
Manuel NeuerBayern Munich-189
Leon GoretzkaBayern Munich87
Thomas MullerBayern Munich-186
Kingsley ComanBayern Munich86
Filip KosticEintracht Frankfurt +286
Koen CasteelsWolfsburg-185
Christopher NkunkuRB Leipzig+485

It’s been quiet summer so far when it comes to Bundesliga transfers. However, things in Germany can still heat up with the summer transfer window open until September 1.

All eyes will be on Bayern Munich as they look to keep a hold of disgruntled star striker Robert Lewandowski. At this moment, the striker is attempting to force a move to Barcelona, but if he remains, there’s no doubt he’ll be the highest-rated FIFA 23 player in the Bundesliga.

Bayern dominates the predicted list of top ten Bundesliga players in FIFA 23. The illustrious German club won ten Bundesliga titles in a row and they’re the clear powerhouse option to pick up an eleventh straight title in 2023.

Elsewhere, Filip Kostic enjoyed a fantastic season in which Frankfurt secured a Europa League trophy. FIFA 22 delivered a whopping ten separate special Christopher Nkunku cards and the midfielder’s performances should see him rise to 84 or 85 in FIFA 23.

Marco Reus FIFA 22

FIFA 23 Bundesliga rating predictions: Every team’s best players

The Bundesliga is dominated by Bayern Munich players when it comes to landing a player in the top 10. Nonetheless, it’s still fascinating to see how EA upgrades and downgrades players from across Germany with each new title. In the 2021/2022 season, every team had both surprises and disappointments that should be reflected when FIFA 23 is released.

With this in mind, we’ve made our predictions for every Bundesliga club’s top three players in FIFA 23:


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Daniel Caligiuri+279
Niklas Dorsch+277

Bayer Leverkusen

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Moussa Diaby+283
Florian Wirtz+381
Patrik Schick+180

Bayern Munich

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Robert Lewandowski92
Sadio Mane+190
Joshua Kimmich+190


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Manuel Riemann74
Anthony Losilla+173

Borussia Dortmund

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Mats Hummels-185
Marco Reus85
Raphael Guerreiro84

Borussia Monchengladbach

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Yan Sommer-184
Matthias Ginter-183
Florian Neuhaus+183

Eintracht Frankfurt

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Filip Kostic+286
Kevin Trapp+284
Martin Hinteregger+181

FC Koln

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Jonas Hector+179
Ellyes Skhiri+178
Salih Ozcan+275


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Christian Gunter+281
Vincenzo Grifo+180
Ritsu Doan+177

Hertha BSC

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Dedryck Boyata-177
Kevin-Prince Boateng-177
Marc-Oliver Kempf76


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Andrej Kramaric-182
Oliver Baumann-280
David Raum+578


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Silvan Widmer+176
Dominik Kohr+176
Jeremiah St. Juste-175

RB Leipzig

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Christopher Nkunku+485
Peter Gulacsi-184

Schalke 04

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Simon Terodde+277
Ko Itakura+175
Thomas Ouwejan+274

Union Berlin

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Christopher Trimmel+279
Robin Knoche+177
Jordan Siebatcheu+274

VfB Stuttgart

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Wataru Endo+179
Borna Sosa+178
Konstantinos Mavropanos+376

Werder Bremen

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Jiri Pavlenka-179
Niclas Fullkrug76
Leonardo Bittencourt75


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Koen Casteels-185
Max Kruse81
Ridle Baku+181

EA are yet to reveal the full slate of Bundesliga ratings in FIFA 23. As soon as they do, we’ll be sure to update this page with the latest information.

For more on FIFA 23 player ratings, be sure to check out our rating predictions for the Premier League and Serie A.

Image credits: EA Sports / Bundesliga

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Fortnite 21.20 early patch notes: Downtime, Indiana Jones, No Sweat Summer, map changes

Here are the early patch notes for Fortnite Season 3’s 21.20 update in which Indiana Jones is finally set to arrive.



Indiana Jones in Fortnite 21.20 update

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is nearing its halfway point, with the 21.20 update set to add even more content to the game. Here’s everything we know so far, including when to expect the downtime, Indiana Jones’ arrival, and map changes.

Fortnite shows no sign of slowing down with Chapter 3 Season 3 adding even more to the blockbuster battle royale such as the new Ripsaw Launcher and Grapple Glove. The 21.10 update brought Darth Vader to the island and added the Super Styles, and the upcoming 21.20 update brings even more to the battle royale.

Here are the early patch notes for Fortnite’s 21.20 update, including the server downtime, the Indiana Jones skin, bug fixes, and map changes.

Rave Cave POI in Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite 21.20 update release date & downtime

Fortnite’s 21.20 update will go live on July 5, with downtime beginning at around 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST and matchmaking disabled 30 minutes before.

The downtime usually lasts for a couple of hours, and then you can launch the game and experience all of the new content on offer.

Indiana Jones arrives in Fortnite 21.20 update

Indiana Jones skin in Fortnite chapter 3

Each Fortnite season comes with a bonus skin that Battle Pass owners can unlock a few weeks in, and Season 3’s 21.20 update finally brings Indiana Jones.

Although the skin isn’t set to arrive until July 7, two days after the update, Epic sometimes unlock the skin early — we’ll just need to wait and see.

