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GTA Online patch notes & update: Cayo Perico Heist

Strap in as Rockstar has launched a huge piece of content, here’s everything about the new GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist patch notes & update.



Rockstar’s huge new update to round off 2020 is finally here. The Cayo Perico Heist has landed, and with it comes some big patch notes and all you need to know about the update.

It’s been several months since the official unveiling of GTA Online’s next sizable update and the Cayo Perico Heist is here in all of its glory.

What do you need to know? It’s set on a different island, your HQ can be a submarine, there’s new radio stations, nightclubs, and a whole lot more. Here’s what’s in Rockstar’s grand update.

GTA Online Cayo Perico update

New Vehicles

GTA Online already boasts a wealth of vehicles for you to cause chaos in, but an extra one or two wouldn’t hurt would it? One of the biggest additions is the submarine which you can not only buy but customize too.

The submarine’s color scheme can be changed and you can also store a miniature weaponized helicopter inside the submarine too.

These are the new bad boys and how much they will cost.

  • Kosatka: $2,200,000
  • Sparrow: $1,815,000
  • Vapid Winky: $1,100,000
  • Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat: $2,955,000
  • RO-86 Alkonost: $4,350,000
  • Annihilator Stealth: $3,870,000
  • Toreador: $3,660,000
  • Kraken Avisa: $1,545,000
  • Shitzu Longfin: $2,125,000

Cayo Perico’s new weapons

Bored of firing the same firearms over and over again and fancy a change? The good news is that the new update brings forth some new guns for you to empty into bad guys.

  • Perico Pistol
  • Military Rifle – $397,500
  • Combat Shotgun – $295,000

New nightclub

Along with everything else, avid GTA Online enthusiasts have got a new nightclub that they can visit and even buy. Music Locker can be found under the Diamond Casino and it will necessary for the first few steps of the Cayo Perico Heist.

Other new stuff

In addition to all the major new additions, there is a plethora of other offerings for players to look forward to as well.

  • A new DJ: DJ Moodymann
  • Two new radio stations: K.U.L.T 99.1 FM & Still Slipping Los Santos
  • Over 180+ items of clothing have been added for both Male and Female characters
  • Over 30+ Tattoos have been added
  • Nine new Face Paints have been added
  • Six new celebration emotes have been added: Crowd Invitation, Driver, Runner, Shooting, Suck It, Take Selfie
  • Several new Awards related to The Cayo Perico Heist have been added, including the opportunity for players to earn up to 1.4 million in bonus GTA$ for various Heist challenges
  • Five new styles of Blackjack tables and four new styles of Three Card Poker tables are available for purchase for players who own a Casino Penthouse and the Private Dealer

How much does the Cayo Perico Heist payout?

The bewest expansion is set to see the biggest oayout of any GTA Online heist yet. If you’re successful, you’re all set to bring in a whopping $4 million!

But the big downside is that in order to complete the operation, you’ll already need to have invested a solid $2 million of your own money as the submarine is a requirement for the heist.

How big is the update?

Obviously, you don’t want the update so big that it clogs up your hard drive in addition to everything else. But we’re pleased to report the damage isn’t too bad at all.

  • PlayStation: 6.0 GB
  • Xbox: 6.7 GB
  • PC: 8-9 GB

So you don’t need to worry about deleting stuff to make room for it.

GTA Online Fixes

  • Fixed several issues that caused game crashes, freezes and other stability problems
  • Fixed a stability issue that caused high memory usage for PC players, which could have led to pausing/stuttering on low specification hardware
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused players to get stuck on a black screen during transitions between GTA Online content

Matchmaking & Networking

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on the sky camera after attempting to use the ‘Quick Job’ option to enter a Casino Heist lobby
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players remaining in the same session after using the ‘Find New Session’ option
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on a loading screen when accepting a Job invite while inside the Arcade
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused network errors during the race portion of the GTA Online Tutorial
  • Fixed position sync issues with the Rune Zhaba vehicle when some players in a GTA Online session are running at a high framerate


