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GTA Online Summer Event update: Release date, content, & more

The GTA Online summer update is inbound, so let’s get into everything we know about the Los Santos Summer Specialist and what it will offer.



Gta online summer update

GTA Online’s upcoming summer update will provide fans with more content to enjoy and, of course, items to spend their money on. Let’s get into the release date and what to expect.

After receiving another weekly update recently, which saw a new vehicle take to the podium in the Casino and various updates detailed in the patch notes, news has come out surrounding a new summer update.

All this new content is suspected to be part of the rollout before releasing the next-gen version of GTA, or perhaps it’s to keep players satisfied amongst the news that GTA 6 is a long way off.

GTA Online summer update

GTA’s latest update saw new survival maps introduced for players to get their hands on. However, the developers aren’t stopping there, as it seems even more content is on the way.

GTA Online Summer Update

Popular GTA Online leaker @TezFunz2 recently stated that the summer update would be seen as early as July 22. The current update in GTA Online is expected to end on July 20, so make sure you make the most of it while you can, as, after that, players will be getting something new.

Los Santos Summer Special

The incoming car-themed summer update for GTA Online will feature new cars and robberies for players. The update seems to be focussing on racing, specifically underground racing.

Rockstar Games Newswire that was released on May 18 actually teased the update:

“In Los Santos, car culture is back on the streets in a big way, with new opportunities for fans of performance and customization upgrades to get together with like-minded gearheads to test and show off their rides free from interference from authorities and other troublemakers.”

There was also mention of “multi-part robbery missions” and a new “precisely modified getaway vehicle,” which could be a part of these robbery missions.

Although the Newswire didn’t reveal much, players should be excited for what’s to come, as it sounds like it could be quite a large update with a decent amount of new content.

Stay tuned to this page for updates on the GTA Online Summer update, as we’ll update when more details are announced.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games


How to claim free GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards in July 2021

GTA Online Prime Gaming members can get a free $400,000 cash injection this month, along with some massive vehicle discounts in July 2021.



gta online prime gaming rewards

Twitch Prime Gaming members are eligible for many cool GTA Online offers and goodies in 2021. July sees players gain access to some amazing benefits including $100,000 in GTA$ cash each week, a free Strawberry Auto Shop, and offers on the Coquette BlackFin & BR8.

The biggest-selling piece of media ever continues to reign supreme and assert its dominance as millions of players are still wreaking havoc in GTA Online each week.

The handsome sum of $400,000 a month is available if you link your Rockstar Social Club and your Prime Gaming accounts. There’s also a range of benefits to enjoy throughout the year including big price cuts on Supercars and free cash to spend on them.

July 2021 sees players get more discounts on some of GTA Online’s most opulent beasts. With the latest rumors suggesting that GTA 6 won’t be appearing until 2025 at the earliest, GTA Online players may need to strap themselves into GTA 5 online for some time – enjoying weekly updates in the process.

Here are all the latest updates to GTA Online’s Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards in July.

How to claim July GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards

gta online prime gaming rockstar social club

To gain access to these glorious benefits, you’re going to need both a Prime Gaming account and a Rockstar Social Social Club account. Follow our simple instructions to amalgamate the two, and you’ll have your hands on free cash and big discounts in no time.

Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Make sure you have a functioning Prime Gaming account & Rockstar Social Club account
  2. You will then need to link them together
  3. Firstly, sign in to the Social Club website
  4. Then, link your Twitch account by signing into it on the next window
  5. Now you need to link that account to the gaming account you use on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation
  6. Boot up GTA Online
  7. Play it and claim your free rewards each week

$100k every week in GTA Online in July

gta online character lying on a bed of cash

Congratulations, by following the above steps, you can look forward to a luxurious month of wealth and prosperity with $100K heading to your bank account every week.

If you manage to play GTA Online for every week of the month, then you’ll be the grateful recipient of $400,000 a month.

GTA Online July Prime Gaming Rewards

100% Rebate on Strawberry Auto Shop

Strawberry location in GTA Online

Taking a turn from the norm of offering expensive cars for cheap, members have a fabulous opportunity to own an Auto Shop if they don’t already.