Once the Indiana Jones Battle Pass page is unlocked, Fortnite players can start completing challenges to unlock the Harrison Ford skin and associated cosmetics.

Fortnite 21.20 map changes

The Fortnite Competitive Twitter account has confirmed that the Tumbledown Temple landmark will undergo “significant changes” with the 21.20 update.

While some expect the temple to get an Indiana Jones-themed makeover, it’s also possible that the Reality Tree will infect the area, giving the area a different theme each match.

Fortnite No Sweat Summer challenges

Peely in Fortnite No Sweat Summer event

Epic Games added the Island Hopper Creative Quests as part of the No Sweat Summer event and suggested that more challenges are still to come.

At the end of the Island Hopper blog post, Epic teased: “Want more summer vibes? No sweat, more summer is coming. Stay tuned for more.”

The Island Hopper Quests are only live until July 6, so it sounds like there will be even more challenges to complete after they conclude.

Fortnite 21.20 update bug fixes

Fortnite Reality Falls POI

Thanks to Epic Games’ Trello board of Fortnite Community Issues, we can see the major bug fixes that are set to arrive in the 21.20 update.

  • Battle Royale: Sapling Icon can be misplaced on the Map/Minimap
    • Players may see their Sapling Icon out in the ocean or otherwise off of the actual map and not anywhere near where they had planted it.
  • Creative: Tracker Device
    • We’re aware of an issue that is causing the tracker device to not update correctly for teams when multiple teams are able to use it.

For more Fortnite Season 3, be sure to check out everything we know about the potential Juice WRLD and Dead by Daylight collabs.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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FIFA 23 Ones to Watch: OTW promo explained & predictions

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch is set to be the first major promo of FUT 23, so here’s everything we know about the event so far.



FIFA 23 Ones to Watch is expected to be the first major promo of this season’s Ultimate Team, celebrating the most exciting moves from the summer transfer window. Here’s how FIFA 23 OTW will work, along with the players likely to feature.

Ones to Watch is always one of the most interesting and exciting promos in any FIFA, mainly because it tends to be the very first major event of the year. FIFA 23 will be no exception, as EA look to shine the spotlight on the biggest transfers of the summer.

FIFA 22 OTW was arguably the biggest ever, as both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo switched clubs in a crazy end to the transfer window. While FIFA 23 OTW is unlikely to have as many groundbreaking signings to choose from, some of the game’s highest-rated players have been on the move.

Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Ones to Watch, from how the cards will work to the players we expect to see.

Is there a FIFA 23 Ones to Watch start date?

Haaland playing for Man City in FIFA 22

EA are yet to confirm when FIFA 23 Ones to Watch will kick off, but we can look at previous years to gain a pretty good idea.

Last year, OTW got underway on October 1, the same day as FIFA 22’s worldwide release. With this in mind, we’d expect FIFA 23 OTW to begin on Friday, September 30, 2022.

This is the expected FIFA 23 release date based on various leaks and the usual schedule, but we’ll add new information to this section once it’s available.

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch explained

Ones to Watch Team 2 FIFA 22

FIFA 23 OTW will award special live cards to players who have recently moved to a new club. These dynamic items will go up in rating depending on how well the player performs for their club in real life.

Each time a OTW star is handed a TOTW after a top display in their domestic league, the card will increase in rating and stats to match the most recent one.

For example, in FIFA 22, Dayot Upamecano started out at an 82-rated card after his move to Bayern Munich. But, by the end of the year, he was 87-rated and one of the best center-backs that the Bundesliga had to offer.

They will also receive an extra +1 boost for winning a certain number of matches after the promo begins. Last year, the threshold was five wins out of 10 games after October 2.

We’ll update this section with more specific information once EA officially announces the promo.

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch predictions

Mane in FIFA 22

The summer transfer window is far from closed, but we’ve already seen some major signings that are a shoo-in to be a FIFA 23 OTW. On top of that, there are plenty of deals that are on the verge of going through that will surely make the cut.

Here are our predictions for FIFA 23 Ones to Watch so far:

Player NameTransferTransfer Confirmed?Predicted Rating
Robert LewandowskiBayern Munich to BarcelonaNo92
Erling HaalandBorussia Dortmund to Manchester CityYes90
Sadio ManeLiverpool to Bayern MunichYes90
Paulo DybalaJuventus to Inter MilanNo87
Romelu LukakuChelsea to Inter MilanYes86
Paul PogbaManchester United to JuventusYes85
Franck Yannick KessieAC Milan to BarcelonaYes85
Gabriel JesusManchester City to Arsenal Yes83
Aurelien TchouameniAS Monaco to Real MadridYes82
Boubacar KamaraMarseille to Aston VillaYes82
RicharlisonEverton to SpursYes82
Darwin NunezBenfica to LiverpoolYes81
Mario GotzePSV to Eintracht FrankfurtYes81
Ivan PerisicInter Milan to SpursYes81
Ryan GravenberchAjax to Bayern MunichYes80
Karim AdeyemiRB Salzburg to Borussia DortmundYes76

We’ll be keeping this page up to date with all the latest confirmed transfers that we think will make the cut in FIFA 23 Ones to Watch, so be sure to keep checking back.

For more on FIFA 23, check out the brand-new Icons and FUT Heroes confirmed for the game so far.

Image credits: EA Sports

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