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the news van getting stuck on a sign stopping Mission progression during the Casino Work Mission – Fake News
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Casino Heist Prep Mission – Duggan Shipments to end unexpectedly after launching
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Police Van from the Casino Heist Random Encounter – Patrick McReary to appear during an Open Wheel Race
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the Mission starting with 3 seconds on the timer in the Casino Heist Random Encounter – Patrick McReary
  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect button prompts that were present in several Arcade Games on the Japanese version of the game
  • Fixed overlapping text that was present in the Arcade Game – QUB3D
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players with restricted accounts being able to see the custom initials of players on the high score screen of Arcade Games
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Movie Props Hidden Collectibles to be missing from their intended location
  • Fixed an issue that caused Lester’s car to not be drivable in the Heist Mission: Fleeca Job – Scope Out
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be stuck with no functionality in the Heist Mission: Fleeca Job – Scope Out
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck after trying to launch the Heist Mission: Fleeca Job – Scope Out
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to use the skip trip functionality in the in the Heist Mission: Prison Break – Plane
  • Fixed incorrect objective text that was present in the Heist Mission: Prison Break – Station
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to fall through the map during the Casino Heist – Finale
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be taken into a Casino Heist Mission after not choosing an option on the Next Job Voting Screen, despite having made no Casino Heist progress
  • Fixed visual issues that were present after quitting spectator mode during the Adversary Mode – Every Bullet Counts
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to re-equip rebreathers during the A Superyacht Life Mission – Salvage
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to use their weapon wheel during the A Superyacht Life Mission – Salvage
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players losing camera functionality in the Gerald’s Last Play Mission – Make Ends Meat
  • Fixed a button conflict that was present in the Arena War – Game Masters
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players falling under the map after modding a vehicle in the Arena Workshop Property
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to deliver Cargo during the Business Battle – Assassination
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on the objective ‘Hack the Security Panel’ in the Business Battle – Factory Raid
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Mission to instantly fail after launching a Sell Mission

Awards and Daily Objectives

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Daily Challenge – ‘Participate in the Featured Series’ to not register correctly


  • Fixed issues that resulted in players’ Arcade set up progress getting reset
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck after drinking at the Arcade bar
  • Fixed camera issues that were present when entering the Arcade
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players losing movement functionality after storing the Enus Paragon R (Armored) in their Office Garage
  • Fixed helicopter spawning issues on the Yacht
  • Fixed visual issues that were present with the Office Garage cutscene
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to exit their Arcade after accepting an invite
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on a loading screen after driving into the Arena Garage


  • Fixed an issue that prevented several variations of vehicle cinematic cameras from appearing for all vehicles
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bravado Gauntlet Classic’s trade price to be displayed incorrectly on the Benny’s Original Motorworks site
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Cargobob helicopters from being able to pick up the Vapid Peyote Custom using the hook
  • Fixed several miscellaneous model and texture issues for the following vehicles:
    • Invetero Coquette D10
    • Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom
    • Albany Manana Custom
    • Vapid Peyote Custom
    • Bravado Youga Classic 4×4


  • Fixed clipping issues that were present with several of the ‘Open Shirts’ and ‘Open Party Shirts’
  • Fixed several miscellaneous clipping and texture issues for the following clothing items:
    • Animal masks (and other larger mask options)
    • Tucked Short Shirt variants
    • Untucked Short Shirt variants
    • Sport Shorts
    • Yacht Captain outfit


  • Reduced the frequency that the player will receive call, text and email notifications regarding content from previous GTA Online content updates
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in vehicles not arriving after being requested from Ms. Baker
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to interact with certain activities in the Casino
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Avenger’s entrance trigger to not be visible to players
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in spectators being unable to swap filters
  • Fixed an issue where PlayStation 4 players without a PS Plus subscription would not be directed to the correct menu when attempting to access GTA Online

Story Mode

  • Fixed an issue that caused some weapon magazines and attachments to be missing during cutscenes

That should cover just about everything in the new Cayo Perico Heist and GTA Online! This exciting new expansion is available now, so get shooting and looting.

Image credits: Rockstar Games


Crazy Fortnite bug is causing screens to flip sideways

A frustrating Fortnite glitch is causing players’ screens to flip sideways, making it impossible to play without tilting their heads.



Fortnite flipping screens glitch

Several Fortnite players are being plagued by an absolutely bizarre glitch that’s flipping their screens sideways, and making things more difficult in the middle of their games.

You’ll find plenty that can surprise you the next time to jump into a match of Fortnite, as Epic Games are always introducing new content. This ranges from crossover skins with other franchises like Predator, to tamable Raptors.

However, fans usually only enjoy surprises when they don’t include horrible technical glitches that ruin the game Now, a new one has emerged which is flipping player’s screens horizontally, and it’s particularly frustrating.