If you already do, then you will get a tax rebate on the property, meaning you will be refunded $1,705,000, and still own the shop.

80% Off Coquette BlackFin

It’s just better to keep the roof down as you’re driving this 1950s-looking sports car down the streets of Los Santos. Style matters. The Coquette BlackFin’s retail price is $695,000, but a hefty discount brings it down to just $139,000.

Here’s the official description of the Coquette BlackFin:

Ah, America in the 1950s. It’s easy to spot the moment when Freudian psychosexual theory met car design and what a glorious pairing it was. This Coquette couldn’t be more phallic if it was dragging a pair of hairy beach balls. It even smells like cigar smoke, conservative values, and semen. Get out your checkbook because this golden age of repression won’t resurrect itself.

80% Off BR8

gta online br8

Sometimes you need to dispense with the ordinary and just speed around the streets in an F1 car. It’s fast and feels like it’s worth the hefty price tag of $3,400,000 it normally comes paired with. However, thanks to Prime Gaming, the BR8 can be yours for just $1,700,000.

Here’s the official description of the BR8:

The original race version of the BR8 was a complicated machine. Constructed from over four hundred separate controls, it required inhuman dexterity and a PhD in astrophysics just to start the engine. Benefactor have simplified this into a handful of brightly colored buttons and a colossal insurance premium. Killing yourself has never been so user-friendly.

It’s definitely worth making sure your Rockstar Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts are linked, with more offers and discounts dropping every month.

Also, check out all the latest rumors and gossip on GTA 6 and our ranking of the GTA games from worst to best.

Image Credit: Rockstar

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GTA Online update & patch notes Jul 29: Z-Type Podium Vehicle, new Test Tracks cars, offers & discounts

The GTA Online Weekly Update returns for July 29 with a new Test Track cars, the Z-Type Podium Vehicle, and lots of offers to choose from.



gta online z-type

After a couple of big updates, the GTA Online Weekly Update returns for July 29 adding the Z-Type Podium Vehicle, new Test Track cars, and lots of juicy offers.

The GTA Online Summer update is in full flow as new cars are being added, new Survival modes are here, and there are even new collectibles too.

GTA Online is in thriving right now, but in terms of Grand Theft Auto’s future, the latest rumor suggests that GTA 6 will now only be released in 2025, and a recent report about a GTA 6 amusement park map has been outed as false.

Until GTA 6 is official and we can be more certain, we will remain focused on GTA Online, and our usual GTA Online leaker TezFunz2 has been able to get early info on the new update.

Also, find out how to hide radio stations in GTA Online and how to drift cars in GTA Online.

GTA Online Jul 29 patch notes

Z-Type Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel Reward

z-type vehicle in gta online

The Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel has put a free Z-Type up for grabs for Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel players to try and spin to win this week.

Pardon its unusual and retro-looking shape, as the bulky Z-Type classic car boasts a fabulous interior, and is a well-crafted car to cruise around in. Quality like this doesn’t come cheap, usually, with the Z-Type normally costing $950,000, but with one spin, it can be yours for free.

Here’s the official description of the Z-Type:

Weather the new Great Depression with a car from the last Great Depression. When this rolled off the production line in 1937, minorities and women knew their place. It was the world’s fastest automobile. Now it’s the world’s most expensive second-hand automobile. One of only 10 ever made, the Z-Type is a car you can really enjoy sitting in, surrounded by armed guards, too terrified to actually drive it anywhere.

New Test Track Cars in GTA Online

gta online comet s2 vehicle

The new Los Santos Tuners update has really kickstarted the driving scene and given it a new lease of life.

A big part of it is the introduction of several, hot new sets of wheels for keen GTA Online players to enjoy.

The following new vehicles have been added to GTA Online this week:

  • Jester RR
  • Comet S2
  • Dominator ASP

2x GTA$ RP

Players can earn 2x GTA$ & RP on The Vespucci Job Adversary mode and Sprint Races in GTA Online this week.