Fortnite by Epic Games

Fortnite glitch is flipping players’ screens

Reddit user powerGladius posted a clip showcasing their encounter with this glitch in the middle of a match. They were just enjoying the game, and then the screen spontaneously flipped and locked sideways.

While this may seem amusing initially, it soon became clear that it would keep happening even when they tried to join other games. It’s far less fun to play Fortnite when you need to constantly keep your neck on your shoulders.

The comments were filled to the brim with other players that had also encountered this issue, and they were demanding that Epic Games issue a fix for this issue.

Even pro players like Thiago ‘K1nG’ Lapp of FaZe Clan Brazil and ‘Snow’ from Falcons Gaming have vented about their experience with this glitch. This means that this issue is widespread, and can happen to any player.

There is no doubt that Epic Games will end up investigating this issue, and then coming up with a permanent fix for it. However, they’ve not acknowledged it at the time of writing, so they might not know about it yet.

We’ll keep checking for any updates regarding this situation. Once the devs announce a proper fix for the bug, we’ll be sure to update you.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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Battlefield 6 may not release on PS4 & Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox One owners may be disappointed to hear rumors that the latest Battlefield 6 will potentially be exclusive to the new generation of consoles.



Battlefield 6 not releasing on ps4 Xbox one

Battlefield fans who are yet to pick up a next-generation console may be disappointed as leaker reveals the developers are considering scrapping release on PS4 & Xbox One as a whole.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have been difficult to purchase since their respective releases last year. This may be even more devastating for those looking to pick up Battlefield 6 on their last-gen consoles.

Battlefield 6 is set to release this year, with the reveal trailer arriving sometime this summer. Not a lot is known about EA’s latest installment in the series, with some speculating it could be set in the future.

Although there is no concrete evidence, reliable leaker, @_Tom_Henderson_, has not yet heard of Battlefield 6 coming to the now past generation of consoles.

It is possible that PS4 and Xbox One aren’t the focus of EA’s new release, but could still be arriving on the last-gen of consoles upon release.

However, the fact that there has been no news and we are getting ever closer to the reveal and release, leads Tom to believe there is a strong possibility that it won’t be coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Further, this also leads Tom to believe Battlefield 6 will be releasing on Xbox Game Pass. The loss of players from the older generation of consoles will be a big hit to the day one player count.

However, this loss can be balanced by being introduced on the Xbox Game Pass, leading to a wave of new players on the Xbox Series X.

Whatever happens, it’s safe to say that if you are still in need of the next generation of consoles, you should try your best to get one as soon as possible, especially if you’re a fan of the Battlefield series.

For more on Battlefield, check out our article on the released date of the trailer and possible location for Battlefield 6 according to leaks and rumors.

Image Credits: Electronic Arts

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Apex Legends

Big map changes and Crypto event details revealed Apex Legends Season 9 leak

Some new Apex Legends leaks point to Olympus going through big changes in Season 9, and Crypto’s heirloom event having a special theme.



New changes planned for Olympus in Apex

A new Apex Legends leak has emerged which hints at some major map changes for Olympus and World’s Edge when Season 9 goes live. It also reveals new details about the Crypto heirloom event too. 

Apex Legends has gone through various changes since launch, with each update bringing new content like weapons, heirlooms, and even Legends. The game’s map has also been reformed with new areas like Olympus joining the battle royale.

While Kings Canyon and World’s Edge have been largely altered from their original forms, Olympus has yet to be touched. Now, some new leaks have popped up which suggest that’s all about to change soon.

Olympus in Apex Legends

These leaks came from notable Apex Legends data miner Biast12, who stated that World’s Edge is set to undergo some small adjustments during Season 9, with a major map change also planned for Olympus.

“Olympus should get the “big map change” at season start,” he tweeted. “World’s Edge should get a small map change mid-season.” So far, it doesn’t seem like anything is planned for Kings Canyon but that could change.

Season 8 completely reformed that map, and left it in a ruined state. So, it’s likely that Respawn might plan some bigger changes for it in future seasons. 

Additionally, the data miner also had revealed some new information regarding the upcoming Crypto heirloom event. The season three legend is getting a Jikdo sword as an heirloom, and the event will have a “post-apocalypse” theme.

That event will probably also bring some brand-new skins and other cosmetics for players to equip. With a potential “post-apocalypse” theme, we wouldn’t be too surprised if we ended up seeing some creative new designs.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these are currently just leaks, and are subject to change until Respawn announces something official. That said, we’ll keep checking for further updates, and will inform you once we learn something new.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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