Huge Vehicle discounts

This week sees a sole focus on vehicle discounts with players able to benefit from 30% and 40% off on certain vehicles.

40% off

  • Clique ($545,400)
  • Everon ($885,000)
  • Issi Sport ($538,200)
  • Locust ($975,000)
  • Mamba ($597,000)
  • Nebula Turbo ($478,200)

30% off

  • Pariah ($994,000)
  • Raiden ($962,500)
  • BF Club ($896,000)

That’s your lot for this week’s Jul 29 update, and we’ll be back at the same time next week with more GTA Online update & patch news.

Also, check out our ranking of the GTA games from worst to best.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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FIFA 22: Stadiums, teams, leagues & commentators so far

FIFA 22 is the next entry in the popular sports franchise, and we have all of the latest on the game’s stadiums, teams, leagues and commentators covered.



FIFA 22 Stadiums Teams Leagues Commentators

There is plenty of excitement surrounding FIFA 22, the next entry in the critically acclaimed sports franchise, as the community is anxiously awaiting for it to release and experience all of the game’s stadiums, teams, leagues, and commentators.

There is no doubt that FIFA is one of the most popular video game franchises globally, as millions of players every year jump into the latest installment that releases each year.

That will be the case with FIFA 22 this year, as the highly-anticipated game will be bringing a treasure trove of new features and fan-favorite ones to entertain fans once again.

With this in mind, we have gathered together the latest information regarding the stadiums, teams, leagues, and commentators that players can expect to see in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 stadiums

FIFA 22 stadiums

While an official list of FIFA 22 stadiums has not yet been revealed to the community, reputable leaker FUTZone has leaked a list of stadiums that players will likely see in the new game. We will update this list of stadiums once more have been revealed.

  • Banc of California Stadium
  • Estádio da Luz
  • Estádio do Dragão
  • Estadio Ramón de Carranza
  • Schüco Arena
  • El Sadar
FIFA 22 teams

FIFA 22 teams

According to a report by Dexerto, the following list of teams have a strong possibility of being included in FIFA 22. We will continue to update this list with more teams if they are revealed.

  • Go Ahead Eagles
  • Apoel FC
  • G.D. Estoril Praia
  • Altay SK
  • Adana Demirspor
  • FC U Craiova 1948
  • FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin
  • Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio
  • Iperzola
  • FC Presnya Moscow
  • CIS national football team
  • ATK Football Club
  • Concordia Knurow
  • Real Tamale United
  • AS Dragons FC de l’Ouémé
  • RC Paris
  • B. Dortmund II
  • SC Freiburg II
  • Sutton United
  • Radomiak Radom
  • SC Toulon
  • FC Vizela
  • FC Mulhouse
  • Giresunspor
  • Hangzhou Greentown
  • Varese
  • Viareggio
  • GKS Tychy
  • Termalica
  • Arouca
  • Quevilly Rouen
  • Al Tai
  • Tampa Bay Rowdies
  • RFC Seraing
  • Itagui Leones FC
  • CS Mioveni
  • Viborg FF
  • Austria Klagenfurt
  • Ferencvarosi TC
  • Wrexham AFC
  • N.E.C.
  • Union SG
  • Hajduk Split
  • FC Rapid 1923
  • Grasshopper Club
FIFA 22 leagues

FIFA 22 leagues

The full set of leagues that will be available in the upcoming game has not yet been announced, but a recent leak from FUT Watch and confirmation from the game’s trailer has the following leagues included:

  • Indian Super League
  • Brasileirão Série B
  • National League — Confirmed
  • Liga Cyprus
  • Magyar Liga
  • Polish 5th level
FIFA 22 commentators

FIFA 22 commentators

There is no denying that commentators are an integral part of the FIFA experience.

It has been confirmed so far that Alex Scott and Stewart Robson will be two of the FIFA 22 commentators that will help relay all of the exciting action to players.

We will update this piece with more commentators when they are announced.

There is no doubt that all of the FIFA 22 stadiums, teams, leagues, and commentators will combine for a truly entertaining experience for everyone that jumps into the new game when it releases later this year.

Image Credits: EA

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